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I just got a note from my shirt printer -- the Revelations: Strunk and White T-Shirts are being shipped to me today. I should have them by the end of the week, which means the folks in the range of my typing should have them starting at the beginning of next week! Huzzah!

Snarky SHirts!You guys have been great, when it comes to our t-shirts. Honestly. I'm just glad to know you guys. But while we've produced a couple of fun designs and they've sold well, people have let me know (in no uncertain terms) that they wanted something Websnark related. They wanted to show their Snarkoleptic pride.

Well, okay, that's going a bit far. But they really, really like Snarky, and they wanted to wear something that had Snarky on it. Which was problematic, because the full color Snarky picture can't be done through spot coloring (there's something like a billion colors in it. Roughly. My minimum shirt order for a run like that would clothe India).

However, acting on strong recommendations, we have found a very high quality 6-color process image transfer partner -- the extremely cool (and Webcomics saavy) Ellen Million Graphics. And we have actually arranged to have Ellen Million Graphics print on the exact same high quality Gildan and Bella shirts we already use! And, because Ellen Million Graphics works on an on-demand basis (they don't need to reink the press for new runs), we'll be able to have these shirts on an ongoing basis! ALL HAIL MING!

Now, the process is more expensive than a one or two ink run would be, so the ultimate cost is going to be higher than other shirts we've offered -- $20 per shirt, with a markup for 2XL-5XL. (I need to, you know, make some money on this.) However, from now until September 9 we're pleased and proud to offer a PREORDER SALE! By working in preorders, we can work in volume, and pass some savings along.

So! If you order between now and September 9, we can offer the same high quality Gildan T-Shirts and Bella Crew Neck Babydolls you've come to cherish, adorned with Snarky's picture, at the sale price of $17.00 (plus shipping and handling, as always. 2XL and higher costs extra, because... well, it costs extra for the shirts and processing on the printer's end. Honest.) That's the same cost as the Revelations: Strunk and White Shirts! (And a dollar less than the Babydolls were, no less!)

Unfortunately, we can't offer the Bella V-Necks yet. Ellen Million Graphics might allow them later on, but they've never worked with them before and they're not willing to take a chance until they get some experimental time. If and when that changes, I'll let you know! If it changes between now and September 9, I'll give anyone who orders a crew neck Babydoll a chance to change their order to a V neck at no extra cost! (Because... well, it won't cost extra for me, so what would I care?)

Go forth, friends and neighbors, and order! Order early! Order often! YAY!

Gildan 100% Cotton T-Shirts click here!

Bella 100% Cotton Crew Neck Babydolls click here!

Just a reminder that this two-week run of the Revelations: Strunk and White tee shirts will end on Monday. This isn't a limited run, but it'll be a long time before we do this shirt again (if ever), so if you want this shirt, this would be the time to do it!

The shirt is available as a Gildan Tee Shirt, a Bella Crew Neck babydoll, and a Bella V-Neck babydoll.

(Folks who want a poster -- we're working on it. Folks who want a Snarky tee shirt... we're working on that too.)

(It's the new Revelations of Strunk & White shirt! Click on the thumbnail for full size!)

There are tee shirts on their way to happy customers, even as we speak! (With luck they'll remain happy customers after the tee shirts get there -- I suspect they will, just because the shirts rock!)

As it turns out, Paypal's auto-shipping functions ember the baby pony. (They don't work right with my Dymo printer on either Windows or Mac.) So, I'm using Endicia instead. It's fantastic. Shipping's a breeze with it. I have the wrong labels for delivery confirmation (though I have confirmation labels on order), but it prints both the addresses and the postage perfectly, each and every time. And it e-mails the person who I'm shipping to and tells them its on the way (though I went through about ten shirts before I discovered that feature -- so if you don't get an e-mail, don't worry. It's still likely going to show up.) Shipping is, weirdly enough, fun.

And, as these go out... the next shirt comes in. Namely... fresh on the heels of the Grammar and Usage holy war discussion, its "The Revelations of Strunk & White!" Inspired initially by the last panel of many a Jack Chick tract, the scene depicts the God of Grammar on Judgement Day as he casts grammatical sinners into the Lake of Fire reserved for the Grammar Devil.

Hey, if you're going to blindly follow a testament in this world, believing it literally and interpreting it narrowly, shouldn't it be The Elements of Style?

The shirt will be printed in Grammatically Fundamentalist Black and White, and features kick-ass artwork by Greg Holkan. It is available in a panorama of colors (because it's black and white, with requisite black outlining on the top and bottom text, we can print it on both light and dark colors) on Gildan 100% cotton tee shirts for $17 (slightly more for 2XL or higher) and Bella 100% cotton v-neck and crew neck babydolls for $18 (also more for 2XL or higher). Click on the links to go to the individual sales pages -- you can see the color charts there, and place your orders!

A couple of notes -- Canadian shipping is now firmly ensconced in with International (the post office doesn't seem to care we share a monumentally long border with them, as it turns out), and I had to slightly up the shipping costs (shipping and handling is supposed to cover supplies, time for packing, and postage. As it works out, the last run didn't quite cover... er... postage. Whoops.) to $4 domestic, $8 international.

This is not a limited edition run. However, this specific ordering period is two weeks long. On August 5 at midnight, we close orders and send off the run, and we can't say how quickly we'll print this one again. (I guess it depends on how many shirts we sell in the first place.) So, if this makes you laugh, or if you know an English major or teacher who'll plotz when they see this, this would be the time to buy!

Oh, technically it's pretty blasphemous. So, if this gets you thrown out of Seminary, we take no responsibility. On the other side of it, we assume this is a feature, not a bug.

(Snarky shirts are coming -- we wanted to do a full color run, but that might be problematic. We're working with Brunetto and also investigating high quality image transfer companies like Ellen Million Shirts. When we have those worked out, we'll offer Snarky!)

Click here for 100% cotton Gildan tee shirt sales!
Click here for Bella crew-neck babydoll sales!
Click here for Bella v-neck babydoll sales!

Peace, y'all.

The tee shirts are here!


The tee shirts are here!

The tee shirts! They're here!

They! Shirts! Here!

They look fantastic, they're clearly as high quality as we expected, and shipping will start immediately.

The tee shirts are here!

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