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And so, with Eric ill again (or, in the case of the current story, still), the scribbled girl prepares for her rescue mission. (popup) (same window)

(Actually, I drew this a month ago, but got stage fright.)

[w] Takeover: The Final Chapter.


1 April 2005: I told you I would fix him.

Coming soon: Takeover: Wednesday Goes to Manhattan, Takeover X, and Sonata vs. Wednesday.

[weds] Metatakeover: Rules.


Just in case anyone was curious, 'cause I've found myself explaining this to a few people IRL. If you're not, my apologies.

Takeover is filler. I'm using it as an impetus to learn Alias Sketchbook. I have a plot, but it's nothing committed or firm at this stage besides a couple of anchor points. Each page is alloted 45-90 minutes, generally 45 (90 for the anchor strips, or if I'm otherwise distracted while drawing), for sketch, assembly and lettering. Aside from wireframes, absolutely nothing is planned; everything gets drawn as you see it and plonked down according to head images. The idea is to take a concept and implement it as quickly as possible, without regards for much of the internal censor.

I appear to have the car's blessing in this endeavour. Wish me luck. I think there's about another twenty strips left in the plot, at which point it leads into another project I'll be running elsewhere.

Ran into the wall with Bob; more on him later.

[weds] Takeover! (page 9)


This one is for John Allison: Steadily worse.

[weds] Takeover (page 8: Plot.)


I think I forgot to write about Bob. What about Bob?

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