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As you all know, I'm a pretty monumental In Nomine fanboy. In Nomine brought me back into RPG fandom after several years away, and I've never regretted that. The game has undergone any number of travails, but it's seeing new life in electronic publishing, as Steve Jackson Games's e23 service has (finally) begun a steady stream of new updates. As has been mentioned before, the Core Rules are now available (and let me state, for the record, having the core rules in a searchable format rocks my tiny little world.) I also pointed you towards an extended dance mix of Lilith, the "Demon" Princess of Freedom, which has done pretty well all told.

Well, since then, there's been two other developments. One, I'm going to point you all at, because....

...well, because it's free, damn it! FREE!

The Sorcerer's Impediments is (yes, the proper usage is 'is,' because it's a title. I'm not referring to the plural number of sorcerer's impediments here. I'm referring to the singular title The Sorcerer's Impediments. Just to keep things clear) an introductory adventure that also includes a light (I'm not a huge fan of the word 'lite,' because... um... it's... silly) version of the core rules. This way, people can dip into the game, get a handle on its basic concepts, and smack around demons. (As In Nomine is designed for people to play either angels or demons, I kind of hope a simple demonic adventure is also put out, sometime in the future.)

It's a cute adventure, and it's free, so Jesu Christe in a bucket, why not?

But, for the In Nomine faithful, the big news isn't The Sorcerer's Impediments.

The big news is Eli.

See, here's the thing. Since Steve Jackson Games moved In Nomine publications to electronic format, there's been little new meat that's been put out. There's been a lot of adventures (good adventures, at that). And the Core Rules is huge -- it really, really is. But for longstanding players, for a long time, there was only the (well written) Liber Umbrarum to really add content to their games. And while a supplement expanding on ghosts and other such specters in the realms of In Nomine was cool, it wasn't the kind of thing the fanbase had been clamoring for. It wasn't details on the Grigori, or writeups of historical Superiors long since dead.

And, there were a lot of Superiors -- Archangels and Demon Princes -- that were lacking extended writeups. They had their original writeup (or worse, a writeup in a supplement that came out after the original core rules) and a whole lot of fan commentary.

Now, the first Superior to be e-published as an extended dance mix was, as I said, Lilith. And it made a certain amount of sense. Lilith is a recognizable name outside of In Nomine. Lilith is, by definition, a hot babe. Lilith enjoys a certain popularity in the game. And the Lilim -- Lilith's demonic children -- are exceptions to enough rules that it can't ever hurt to have more information about them out there.

However, the simple fact is, Lilith already had an extended writeup, back in the Revelations Cycle. So while there was interest (and sales have been good), it wasn't the event that a major Archangel who hasn't had an extended writeup would be.

And Eli fits that bill perfectly. He is an enigma in the game. In the game's chronology, Eli was the first Mercurian created. Made Archangel of Creation, Eli was, effectively, the hands God used to create Heaven and the Earth. Other Archangels helped shape that creation, but Eli was the primal force behind it. He made Adam, Eve and Lilith. He represented art and the humanities and the driving need to build, to create, to make something new.

And, in 1950 or so, he walked out of Heaven and disappeared. Rumors have flown ever since. The Archangel of Judgment has had the dogs out, looking for him. His Servitors have been thrown into chaos -- largely sent to work for other Archangels, who don't trust them because they don't know what Eli himself is up to. There are rumors he's an amnesiac. Rumor's he's Falling. Rumors he's Fallen. Rumors he hasn't Fallen but is instead living a sybaritic life among humanity, breaking God's commandments. Rumors he's preparing for Armageddon. Rumors he's seeking the second coming. Rumors he is the second coming. And so on... and so on....

Needless to say, an extended writeup, designed to at least shed light on all this, if not resolve any of it, has been eagerly anticipated since the extended writeups first started appearing. So, the publication of In Nomine Superiors: Eli is an exciting thing.

I own it, now. And it's a good supplement. It's got lots of depth and lots of flavor and some cool new powers and the kinds of information that will have the fanbase arguing for the next five or six years. Which is of course what a supplement like this needs. It has some bits I'm not as enamored of -- most notably, it brings up the abortion and contraceptive rights debate, without taking a firm enough stand in either direction to justify its inclusion. Frankly, I'd have just left it out entirely.

But in the end, that's minor, and the writeup is solid. While it doesn't advance canon storylines (that ship may have already passed), it does give In Nomine fans what they really wanted for Christmas: new stuff.

And that's what Eli's all about, right?

In Nomine Core Rules e-Book!


I've been devoting enough time and energy to my fixation on City of Heroes that I've wholly let my fixation with In Nomine lapse. Thankfully, the good folks at Steve Jackson Games have news that flares it into fullest fruition!

Next month, the first of the electronic expansions of the Superiors line, with In Nomine Superiors: Lilith. Lilith is one of those who's enough of an exception to the rules (almost too much so, really) that an expansion is both a good idea and a core necessity, and this should be a very good thing.

But more to the point... and a much, much bigger deal, is the announcement that the In Nomine core rules -- which is to say, In Nomine itself -- will be published in electronic format next month. For the many years I've been playing this game I've been jonesing for an electronic copy that can live on my hard drive, and now it will be done. Further, it lets me indulge in my secret plans to use In Nomine to take over the world evangelize the game to the fullest. I've had to pull back on being evangelical, since the rules have been out of print. Now, with them available online (and likely at a lower price) it becomes easier.

I'm as excited as... a... large... excited person... in front of a computer.

Look, it's been a busy day.

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