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As promised, here's the Modern Tales submission guidelines. With this post, Submissions are now open, provided you follow these guidelines in doing it. Consider it... a test, grasshopper.

Oh... you might notice a minor little thing in the draft. Something about "non-exclusivity?"


We're not requiring exclusive rights to our free webcomics. If you want to maintain your own website, with all your archives, in addition to being on Modern Tales? That's fine by us. And if you're a member of another collective, regardless of size, we're okay with you staying a member of that collective, provided they don't require exclusivity (since... well, if they do, you can't be on Modern Tales, can you?)

Oh, finally? It's not going to be called Modern Tales Free. That's just a shorthand to make clear which part of Modern Tales we're discussing.

Ladies and Gentlemen? The floodgates are open.

EDIT: I realized I should have put this one behind a cut, so I have. Click on the link to see the guidelines. If you haven't, already.

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