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Editor's note: Wednesday White and Eric Burns have been missing for days. At last note, they were somewhere in the desert, mewling about moisture and sounding like old men and women.

We present Mara K(arapetian), with an editorial comment.

Web comics are stupid. Instead, let's talk about something AWESOME, like Samuel Adams.

Look! I'm Mara! That's me! I have hair and a face! I use my mouth to eat! I do not urinate through my skin! I collect dolls! I make webpages! Look at me! I drive a car!

Did you know that the portrait of Samuel Adams that most of you are familiar with is actually NOT Samuel Adams? Yeah, it's like actually based on Paul Revere. Oh, and he was a failed maltster. What he WAS good at was rousing rabble.

I had an 11 oz. steak for lunch. It was good. I type real slow on this keyboard. Do you like bi bim bap? I do, but only if it's in a stone pot.

Oh, and webcomics are fague. Oh, and actually, what is a true drama-filled community, according to my friend Melissa, is actually the world of Gymboree. Bitches be illin'! Oh my god. Hey, my hands are greasy. I don't get it. I cleaned them off with a cleaning cloth but it's gross.

Eric has a beard.


32_footsteps, I heard that you are bipedal.

This really is startlingly cute stuff.


Indigo's art!
(Click on the thumbnails to get full sized pictures! They're worth it! Whoo hoo!)

I'm using the magic of Movable Type to post this... from the past. As this post appears, Wednesday's flight should be just touching down, and I (with luck) will be waiting in the terminal alongside some of her other friends trying not to get Homeland Security angry at me.

Yes, I'm dressing up. Yeesh. I wasn't born in a barn.

Anyhow. As I have no idea when (or if) I'll so much as post tomorrow (she flies back out -- this time to, you know, other places -- in the early evening), I wanted to leave you on some bits of sheer squee. And so, I have two -- count them, two -- pieces of fan art to spread.

First comes from long time Snarkoleptic and all around astounding person Indigo Skynet. Indigo has been a good friend to a lot of our creative endeavors, and that has to be one of the most adorable renditions of Snarky I've seen so far. Indigo Brings The Cute. Click on the thumbnail and have yourself a looksee.

Bedtime Story
Our second piece of artwork comes from "Tayley-Chan," and it's astoundingly pretty. It is a hypothetical front cover for a children's book based on the bedtime story that Wednesday and I built together some time ago. I'm absolutely charmed in every way by this picture -- it catches the dust wyvern perfectly, and that does indeed look like a Dolomite castle being defended by the pennywhistle playing Viscountess. If we ever did a children's book based on that story, this is precisely the sort of art I would want for it, and I think Weds would agree. (Which means Tayley-Chan should probably let us know if she's looking for a gig.)

So, I have no idea when next I will turn my pen to Snarkish Ways. It might be tomorrow. It might be Wednesday. (I suspect I'll need distraction, having gone back into withdrawal). Or it might be some other mythical time. But whenever it is... I hope you'll enjoy this artwork.

God knows we did.

And if you're absolutely jonesing to discuss matters Snarkish, never forget there is a Snarkoleptics Livejournal Community, run by Snarkoleptics for Snarkoleptics. With good things writ there! Go! Read! Comment! Write!

And stay alive! We will find you!

As mentioned before, this is the second piece of art to come out of Arisia -- this one done by the talented and charming Randy Milholland of Something Positive fame. You see, we actually had a point where a group of folks at Arisia -- all of whom were connected to the old Superguy mailing list -- hit the T out to the Bostonian Hinterlands to meet up with Randy, who shares Superguy in his past too.

During our meal and chat -- there were four of us, one other invited guest having another commitment and two others unsure about driving down from where they were in the coming snowstorm -- I had a glass of wine. Now, as you know from Burns Night, it doesn't exactly take a lot to get me drunk. And while I didn't get more than buzzed, it was still a source of merriment.

"This is tomorrow's S*P," Randy said. "My dinner with Snarky -- showing him drunk off his ass saying 'Hey! Don't you start shit with me! I'm a Ovaraptor! I'm gonna eat your babies!"

"Yeah? You do that, and I'll change the masthead to that!" I shouted back.

So he did. Snarky is clearly a mean ass drunk.

I'm still pretty damn sick. Fevers all through yesterday and last night (without the insulating power of scotch, I'm sorry to say), plus any number of other symptoms. Despite this fact, I did wake up this morning, and it was January 27. Which means that I have successfully cheated death for another year.

The best birthday present I could receive was seriously cool fiction, and that's been heartily available thanks to Down the Rabbit Hole day. See, I share my birthday with Lewis Carroll, and so this fellow called Crisper (fellow being unisex, because hey, how should I know?) suggested that instead of a crappy meme about how many pieces of Halloween Candy you received or something like that, this should be a meme where for 24 hours you write about the strange new world you woke up in, through the looking glass or down the rabbit hole.

I loved the very idea of it. And so I wrote a five part entry myself. If you'd like to have a look, they're here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, and finally Part Five. Feel free to have a look if you want.

If you'd like to see some more primo examples of Down the Rabbit Holery, my good friend Greg Fishbone has been collecting examples of the best he's seen today. If you've been following along on Livejournal and seen one or two that Greg's missed, send them along to him for inclusion.

As it is my birthday, I should mention a couple of gifts I've recently received. Namely, two pieces of art, both coming out of Arisia (which I still owe you a report from -- I've been very sick recently, in my defense). One really needs an entry all to itself, so it'll go up in a bit. This one, however, is an adorable Snarky in the Snow (not exactly Sad Snarky in Snow, either), done by the talented Poinko of Fever Dream. (You know, that comic title is apropos given how I feel...) It's so cute, and Snarky looks so thrilled! Yay!

The other piece of art... heh. You'll see.


Journalist Fan art!


I've been kind of riding high on the good reception of the Dumbrella Meet and Greet essay -- it was something of a departure in style from my usual snarking, and you're never entirely sure how it's going to be received when you depart from style.

Well, the ultimate in compliments got paid a little while ago. Andrew Lin, who draws the fun, minimalist Home Run Comic, drew this Reporter Snarky. In his own words:

Your on-the-scene reports from Northampton, and your snarks leading up to said report seem to have triggered a creative urge. Images of Milo Bloom in his press hat jumped into my mind, and I had to put something on paper before I could be productive at work again. Attached is the end result, with apologies to Ursula Vernon for butchering her creation.

Well, I can't speak for Ursula Vernon, but it would stun me if she were anything other than pleased at this Snarky. He's full of pluck and vigor, ready to grab the scoop, chief! And as for me, I loved it. So thank you, and I hope everyone enjoys it.

I'll try to get some honest to God snarking done later today.

Yes, I do still read webcomics. Yeesh, Smartass.

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