Commenting and your options for authentication

Many of you may have noticed that commenting is back, and now supports multiple options for your signin convenience.

(I didn't want to say anything the other night. If I become openly positive about something, there is usually a disaster. Usually, positivity just causes RSS to break, but it had already broken that day.)

Your options are based on OpenID, a decentralized system supported by many services you might already use every day. Check to see if you already have some form of social networking account which supports OpenID, and if it'd be a good fit for you. You might not need to create a new account anywhere just to comment here!

Movable Type makes some shortcuts available when prompting you to sign in; I chose a few likely to apply to the people who comment here, and which I had the means to test at that moment. I'll increase those shortcuts as best I can over time.

(I deliberately left Google Accounts out of the list of shortcut choices. On testing, the identifying information in my reply was, at best, opaque. If that improves, I'll turn the shortcut on.)

Maintenance will continue as time and circumstances permit. I'm hoping to tackle the archives this weekend.

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