Man, now I hope the Téodor tracts show up on the Fanflow premium service



(From Achewood -- click on the thumbnail for full sized condiment of SIN!)

Look, everyone knows I like Achewood. Well, anyone who's read this thing for a while and remembers that I like Achewood knows I like Achewood. Really, if we take the sum total of humanity and express all of this as a percentage, no one actually knows I like Achewood. Comparatively. Jesus, people, it's just an introduction.

Regardless, here we have Achewood... and here we have Jack Chick. And here we have Téodor -- a character who is essentially incapable of being successful at anything -- drawing his own tracts.

You remember the Penny Arcade defense -- when something isn't for you? If this comic were any more for me, it would have to be served with tea that was made by a superhero.


Poor, poor Philippe.

"If this comic were any more for me, it would have to be served with tea that was made by a superhero."

That reminds me of one of the byproducts of my 'kinda unimpressive superpower' phase a year or so back. Dreamt up a character who could heat water to boiling or beyond. Hailed from Ohio.

Not a very glamorous gig, being the Cleveland Steamer.

Wow. This review really takes me back to, what, 2004, 2005 or so? And I wasn't even aware of Websnark then...

Careful, Eric! You have to pace yourself!

Seriously, good to have you back. :)

I'd talk about the comic, but Achewood just isn't for me. I guess. Never really has been.

A year back or so, I had a dream of which I do not remember details - except that I was a superhero. A superhero named Inappropriate Comma Guy.

Not "comment" - "comma". I had the power to put commas in people's sentences where they didn't belong.

Worst. Superpower. Ever.

So... it's your doing! Damn you, Inappropriate Comma Man! Damn, your oily hide!


madbaker: Not so! If anyone tried to publish your secret identity, you could singlehandedly undermine their credibility. Glaring errors will always overshadow content.

I actually did start reading achewood recently. The bits and pieces I'd read had never clicked with me so I'd never subscribed, but having the opportunity to just read it straight through, particularly with all the comments below the comics, and before long it was feeling like I was waiting a hella long time in the grocery store and that having a T-Shirt saying that I was the guy who sucked would be the thing to do... It is kind of like reading Shakespeare or Chaucer in the sense that if you read enough of it, you start feeling the rhythms of it naturally and instead of losing the story for the language, the language starts to support and prop up the story and gives it a sense of place and belonging.

Which is not to say that it is my favorite comic now, or such, I have my own weighting of things when it comes to comics, and an appreciation of Achewood's crafting doesn't override all considerations. But at least I have a better idea of how it grips Eric so, and it got me enough that I check it fairly regularly now.

I have to admit, I'm impressed with the authenticity Chris Onstad with the Achewood versions of the Jack Chick strips. The only thing moe fascinating than Achewood is that Chris apparently has a weekly gig on the New Yorker's website talking about sandwiches and comics.

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