Coffee tastes different with a half-numb tongue.


Dental round #4 is completed. I keep thinking that at the end of the sequence, I should get a story arc completion bonus and some kind of souvenir. Though I suppose I'll have my teeth to remember this by.

We are at Panera now, having coffee and waiting for my mouth to thaw so we can get dinner (I can drink things, but eating is dangerous because, see, I couldn't tell if I were chewing the hell out of my cheek right now. So the doctor says, and he has a shock of hair, looks like a mad scientist, and drives a motorcycle, so I'm not about to disregard him.) Right now, it's geeks on parade as Weds and I have our matching17" MacBooks Pro with their matching red Speck hardshell cases out and we're cheerfully tap tap tapping away.

(The difference between computers? Weds owns hers. Mine comes from my employer. There are days I have much the envy for her.)

It is a downright beautiful day -- warm and sunny without being hot or muggy. I admit, I'm a cold weather man at heart -- give me autumn 11 months out of the year and I'd be a happy camper. The 12th month can have some light snow for Christmas. Barring that, I mostly just ask not to be too hot. Cold I can deal with. I have clothing and blankets galore. But absent stripping naked -- which will get you kicked out of Panera -- there's little you can do to mitigate hot and humid barring an air conditioner or a friend with a walk in freezer. We cherish days like today.

I look across the booth, and I see her, that slight smile, that glint in her eyes. I keep being amazed -- my brain still hasn't quite processed the fact that she doesn't have to leave. That she can stay. Though the various continuing bureaucratic steps we have to endure should hammer the point home.

So what's the difference between now and before, when we would grab moments over weekends?

Now, we can relax. We don't need to fill every moment with frantic each otherness. We can just hang out. We can spend an hour at Panera typing into our computers, at once in our own worlds and yet together. I can reach out and touch her at any moment, without having to frantically cling to her hand.

Hang on...

There. I just held her hand. She grinned. We said "dude" to each other. And now back to it.

There's very little better in life than knowing the woman you love will be there tomorrow the same as today. And if you don't understand the simple luxury of not having to get into a car after forty-eight hours and drive halfway across a continent in the opposite direction from the person you most want to hang out with... well, good. I hope you never do.

I'll try not to get overly schmaltzy on here, if this revival takes, but let me just say this for the record: my life is pretty damn good these days.

It's nice to feel that way when your face is half-numb because a mad scientist put his hands and wire tools into your mouth not that long ago.


*blinks away tears* Hey, I had 2,000 miles between me an' this guy I married, y'know? I have a teeny inkling.

Less red tape for the getting married, though; you've got it harder there.

(You can also extend legs and touch ankles, depending on tables. Some of them are too wide for convenient hand-holding, darnit.)

"You can also extend legs and touch ankles, depending on tables. Some of them are too wide for convenient hand-holding, darnit."

You have to be careful with that... table too big, extend your leg too far, and WHOOMPH! Mr. Burns-White is sitting under the table with Panera coffee all over his lap.

When I started reading Websnark, I'd have just rolled my eyes at this. Maybe a little smirk.

Now I just have to say I envy you, Burns

Even though I started reading Websnark as a webcomics blog, the reason I have kept checking the site for new posts are these kind of posts.

I'm happy you and Wednesday are happy!

Oh, at our home it's a 15" Macbook Pro and a 13" Powerbook, and yes, mine is owned by my employer, hers is really hers, so I can relate. :)

My fiance's only 40 miles away (well, I'm moving today, which makes it more like 70), but that doesn't make it hurt any less every time he has to leave. I'm very much looking forward to that feeling you describe.

Congratulations, dude. I love to see people being happy.

I should go rent that Uhaul now...

Incidentally, the accidentally masticating your cheek thing can and does happen. It was either the one time I had a cavity filled (all of the other cavities heal themselves before the dentist can get around to drilling, but this time, he managed an earlier appointment) or when I got my wisdom teeth out, but I remember I was eating a sandwich and suddenly my friend opposite me pointed at me and started screaming. Apparently, I was dribbling blood at out of the corner of my mouth due to having chewed throw the lining of my cheek on one side. It all healed without scarring, but it was an experience I doubt she'll forget soon.

The initial mental image formed by this post threw me for a loop, because I read that as Pantera.

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