My mind is going, Dave. My mind is going. I can feel it.


So, I'm at EduComm. This is why I'm actually here, beyond, you know, my wedding.

I am in a conference called "top 10 web 2.0 applications."

The presenter is now telling us about a new concept on the web -- something that might really change things.

It's called 'blogging.'

So, you know. You guys might want to watch out for that.


Are we still on Web 2.0? Should we at least be at 2.1 by now?

...You've found a TIME WARP!!!! O_O

Have you ever heard of Wikey Pedeya? I hear it's the next big thing.

I predict in five years, the big thing will be people using photo manipulation software to put words on pictures of cats, with poor grammar. These cats, meant to amuse people, will be the largest fad to hit the Internet - yes, even larger than the current facination with blinking text.

Hmph. "Blogging" has been around since the dawn of the Internet, in it's earliest form. Doesn't anyone remember "finger" and ".plan"?

Reminds me of that episode of News Radio where a "visionary" comes to share his idea for where the world is going and suggests people look into these things called "com-puters".

Sounds like fun; I wonder whether there're websites out there that provide a forum for that. Somewhere that I could keep a journal in realtime - you know, live. Somewhere I could have space of my own. Somewhere I could create a book for my face.

Blogging? It'll never catch on, man. It's a fad!

Dirty Internet Hippies!

Damn Internet Kids... get off my virtual lawn!


Congrats on today, old friend. Kisses for both you crazy kids.

Just a question, what is Wednesday doing while you're intellectually beat yourself against a wall for hearing some present just discover blogging? (I suppose this isn't a good time to tell him that Firefox just went 3.0?)

I think I'd be physically ill were I not laughing so hard.

I hear they do it from hot air balloons, somewhere above the tag clouds...

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