It's the "Wednesday Has Moved And Eric And Weds Are Getting Married In Vegas Baby So We Need Room And Money" eBay Extravaganza!


G'morning, all -- as promised, it's time to shamelessly sell things! Wednesday moved here over the past couple of weeks, which has been amazing and fun and exciting and expensive and have we mentioned it will be months before Weds can legally receive money for work in this country? We haven't? Well, it's true! The guv'ment done has rules and we follow those rules, dang it!

Further, in less than a month Wednesday and I fly to the city of Sin to... er, stop sinning. I have a conference work is sending me to in beautiful, neon-laden Las Vegas, and Weds is coming along with because... well, we have to get married within 90 days of her entering the country, so we pretty much need to elope, and we're going to be in Vegas anyway. Plus we have some friends who are meeting us there. So we need money for Vegas, money for the wedding, and money for immediately after Vegas since we don't need to stop eating when we get back from a trip, you know.

It is also worth noting? We now have a lot of stuff in our apartment, and some of it needs new homes. Our kitchen has been overwhelmed by boxes.

So. We're doing what geeks do when they need money and space -- we're selling bunches of stuff on eBay, and you're invited!

The stuff we're selecting tends to be stuff A) we have duplicates of (oddly enough, we have a lot of the same stuff), B) is clearly stuff we're never going to use (I have a lot of DVDs already up on eBay -- DVDs that have never been taken out of their shrinkwrap. Obviously, watching them isn't a priority so they might as well go to a new home), C), stuff we have no idea how we got in the first place (I own a Kim Possible DVD? Really? No, really? Huh.) and D) stuff that we like but that can fetch some needed coin.

My eBay page is churning away, working on 23 happy 3 day turnaround auctions with more being added throughout today and beyond. Why 3 day? Why not!? There's been some activity already, but there's going to be lots more.

For those who might wonder -- this isn't specifically a donation drive. The paypal button is still up, of course, and we will be appreciative for any donations we get. However, with the dearth of posts around here, I would feel dumb as a post shilling for cash that way. And even if we get donations, we're still going to sell bunches of stuff because... well, see A-D above!

For those also wondering -- yeah, there should be a State Of later today, work willing.

So, here's a few highlights of what's currently on the page:

  • Fred Perry's Gold Digger: The Time Raft: Volume 1: This is the first DVD, animated by Perry himself, adapting Perry's popular Gold Digger series to glorious OVA video. So far, it's the most hotly contested item, with 8 bids and over twenty bucks asserted so far -- feel free to jump into the fray!
  • Fred Perry's Gold Digger: The Time Raft: Volume 2: Oddly, where Volume 1 is a hotbed of activity, Volume 2 is currently going for... a dollar. That seems wrong.
  • Muppets Magic From The Ed Sullivan Show: This rare DVD highlights the original debut and subsequent public appearances of Jim Henson's Muppets, from their early pre-Sesame Street gigs on the Ed Sullivan Show. Region Free for your convenience!
  • Hell Comes to Frogtown: I'm not sure the best way to shill this. If you don't know about Hell Comes To Frogtown, starring Rowdy Roddy Piper as the last genetically clean male in a post-nuclear apocalypse, then you're sitting there wondering why anyone would own a B movie starring in a monumentally low budget 'thriller.' If you do know about it, you're already bouncing in your chair and clicking on the link to get in on bidding. That Rifftrax has not released a commentary rifftrax for this yet is a crime.
  • DC Archive Editions: All Star Comics Volume 1: People know that I have a love of the hardbound archive editions that DC put out. (I still think fondly of the Legion archives that once I had, though they're in the best home I can think of, now.) Well, this is the first four issues of All-Star Comics to feature the Justice Society of America (the first two All-Stars didn't feature the JSA, so they're not included). The Flash, Hourman! Doctor Fate! Johnny Thunder and Thunderbolt (including several fiction pieces featuring Johnny)! Good fun, collecting four of the most influential comics of all time.

There's also a bunch of GURPS stuff that's gone up, and more to come this morning, so folks looking for RPG goodness will find it. Also, some nonGURPS RPG stuff later on.

Please enjoy some delicious auction commerce!


Actually, I was just looking up Kim Possible on Netflix yesterday, and was saddened (but, knowing Disney, not terribly surprised) to find that the full seasons haven't been released yet. I've heard it's actually, defying all logic, actually pretty good.

There are a couple of things on the page that interest me, but I have to check with my fiance and make sure he doesn't already have them first. We're going to be doing the whole "eBay the duplicates" thing once we move in together, but I don't want to add to the problem...

Kim Possible is fun. Also, one episode has Sauhudese Ninja. Okay, they call them "embarrassment ninja," but the concept of embarrassing someone so much, with practical jokes, that they die? Who are we FOOLING here?

Whoa, out of print GURPS, bonus! Haven't had a win like this for my massive RPG library since I found a copy of Human Occupied Landfill (HôL)...

Needless to say, I should've done the "eBay the duplicates" thing myself during my last move, but I couldn't part with anything. Hell, it was over a year ago, and I still haven't unpacked and shelved all my books.

Rowdy Rod Piper? Genetically Clean? To quote Miss McCoy..."Who are we FOOLING here?"

Oh man... so tempting to get Hell Comes To Frogtown. I already own They Live, and that'd be the perfect double-feature companion. Or, of course, I could just make it a Father's Day gift. The erstwhile 31_Footsteps loves movies like that.

Dogma is highly underrated of the Kevin Smith movies.

Hmm, may have to throw a bid at Hell comes to Frogtown. If for no other reason than that I already own all those GURPS books.

Note: Rowdy Rod Piper should not be confused with the late announcer of The Price is Right, Rod Roddy.

Just a question, is Gold Digger anything like Ursula's Digger? (I presume not.)

I must have spent 20 minutes looking for a place to request be reviewed. Now I'm in the Kimpossible forum. My sincerest apologies. Luckily for me, I've got my looks and my webcomic. Otherwise I'd be completely screwed...

I must have spent 20 minutes looking for a place to request be reviewed. Now I'm in the Kimpossible forum. My sincerest apologies. Luckily for me, I've got my looks and my webcomic. Otherwise I'd be completely screwed...

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