It's the middle of the night and daylight savings time has screwed my sleep schedule. Naturally I'm messing with my ad model


Hey gang. You might note that the ad block on the side (which had been four square ad blocks) has vanished, replaced by a single sidebar ad. The four buttons on the bottom of posts have also gone away, at least for now.

This is in the area of experiments. I'm curious what kind of change this will bring to the daily ad revenues. We may go back, we may stick with this. We'll see.

In the meantime, if you have a skyscraper sized ad, right now it's pretty cheap to put it up over there. If that's what you're into.

On the other hand, I finally had Geek Girl porn advertising on the site, and you know I've been waiting for the day I could say that. Ah well, one must make sacrifices in this world.


*blink* *blink* Which one was the Geek Girl porn advertising? You know... for the sake of scientific research and all that.

Oh, yeah, I had that on my site too. Can't remember what it was called, though. I think I blocked it. Too many of my readers drive by from work...

(couldn't get the comments to devil's panties entry to come up, so leaving comment here.)
Was up all night reading devil's panties archives till dawn, then from dawn till now reading Mile High Comics backstory.
Don't know if you've seen that before but it's a heck of a ride. I used to buy 1950s era Astounding and Galaxy pulps at the Boulder store in the 80s, for a dime each.

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