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Right! Some posts for you! Because you deserve something to read, and as it works out I wrote this.

  • The October Myth Call: For those who want to add things to the Mythology of the Modern World, this is the place to do it! You've seen myth calls before, but this one is in... October.
  • Mythology of the Modern World: Why are there Suburbs?: A pretty well received myth, all told, with some good characterization here, some bittersweetness, and one side of a Dickish duality, really. Also, there is mass transit.
  • Justice Wing: Prologue: As it sounds, this is a prologue for the new Justice Wing continuing series. This sets the stage, and it gives us a view of some of the bigger names in the settings -- both 'then' and (sort of) 'now.' Very well received, which gives me a little hope the Leather magic will rub off.
  • Justice Wing: Vilify 5 Part One: And now, "Vilify 5," the next Justice Wing serial. Kind of the opposite end of the supervillain spectrum from "Interviewing Leather." I hope folks like it.
  • Mythology of the Modern World: Why do people check the time on mobile phones instead of watches?: The second in our Dickish duality. I'm playing a bit with storytelling technique here, and I think it went okay.
  • From the Vault: America the Beautiful: A fragment -- half a chapter of a book that won't get written. A dystopia of fairness, and a setup. It seems to have found some favor, though I doubt it will ever go anywhere.
  • Justice Wing: Vilify 5 Part Two: Unsurprisingly, it's the second part of "Vilify 5." As with the last, I just hope folks enjoy it.

We also got some joy and a solid boost this week from Home on the Strange. And I can take more than a little pride in the fact that there's a permanent link to Banter Latte and some nice comments from Ferrett sitting right alongside the words "Lead Crotch-Shield." It's always amazing to have a dream come true.

I will do my level best to write something nonfiction over here. In my defense, I'm not very bright.


Have you been following Lil' Dee over on Modern Tales? I'd love to see a 'snark on the last week and a half of strips...

Oh, yeesh. I go away for 11 months (oh, internet, I missed you so), and not only are there all these webcomics to catch up on, but websnark as well..

And then I discover that there's all this glorious fiction, too? Oh, my goodness, I might just die happy from all the fun stuff to read. I thank you, even if my family misses me for the next, oh, month or so. hee.

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