The *Tuesday* Banter Latte roundup


It was Labor Day, which is the day we cease our labors. I celebrated by not going to work and finishing a Leather post. Ooo. Ahhh.

I also took that Labor Day off from posting the Banter Latte Roundup. So apparently the roundup now constitutes some form of job responsibility. I have no freaking clue why.


  • Tuesday: Serial: "Interviewing Leather Part Ten." Probably the most anticipated -- and best received -- Interviewing Leather post. Also, the post with the most split-kicks and at least one trashcan lid throw.
  • Wednesday: Storytelling: "The Home Front: Spycracker and Torpedo." The second happy post examining the Mystery Men and the war where everything changed. Man, how do I end up posting all this depressing stuff. Ah well. Wait until tomorrow when I'll plunge you into total depression.
  • Thursday: Random: "The Old Ways Chapter Four." Just as it sounds, we have the fourth chapter of the five that have actually been currently written. More people seem to like it, but then the story's going a little faster. Though as it's a story about the trip rather than about things happening on the trip, I think some people are hoping for a massive Orc attack or something. (Hint -- they will be disappointed).
  • Saturday: Protected: Theftworld Chapter Eleven. There was no good way for me to finish this chapter before the end of Friday, but we still managed to get it out. We're very close to the halfway point on the novel. I just hope I manage to survive to the end point. Whereupon we start posting The Recluse and it all starts over again. Ah, writing.
  • Weekend: The September Myth Call. Another month is upon us and with it comes the next call for mythology people want answers to. I really love that aspect of all this -- I hope people chime in.
  • Monday: The Mythology of the Modern World: "Dog Reincarnation." There is something about those two words that just makes a fellow happy. Dog reincarnation. Say it out loud. Now say it in French. Don't argue. Just do it.
  • Tuesday: Serial: "Interviewing Leather Part Eleven." Hey, with this coming out on Tuesday, there's no reason not to pimp today's Leather installment, right? Right?

As of today, not counting comments on the posts, we are at two hundred and fifteen thousand words posted up on Banter Latte. Which, considering we started in June, is pretty freaking awesome. Tell your friends. And please, as always, enjoy reading delicious words.

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