It's the Two Weeks Tuesday Banter Latte Roundup! Which is also called "September."


Hello everyone! I'm not dead!

As you may recall from years past, it is the Month of September, which to those of us who work in schools means this is the month when everything gets loaded up into a really big cannon, which is also given a fresh coat of paint, and then the whole kit'n'kaboodle is fired straight into a gigantic fan set to high. Needless to say, writing/free time has been minimal, to the point where I didn't even get out a roundup post last week.

Leather has suffered from this, missing two Tuesday engagements (in part because this is a pretty big part coming up, so I don't want to half-ass it), and Theftworld has suffered, missing two chapters. However, we've had content four days out of five each day of the week, so it's not as bad as all that, which means I have a nice thick passel of links to give you guys to read. And Leather's more than halfway finished now so it's looking good for her on Thursday of this week. Just think of this as part of the New Fall Season Shakeup.

  • Wednesday: Storytelling: "The Home Front: Diamond in the Rough." Probably as brutal a story as I'm going to put a superhero mask on -- not in explicitness, though this one has a mature warning slapped all over it, but it's pretty depressing. At the same time, it was well received and I think it's pretty good. This was sold to Mythic Heroes magazine back in the day and in fact was assigned the cover art, but publication ceased before it could be produced, so this is... um... special, I guess.
  • Thursday: Random: "The Old Ways Chapter Five:" The last chapter of The Old Ways to currently be written, and amusingly enough it's by far the best received chapter. Possibly because it features an old incoherent guy. You can't go far wrong with an old incoherent guy.
  • Weekend: Exhaustion: A post where I talk about how freaking tired I am, and how that's going to impact stories. And apologizing for lack of Theftworld. You know, because of the lack of Theftworld and all.
  • Monday: The Mythology of the Modern World: The Princess and the Wyverns: A familiar piece to long time Websnark readers, this is the bedtime story that Weds and I crafted, tweaked here and there. Possibly one of the sweetest things either of these sites has seen.
  • Tuesday: Random: "The Home Front: Homecoming Part One." To cover for Leather's short hiatus, we present the first part of the only Home Front serial. Where other stories have been about the end of the era of mystery men (displaced by the superhero), this is a story of the All-American Lad, and the transition between the two eras in a more direct sense. Quite well received.
  • Wednesday: Storytelling: "The Shal Mari Blues: A Fragment." An In Nomine fan fiction which stands entirely on its own, in my opinion, this is the first chapter of... well, one, telling a story of Hell's greatest city -- the nice part of Hell, which ain't so nice and it ain't so pretty. It's Hell, so, you know. Mature warning.
  • Thursday: Poetry: Another Late Night. It's a poem! It's a long poem! About a painting! It's my mid-nineties attempt to write poetry about the mania that sometimes accompanies creativity. I didn't say it succeeded, but I think it's okay.
  • Monday: The Mythology of the Modern World: Manannan mac Lir and the Isle of Ninjas. Seriously. If I can't hook you with a title like Manannan mac Lir and the Isle of Ninjas, there may be no hope. A myth of celts, pigeons, ninjas, a fruit poptart reference, goddesses playing electric mandolin and Sir Francis Drake.
  • Tuesday: Random: "The Home Front: Homecoming Part Two." With Leather slotted for Thursday of this week, this gives us a chance to present the second part of the "Homecoming" Serial. I hope you like it.

Nine links, eight of which are stories (if you count the poem towards that total). If nothing else, that should provide some decent reading material for the next couple of days. Hopefully, as the school year stabilizes into routine, there can be some nonfiction goodness as well and Websnark can have one of its periodic emergences from torpor. We can only hope.

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