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Banter Latte

So here we are, damnably close to being back on schedule. Only Theftworld was AWOL this past week, and you know, that's something we're sort of used to these days. With luck, it will return this Friday and all will be light.

Of course, since we last spoke, there have been a few updates. Not as many as we'd like, but not as few as there might be. And they finally include a return of Leather to the proceedings, so how bad could it be?

So here we go:

Wednesday: Storytelling: Hephaestus Fallen: One of the earliest Imperial Space stories, and a moderately long read. This one dates back to 1991, and it some of the details don't jibe with some of the later stories... well, things have been refined since then. And if I'm a moderately better storyteller now than I was in 1991, that probably makes some sense.
Wednesday: Administrative Details: We added some links to the sidebar, and now I add them to you. All of you! Mu hu hah hah hah!
Thursday: Random: Interviewing Leather Part Twelve: The longest chapter! The big Blowoff! This is what (at least some) readers have been waiting for since Part Two! And it was pretty well received, so I guess I did okay with it!
Monday: The Mythology of the Modern World: Why is there a disconnect between Art and Industry? An interesting myth, in that it takes some of the earlier myth elements and builds on them. Not the happiest of myths I've written, mind.
Tuesday: Serial: Interviewing Leather Part Thirteen: From feast to famine -- it's another Leather. Part one of the denouement, and the penultimate part in this series. One more week, and I need to figure out what's replacing her. Yay. Joy. Regardless, we finally get to know some of the folks on the other side of the equation in this one, so I hope people like it.

Beyond that, I sleep. Night!

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