This would be SO AWESOME.


Weds: Wait, Scott Kurtz calls his podcast the Power Hour?

Eric: Yes he does.

Weds: He named his podcast after Robert Schuller's television program?

Eric: ...yes, apparently he did.

Weds: Does this mean Scott Kurtz has his own Crystal Cathedral?

Eric: ...oh God, I hope so.

Weds: DUDE! I totally want to get married in Scott Kurtz's Crystal Cathedral!


All right! Wednesday! And she's on about Televangelists! Can the latest Chick tract be far behind?

Isn't Kurtz's ego big enough already?

JanT: There hasn't been any demand for further Chick tract work -- to be honest, recreation -- so the field's been a bit fallow.

Which is frustrating. Guilty and Fairy Tales were perfectly serviceable pieces. In fact, while I wouldn't go so far as to compare Fairy Tales' Harry to Bobby from The Last Generation, I don't think I've seen him depict a child's corruption quite so well since then -- and let's not forget, we never had an innocent Bobby to compare against.

... er, "to be honest, recreational Christianity is low on the readership's priority list".

Heh. Weds? I think right now, the Websnark reader's priority list is something like this:

1) Anything.

2) Banter Latte Updates.

3) Nothing.

I guess now would be a good time to note that apparently there is going to be a new video game entitled Bibleman, the Video Game. has a clip of the upcoming Bibleman adventure. 3D polygon no less. I'd hate to see what a 3-D version of David Willis would look like.

Edit: not Gametracks has clips of the sequel to Katamari, called Beautiful Katamari.

There hasn't been any demand

It can be a fine line between encouragement and entitlement, and some of us don't trust ourselves to walk it.

Not to speak for anyone else, but I know I'd like to see another Chick Tract piece.

Not to speak for anyone else, but I know I'd like to see another Chick Tract piece.

I also vote for more chick tract pieces. Seriously, I reference your work in casual conversation! Maybe that just means I have strange friends...

I'm with Paul on why you don't see the demand. I try not to have any expectation of you guys. just hopes.

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