This is yet another in a long series of these things. Please do not hurt me.


Banter Latte

I should probably just get on with this. I hardly need to go through the hows and whys at this point in my life.

Still, it was a pretty good writing week, though yet again I suffered from illness and gout. Which is to say I'm... hrm. Well, human. We all got something wrong with us, right? Right?

Well, most of us do. Some of us are just frighteningly talented and healthy. We hate people like that.

Here's the roundup.

  • Tuesday: Random: "Interviewing Leather Part Nine." Leather seems to have become the breakout star of Banter Latte, which is cool though a bit surprising to me. I mean, Tuesdays are supposed to be the random days, right? Regardless, this was a fun one to write.
  • Wednesday: Storytelling: "The Home Front: My White Plume." A story of great sentimental value to me, as it was the first one I ever got paid to write. Which is pretty damn cool any way one looks at it. I was a lot younger so the story's rough in edges I think I'd usually sand smooth, but I like this one and so do some other people.
  • Thursday: Random: "The Old Ways Chapter Three." Not my most popular work by far, but The Old Ways has gathered some fans who seem to like it. It helps that it's finally getting some sense of narrative.
  • Weekend: Protected: "Theftworld Chapter Ten." Illness and gout pushed this from Friday to the Weekend, but it still got out and that's the important thing, right?
  • Monday: The Mythology of the Modern World: "Why does alcohol produce hangovers, and why doesn?t it produce hangovers consistently?" A bit shorter, and moving back to the more traditional myth structure, unlike the folk tale of the Train story or the short horror of the Spam story. I'm curious to see what people think.

And with that, I'm off. Gazebo Man -- away!

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