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Banter Latte

It's Monday. And that means... well, yeah.

Enjoy delicious Lattes of Banter.

  • Tuesday: Random: "Interviewing Leather Part Seven." There's some mature themes in this one. I was a bit unsure how it would go over, but it seems to have done quite well for itself.
  • Wednesday: Storytelling: "Dreamers (A Fragment)." A story I don't remember writing, but I clearly did. I felt it was probably incomplete at the time, but several people think it stands on its own now. I'm not sure. Please, have fun with it.
  • Thursday: Random: The Old Ways chapter one. Something of a departure in style for me, with somewhat mixed results. Some people seem to like it. There's only a few chapters of it, for the record. We'll see.
  • Friday: Protected: Theftworld Chapter Eight. Yet another protected chapter of this here novel what I be putting out for you to read!
  • Weekend: Environment (not about recycling or trees). The return of the open mike! What environment is most conducive to your creative or hobby or productive life?
  • Monday: The Mythology of the Modern World: The Arrogant Writer and the Beached Mermaid. Why don't writers live forever? Why is so much writing crap? And how did I manage to do a beachfront story and not namecheck "The Old Man and the Sea" once?

I hope these are of enjoyment. Also, over the weekend we learned Scott Kurtz has a crystal cathedral. Which frankly I think is good news.

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