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Banter Latte

It's a morning. The start of a new week. And I'm about to drive many hours from Ottawa to New Hampshire. So, you know, this isn't a morning to expect me to 'answer' my 'mail' in a 'timely' fashion (or at 'all.')

But, I still want to give you the weekly roundup. And so, here it is, in all its roundish glory!

  • Tuesday: Random: "Interviewing Leather, Part Eight." A well received post. Leather is, officially, the most popular thing going here on Banter Latte. Which almost comes as a surprise to me, and certainly makes me wonder what's going to happen when the serial ends. Regardless, it seems there's a market for New Journalism about cute villains.
  • Wednesday: Storytelling: "Planetfall." (EDIT: The link is fixed!) Probably the hardest SF I've posted so far, which is a statement that would have Howard Tayler laughing hysterically at me. But then, he's hardcore. And knows math.
  • Thursday: Random: The Old Ways chapter two. Moderately better received than chapter one, this continues to be a departure from my style. I think people are happier with this than they were with the first chapter. Who knows, after I post the fifth chapter -- which is the last -- maybe there'll be a wholly unwarranted clamor for more!
  • Friday: Protected: Theftworld Chapter Nine. As always, protected but here. Folks seemed to warm to the shift in point of view right around now, which has me hopeful for Chapters Ten through Twelve. And then we'll deal with Chapter Thirteen, but that, as they say, is another story. Though I'm vaguely thinking I should spin up a different novel for a few weeks, since Chapter Twelve is the halfway point. Or not. I'll think about it.
  • Weekend: Navigational! Sound off on navigational elements for multi part stories in the blog format! Look, they can't all be "what is your favorite color?" or other Playboy data sheet questions.
  • Monday: The Mythology of the Modern World: Why do we get spam email that?s complete gibberish or random sentences from books strung together? Today's new myth. A slightly different technique than I've used for others, but then that's part of the point, right? I'm curious how people will enjoy it. But that's me. Mister curious.

Right! I need to be driving (I actually finished this on a pit stop just off the Transcanada, so hey -- I'm hardcore.

It's never easy to leave. It's always hard to leave her. Someone convince the government to process paperwork a little faster, okay?

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You forgot the link to Planetfall

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