Banter Latte. Because something has to be posted, and this is here for posting.



I don't want all of this to become just me letting you know what happened in Banter Latte. Though part of the point of Banter Latte is to give folks who want to read something from me someplace to go when the Essays do not flow like water.. Needless to say, I'll work on having some Websnarkery this week to be good to one and all.

On the other hand, it was a good Banter Latte week. In particular, the Storytelling entry is up to forty comments, and none of them seem to be "this story sucks," so I have some hope for things. And also stuff.

So. Here's the roundup!

  • Tuesday: Random: Interviewing Leather Part Six. We've moved out of the stuff I'd written before, and into stuff I've written to keep up with a schedule. IE -- this has become a full on serial. Which means it's slightly differently paced and the end line is stronger and meant to hook more.
  • Wednesday: Storytelling: Automotive Care. An urban fantasy which I have been told is a Horror story, though it wasn't tagged as such. As I said above, it garnered significant comment and I think is considered not to suck.
  • Thursday: Random: Protected (request the password): Theftworld Book Two: Invasion (Preface). A happy bonus bit of Theftworld, as we move to the second quarter of the novel.
  • Friday: Protected (request the password): Theftworld Chapter Seven: And here? We have the aforementioned second quarter of the novel, or at least the first chapter of it.
  • Weekend: The August Myth Call! My second call for Mythology of the Modern World topics. I've done several myths based on the last one, so this is your big chance! For... um... something.
  • Monday: Mythology of the Modern World: Why do some people stay on the train past the end of the line? A darn good question. I hope a good answer. A very "story" style myth. Also, there's knitting. But not well described knitting. But it does exist.

Anyway. I hope you like it!

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