The Banter Latte shuffle.


It's Monday! And that means a Banter Latte roundup, which is a good thing, what since I'm on the travels and I want to be sure everyone has things with which they can enjoy the act of reading.

I'm a little bleary, you understand.

Anyhow! Let's talk about the last week on Banter L.

I'll try to get some Websnark out over the next day or two, though do bear in mind I am off and away. But I am thinking of all of you and if you're very good, I might buy you a small toy to shut you up on the drive back to New Hampshire.


Can we stop at McDonalds, Eric? Huh? Huh, can we, pleeeeeease?

Am I the only one who keeps misreading that name as "Banter Lantern" and getting mental images of an overly talkative superhero?

Only one for "Banter Lantern," maybe. I get "Banner Latte" all the time, though, which doesn't even have an amusing image.

WP doesn't ever let me log in, so I'm commenting here.

I really, REALLY enjoyed Antonio. Your Alaemon made me a tremendously happy camper, so this was a wonderful little trip back to his corner of the Symphony. Thank you.

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