It's a small web after all!


Because the web is a sprawling place that is largely concentrated in the Bay Area to this day, there is some minor effect on Websnark thanks to the (rumored and very possibly false but way too amusing not to pretend is true) drunk guy killing off the world wide web as we know it. As we use Typekey here (we're so, so close to being able to ditch it forever!) the downing of all of Six Apart except their corporate site (what a thing to be redundant) has made it difficult for people to comment here on the 'Snark.

If you've commented or otherwise authenticated Typekey in the last couple of weeks, it may work for you. If not, it may not. Either way, we apologize for the inconvenience!


I wondered why half of Livejournal was missing.

Glad my host is... where the hell is my host, anyway?


Looks like I'm safe - they're in Orem, Utah.

Need LJ! Lack of ability to comment may force me to descend into the hellpit that is YouTube comment stacks...

It's a web of laughter
A web of tears
It's a web of hopes
And a web of fears

You started it.

It's not a small web, just 1/3 of it is hosted in SF


I'm curious to see just how many heads are going to roll at 365 Main as a result of this.

Sure, they want you to think he's just a drunk guy going in smashing up servers. In reality, we are witnessing the dastardly super-villainy of THE LUDDITE, foe of all modern technology. First, he seeks to eradicate the World Wide Web... and then... SHORTS ELASTIC. Yes, that's right, so you'll be sitting there in front of your computer waiting for LJ to load, and what's worse, you'll be wearing drawstrings.

I realize this has been said before, but, um, great timing on the part of the drunk guy, y'know, what with the wandering in and smashing things right when a localized metropolitan power outage would have been having exactly the same effect.

On a more serious note, how long d'ye suppose All The Websites You Care About will be down if (heaven forbid) the San Fran area does get whanged by the mythical city-killer quake everyone keeps postulating?

Paul, that's... scarily accurate. And this announcement really makes me feel like there's so much that we share/ that it's time we're aware...

Now that I can log in I just want to thank you for being the only site I read which was both still active and mentioned what had happened, after I spent a chunk of my morning clicking "refresh" and wailing "Where has all the lj gone?!" :)

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