See, now I want Chase Masterson and Peter S. Beagle to use the power of Unicorn Songs to defeat Kevin Siembieda


There's a guy I know named Chris Meadows. He's called Robotech Master. He's been called that since... hrm. Well, at least 1991 based purely on how long I've known him. I've known him since the Superguy days.

When I started this up, he had a blog that linked to mine. And when I started up the Project Wonderful ads... he was the first one. He grabbed a button -- he doesn't have long green any more than I do -- but he was being supportive.

The button was for Space Station Liberty, a Talkshoe Talkcast where people can call in and talk to the guests he has on the show. Robotech fans could tell from the show's name (and... well, his name) that it's Robotech based. And it's pretty damn impressive. He has a lot of high profile voice actors and production people on. He had the developer of the Robotech RPG -- legendary RPG iconoclast Kevin Siembieda -- on a show. Hell, he had Chase Masterson -- voice actress and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine -- actress on.

He didn't ask me to link him. He's never asked me to link him. Not once. But the moment I put up ads he grabbed one at the level he could afford. To advertise his show, sure. But also because he has my back. It's the kind of guy he is.

Well, the ads have been pricing out of Space Station Liberty's budget, which I can understand. (Though he's tried to keep pace.) It's an exciting, woolly and wild bidding process, and oxygen ain't cheap up at that space station, you know. But God damn it, I'm going to tell you about the thing. Because he does it well. Because it's at least moderately likely some people here remember Robotech fondly. And because he'd do it for me.

Oh, and over on his other Talkshoe, The Biblio File, he actually has interviews and discussions with Diane Duane and Peter S. freaking Beagle. He didn't buy any ad space for that one, but Jesus, folks. Peter S. freaking Beagle.


... who is Peter-S-freaking-Beagle?

Peter S. Beagle wrote The Last Unicorn, among other works. He is brilliant and underrecognized, in my humble opinion.

The Last Unicorn is lightweight and superficial and gimmicky and uneven and pointlessly anachronistic and...

...I love it so freakin' much.

The scene where he pulls the narrator's camera back one level of reality just for an instant, and you can see what's "really" going on... I mean, that one tiny little blink-and-you-miss-it paragraph, crap, that bit still makes my day, years and years later.

Oh, and my word! Get used to checking in every week or so and suddenly we've got, what, eight 'Snarks in three days? Go, Burns Power!

I've never been able to finish The Last Unicorn, but three of Peter Beagle's books sit firmly in my pantheon of wonderful books I would recommend to anyone: A Fine And Private Place, The Innkeeper's Song, and I See By My Outfit. Giant Bones is good, too. The man is a master of quiet melancholy.

Your blog holds a strange fascination for me, Mr. Burns. Good to see you back on top of your game.


I've never read The Last Unicorn. I think I might still be a bit shell-shocked from when my mom showed it to me... when I was 5.

Wow, thanks for the links! (I feel so unworthy. :)

Incidentally, there's a new special edition of The Last Unicorn out on DVD, that finally presents it in anamorphic aspect ratio, with 5.1 sound, and the like. However, Granada, the company that owns the movie, still isn't paying Peter what they owe him in royalties. So, if you buy it, buy it direct from Conlan Press so that Peter will at least get the retail markup portion of the price. And for $10 extra you can get it autographed in three places by Peter S. Beagle himself. (This may result in a bit of a delay; there've been a lot of orders and Peter can only autograph so many discs per day.) Profits go to fund Peter's legal efforts to get Granada to pony (or perhaps unicorn :) up what it owes him.

I also have to say that, having interviewed him, I am now more anxious than ever to receive my copy of the book-on-CD version of The Last Unicorn read by the author. (I've had it on order for about two years now.) That man has a voice that I can just sit and listen to all day.

I read The Last Unicorn, and watched the video until the VHS tape wore out and then got it on DVD and bought the soundtrack.

America does the soundtrack. It way rocks.

For many many years I thought I was the only one who knew about this book and movie because every time I mentioned The Last Unicorn all I heard about was that damn live-action thing with what'shisface, uhm, Tom Cruise, Legend.

Today's Websnark has given me smiles and hope :)

Um, as long as we're talking about Mr. P.S.F. Beagle, does everybody know about this call to arms? And this opportunity to do something for an underrecognized icon of modern fantasy?

We here on teh interweb (which is still as hilarious to say as it was the first time somebody ever said it) are actually sitting pretty... we get to maintain full rights to everything we create while getting paid nothing for our work. Men and women of Mr. Beagle's generations didn't have it nearly as good as we do.

I've seen The Last Unicorn, and I've read The Last Unicorn, and I've read the one about the guy who lives in the cemetary. I don't remember them all that well, but there's a quote from The Last Unicorn on the main prose fanfiction index of my website:

"Heroes know about order, about happy endings - heroes know that some things are better than others. Carpenters know grains and shingles, and straight lines."

Well, that's interesting... it rendered my links all underlined and colorful, and then held the comment for approval... which was apparently granted... but didn't actually make the links links. Did I screw up the HTML anchors, is there a "no linking" rule that's punishable by having your text rendered distinctive, Scarlet Letter-fashion, or is this some "feature" of the blogging software I'm not getting? Hmm. I just tried the tags again in the preview window, and they're also not doing anything. Oh well. Let me just say, go to Conlan Press's website and read up about Mr. Beagle's financial and legal troubles, and if you're even remotely considering buying The Last Unicorn special edition 25th anniversary DVD, consider buying it from the author... because that's the only way you can be sure you're supporting him.

Beagle also wrote "Giant Bones", which is even better than Last Unicorn.

Alexandra -- when you put in the href tags, make certain you put quotation marks around the URL. Otherwise, it doesn't... well, work. I've gone in and fixed it for you, because that's how I roll!

Awesome... thanks, though I see now that I wasn't the first person to think of linking there. Still, it'll be useful for filling my future comments with links to my innovative new side project.

Porn on the internet.

I think it's gonna be huge.

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