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We're into two episodes of the Blind Ferret-produced PvP animated series, and it seems like a good time to actually make mention of it and what's going on with it. I subscribed (as I said I would) and went into it with....

...well, with anticipation, because I really like PvP, but also with some dread, as web animation hasn't been All That for me, so far.

Two episodes in, I'm feeling pretty damn good about my purchase.

The second episode, it's worth noting, is an order of magnitude better than the first was. I liked the first episode -- mostly on the strength of Brent's voice actor, who's about as perfect a voice of Brent as we could hope for. But it had issues of execution. The jokes weren't as well timed as I would have liked. Which Kurtz himself copped to. It was a learning experience for everyone.

The second episode, on the other hand, is much better paced. The timing is good, the voice direction is good (Brent and Skull have a couple of conversations where Skull is talking and talking and Brent slides increasing annoyed comments into it -- which could sound clumsy as Hell but... well, doesn't. I laughed in this episode.

More to this point, this episode couldn't have been a PvP strip. Or a series of strips. Oh, I'm confident it could have been adapted to PvP, but much of the strength derives from the vocal performances, which were very solid. This one really used the medium to its advantage, in that regard.

Finally, the two major voice actors for this one -- Brent and Skull -- were just about note-perfect.

Now, I know people weren't happy that Skull was high-pitched in his voice instead of low pitched. I got that. I saw the angry forum posts. I saw the comments in my own post expressing my excitement over the casting of Dino Andrade. I get all that.

All I can say is if you're still a naysayer after Episode 2, then I don't see how you and I could have been reading the same strip all these years. I affirm the right to your opinion, but I just can't get my brain around it. Andrade was, to my mind, perfect in this episode. Skull was exactly who he should have been, and the vocal chemistry between Skull and Brent was absolute gold.

"You have to wait out there. You're my aduuult!!!" God damn, man.

It's not all peaches and cream. The animation hasn't won me, just yet. It's there and it has potential, but a lot of the movement seemed to be there to say "hey, we're moving!" And Jade walking with her arms folded just... I dunno. It didn't look right to me, somehow. In the end, it's web animation -- maybe higher than middle of the road web animation, but it didn't blow my mind to any appreciable degree. And Jade's voice acting was the weakest of them this time. I liked it more on the fourth or fifth viewing than I did on the first, but it may take a few episodes for the voice actress to really settle into the role (or for my brain to adapt to it).

At the end of the day, I'm looking forward to the third episode. And that's always a good sign. And an even better sign is I'm still glad I spent the money to see this.


Fair enough. I've cancelled my subscription after episode 2. It's not actively bad or anything, I just found it pretty mediocre plot-wise and animation wise.

I will agree that the voice-acting stands out. Brent and Skull ARE great, even though I still hear a different Skull reading the strip. The toon voice works well though.

I do hope the best for Kurtz, if it gets great later on in the season I might check it out again.

I loved it, and I'm glad I spent the money on it. I actually liked the first episode a little more, but I can see where the timing was better in the second. Maybe I just liked the first story better than the second one. I don't know.

The voices, though... perfect. Skull's higher-pitched voice grated on me for exactly two lines of dialog in the teaser, and then I was sold.

Count me in on the cynics.

It's not working for me. I'm oddly more happy with the first episode, where the jokes were perhaps a bit poorly placed but still had a note of zing. Brent's "Double B'in' it!" was a nugget of funniness, and the two of them making up overly convoluted drinking games worked.

By contrast, this one just... didn't. The animation was more ambitious, but that only served to show how limited the animation is. The writing was more varied, but the bits which worked best was the same stuff as last week, the banter with Brent. (Brent, more than anyone, is the star of PVP: The Series.) To make this series work, they need to play down Skull, limit the focus a bit, make Brent the star officially and... well...

Make it a standard office comedy.

I just don't think this series works, alas.

... although I have to admit, I liked it more on a repeat viewing than on the first. Maybe my expectations were too high. I /did/ love Skull's wailing fit.

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