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Sorc Cover

I noted that Sorcerer was out of stock when I wrote about it just... gosh, was it really just yesterday? Astounding, man. Anyway,I wrote about it as being out of stock at its selling website, Indie Press Revolution. Which was true. That is indeed what the thing said.

Well, I got e-mailed (very cheerfully) by Adept Press chief (and Sorcerer author and designer) Ron Edwards, who told me that Sorcerer was "out of stock" in merely the most technical of senses, while the latest run moved from one warehouse to another. And that it would be remedied momentarily.

Well, checking the Adept Press page on Indie Press Revolution today, we find that yes indeed, Sorcerer is back in stock and ready for ordering.

And so, I pass this happy information on to you, the public. Because this is a game of temptation, and so we might as well put the game's own temptation front and center for people who might have some money in their pockets and a desire to see what the hubbub is about.

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