The necropost for January 14: Star Harbor Nights


A brief post to make up for the missed day on January 14 (penned all the way on January 29), in praise of Star Harbor Nights, a superhero fiction site run by the action squad of Alexandria Erin (who is a sometimes commenter over here at Websnark), Quinn Isley and Sonya Kenderdragon (which might -- might be a pseudonym. Though, given I used to write superhero fiction under the name Eric, Lord Sabre, I'm not about to rag on someone for a sobriquet.)

I know from Superhero writing -- especially the building of a shared universe completely separate from those that came before. As I've mentioned many, many times my first heavy internet activities were based around the Superguy mailing list -- which while more satirical than Star Harbor Nights certainly shared some of the frenetic joy in the form that Erin, Isley and Kenderdragon have brought to their stuff.

It reminds me, really, of how much I miss writing Superguy, and things like that. Last November, I made a serious effort to do a superheroic mosaic novel. Sadly, said novel was a failure -- it just fell apart almost immediately. I might be able to write several novels about the intertwined stories I was mosaicing, but I couldn't create enough of a thread to make the mosaic work.

So, if you like superheroes for themselves (as opposed to liking "the X-Men" or other character specific stuff), you might want to give Star Harbor Nights a look see. It's free, so it sure can't hurt, and they seem to be having a lot of fun, and in the end that's the sense I would want in a site like this one.


In point of fact, they're all pseudonyms (though mine's a simple variation on my given name that I came up with when I was sixteen to make it sound "more professional"). I keep meaning to put a tag on the site somewhere that "All names have been changed to protect the indecent."

Curse you, Doctor Burns! Another evening of productivity lost!

Great stuff, Alexandra. Great stuff.

I, too, have thought about writing about superheroes. I've got three rummaging about in my head and saving the day to various degrees, and there's the possibility of a fourth.

I think the difficulty is coming up with enough superheroes that the world makes sense - which is why collectives work so well.

I should get back to finding someplace where I could fit them in. The Sigil and The Blue Masque can only wait so long, you know.

Folks who are interested in this sort of thing might also want to check out The Secret World Chronicle. It's an interesting little superhero fiction podcast audiobook project, done by a couple of friends of mine.

Second the cursing! I have things I need to do.

I'm a few pages in (1.5? I don't quite understand the organization scheme yet) and thoroughly hooked. I'm only vaguely familiar with superhero stuff - never read comics or watched TV shows, though I've seen the Spiderman and X-men movies.

Noting the low number of comments so far I have to say I hope this being a necropost won't rob it of the attention it certainly deserves.

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