The current necropost list, as of the 29th of January


For those who haven't seen my slow but steady efforts to 'make up' posts done after the fact, here's what I so far have. I call these necroposts, because they revive a dead day and give it the horrible false impression of life in the form of a post.

The January 11 Necropost was on Malfunction Junction.
The January 12 Necropost was on culling iTunes.
The January 14 Necropost was on the superhero fiction site Star Harbor Nights. (Which also gets the sweet spot for the first post in the archives after the proposal.)
The January 18 Necropost was a brief, random note about Apple's hold music.

I still owe necroposts for: January 15, January 19-24, and January 27-28. Each day my intent is to do the day's post first, so as not to go farther into post debt, then with luck do at least one other necropost until we're all caught up and happy, shiny people.

I should have made this a necropost for like January 28, thereby cheating and cutting down on the backlog, but that's just not the way I roll.

(For those who've wondered, oh Hell yeah I intend to write about Order of the Stick.)


I don't have the first post for two snarks in a row, do I? Geez, I need to find something to do... other than homework, or studying, or catching my own comic back up... but good to hear about the Order of the Stick snark. I will be checking for it.

Hey, are you trying to get that song stuck in my head? Well, I'll show you. I'll get "Losing My Religion" stuck in there instead.

Since I didn't think to mention it when it first happened:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for fixing the RSS feed. This is my main way of keeping up on periodic website posts and having it broken made me miss much of the goodness that is websnark.

So thanks again.

Oh my goth... I now feel like my existence has been validated.

You sure as hell better be snarking OotS. Of all the comics in my bookmarks, with as busy as I have gotten, OotS is the only strip that I still read religiously. It's just that damn good.

Oh, and let me second the "You sure as hell better." :P I just recently read the OotS archive after my collaborators have raved about it for over a year, and I was amazed. The two apparently central ideas ("It's a parody comic, done with stick figures.") are almost a joke in and of themselves, considering how well done both the art and writing are. It was everything it was advertised to be, and nothing like what I expected.

Get cracking on that OotS post ;)

It's rare that I spill my coffee in the morning because a webcomic made me jump up a shout "YEA! TAKE THAT, STUFFYPANTS!!"

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