Submitted Without Comment: The Most Important Post I Will Ever Make


As most of you know, the "submitted without comment" posts I do are generally me uploading some reference to a strip where Websnark is referenced (directly or not) or Weds and I appear, or something like that. So it is with today.

The joke -- and I use the term as loosely as I possibly can -- is that I always comment extensively on those posts. Parenthetically.

Well, I'm commenting on this one, and I'm doing it directly. There is a full comic strip behind the cut at the bottom. (Why is there a cut? The strip is seventeen panels long. I don't hate everyone reading this.

Said comic strip has been produced by something of a supergroup of webcomics professionals. It's like Abba, that way. And it's also available -- for those who might be interested in sound and music and effects -- as a complete Quicktime MP4 file. An MP4 which, at the specific time this post automatically appears in queue, will be being presented at my Arisia panel "The Best Webcomics You're Not Reading."

A panel, it's worth noting, Wednesday is also at. This is important, which you will see momentarily.

As a side note, my thanks to the Arisia programming staff, and to fellow panelists Rob Balder of Partially Clips, Ferrett Steinmetz of Home on the Strange, and Kelly J. Cooper of Comixpedia, who helped set this whole kurfluffle up.

I also need to thank Ursula Vernon, Scott Kurtz, Greg Holkan, David Willis, Rich Burlew, Peter Venables, Josh Lesnick, Chris Crosby, Howard Tayler, Kristofer Straub, Frank "Damonk" Cormier, Brad Guigar, Darren "Gav" Bleuel, Jon Rosenberg, Shaenon Garrity, Meaghan Quinn, and the master of funk himself, Randy Milholland.

Also, my thanks to Bill Mallonee (formerly of Vigilantes of Love) for his permission to use his song on the MP4.

So. Behind the cut....

Submitted Without (Further) Comment.


GAH! Corrected Rich Burlew's entry! It is now on there.

Oh. By the by?

She said yes.


This is a work of genius. I say to you Godspeed Mr. Burns!

I've probably made this sort of post before, but this time, there is only one thing I can say about this:


I've probably made this sort of post before, but this time, there is only one thing I can say about this:


Dang, I hope she said yes.


Happy Love Vibe[1] rocks!

Creative and surprising Happy Love Vibe rocks even harder.

Every happiness, you two. And then some.

*wipes tears*

[1] Happy Love Vibe is the purest form of New Relationship Energy. Instead of sort of petering out, it hits a peak, and becomes permanent, never ever dimming or diminishing. Happy Love Vibe is forever, and I've seen it on you two.

Oh god, I hope it turned out well. This was a very inventive way to pull it off, kudos to you!

Well, played, Mr. Burns, well played.

I'm assuming she said yes...


Good luck to both of you!

And I have to say an extra congratulations to Eric and the various contributors for putting this together, and for keeping the secret. I know from personal experience that it's difficult to keep quiet about these things.



You know, I kept looking at the title of the previous snark and thinking, "'Portentious'? Portentious of what?" But I didn't say anything.

Congratulations, both of you.

Congratulations. I wish you both the very best.

EEEEEEEEE! I'm so happy for the two of you! And of course, doing it in front of the whole stinking internets is a good way of making sure she says yes. Congratulations to both of you!

(And I love Chex ripping up the roses. Nice touch.)


oh man oh man YAY. congrats!


Please note, gang, that Rich "Order of the Stick" Burlew's excellent contribution, panel #5, is missing in the above post. Here it is, at least until Eric and Weds get back and amend the original.


I like how Eric apparently has a library full of books entitled "Books."

Now that we've wandered pretty far down the comments list, I'd like to see the original photo, just to check who got the stripped tie right.

Congratulations and best wishes. :)

That's terrific. In at least two different ways.

I may be a little too sensitive to "proposal tropes", if there are such things--I figured out exactly what this was just by seeing Eric talking to the camera in the first two panels, before I had read what he was saying. (I'm sure lots of people figured it out before the cut, but I just thought it odd that I knew exactly what the monologuing meant.)

Dude. Dudedudedudedudedudedudedudedudedude! Dude!

OK, overkill, I know. But it still take a lot of balls to do something like that. I hope you got the right answer, and congrats if you did.


Coooooool! Talk about a herculean effort :D

And on a weekend, too.

"Mazel tov!" in advance.

A very cool proposal there Mr. Burns!

Awwww!! Very sweet and creative Eric.

(I expect to see the answer in comic form as well. )

I agree
Cool :D

I think you win, Eric. You win at marriage proposals.


Giving the proposal to Milholland was a masterstroke.

On the other hand, a wag of the finger for doing a stunt to propose - it's not like Wednesday is going to be able to say no, but then again, I guess you wouldn't have done it if you thought she'd say no. So tip of the hat for going through with it anyway.

(I always wanted to propose via a musical number in the street ala Hollywood musicals/Monty Python/that one Bjork clip where you've got random strangers dancing in the street. Bonus points if you get people getting out of their cars to dance.)

Fuckin' A, man!

Many, many congratulations to you both!

I'll go hold my breath, now. ;)

Well she'll either accept or kill him.

I figured that this had to be what he was up to, and must admit that my initial reaction was "He hasn't asked her yet?"

Damn good installment, Eric. May the two of you have many, many happy years together.

Well played, and I offer you both my very presumptive congratulations.

Congratulations to both of you. I sent Eric a few bucks via PayPal to mark the occasion -- weddings can be expensive.


Has the word "dude" been said enough on this thread?

Actually, no. DUDE.


You win the proposal stunt.

Tasty biscuits to you.



Congratulations, and all the best to you.

Dude! Dude!



First off, Congrats to both of you.
Second off, I love the little things in the background(s), like the shelf of "books," The Flying House suddenly appearing (although it took me a minute to figure out that that's what it was), and especially Chex about to go on a jealous rampage ^_~

I was just about to ask what was going on with Willis's panel... (Wikis Flying House) Thanks, Theory Girl!

Another hearty dude! to you both. Also, I assume some form of biscuits are an appropriate gift- who do I buy 'em from, and where do I send 'em?


I said yes.

Well, first I said "DUH."

Way to go! That's beautiful and awesome. Major congratulations and best wishes for you both!

It's worth registering just to send you both heartfelt congratulations. I've been pulling for you for some time now.

Also to apologize for participating in the assault on the server this afternoon; as soon as I realized what you were up to, I had to see it in its purest form. Well done, sir.


I'll echo the other people saying congratuations and with the one other guy chiming in with the "I hope she knew that this waws going to happen." I'm personally very much against public proposals. Thee's no way the person's going to be able to say no gracefully.

I'm so excited I could write fanfic!

I should make it clear that Eric was pretty confident in my yes before he did this.

And I thought it was awesome. So no harshing of the buzz, guys, please. :)

Congratulations, both of you!

Heh. I knew what this was from the title of the post.

Because when someone who has had a moderately public romance with someone writes about "the most important post I'll ever make" it's usually only one thing.

If they're married, though, it's the birth of the first child.


Well she'll either accept or kill him.

and/or, surely.

Now that Wednesday has said "Yes", I have to amend my earlier dude


Congratulations to you both. I've got a little sniffles going on here.

Dude! and Congratulations!

Coolest Webcomic ever! :)


Heh. I had that last comment in preview for about a half-hour, but posted it anyway without refreshing.

Now that I know for sure the result, I will give an unambiguous congratulations! Much future happiness wished.

Congratulations to both of you. :D

I wish you many happy years ahead!

Most way awesome. You both rock. May you be as happy as Nathaniel and I, and three times as healthy, for as long as you both shall live.

Wow! That is awesome in so many ways! Congrats to both of you and best of luck!

Oh yeah, one more thing - That gets a tasty shortbread!

Congratulations! Good luck! Etc.! Well-wishing!

As a side-note, I "aww"ed out loud when I reached the end of this.
Aww. Again, congratulations!

Okay, I should definitely have something better to say here, but Willis's version has really changed since "Bride of Faz."

Congratulations to the both of you!

I knew you two were destined to be together ever since way back when Eric was vehemently denying there was anything romantic going on.

It's been a pleasure watching your relationship bloom, if even just from the snippets that you've posted here. I'm truly glad for both of you, and wish you happiness in all that's yet to come! (I've heard it said that it might, in fact, be the best)

I suppose all the "Dude!" comments are better than if things had gone poorly, in which case we'd all be posting, "SHE TORE HIS FACE OFF!"

Congratulations to the both of you.

I'm so glad for you two. XD DUDE.

Do you have any idea, Mr. Burns, just how hard this is going to be to one up?

Actually, my question from the second I read the post title was, did she cry when you asked? I was dead certain that my wife was going to cry when I asked, but I turned out to be wrong.

I decided to wait for the official yes, because it might look presumptuous otherwise.

Now THAT'S impressive. A hearty congrats to all involved.

Yay! Congratulations, you two!

And the crowd goes wild!

Congratulations. Dude. It's amazing... every artist I read regularly, I was able to find their panel... I laughed at Straub's panel for about five minutes.


Finally, the validation the Eric/Weds shippers of the Websnark fanfic community have been craving...I mean, um, Congratz! To you both!

The Awesomeness is unparalleled. Unperpendiculared, even. I wouldn't even try to calculate the hypotenuse of that much Awesome.

BTW, is that Snarky tie-tack from the first panel real? Because if it is, I want one.

Congratulations, to both of you.

I think that my brain has just melted. Awesome work dude, awesome work indeed.

Because dude, dude. Dude.

Congrats to the both of you.

Yay, congrats and manic jubilations! :D

Awesomely awesome. Fabulously crafted and delivered and just incredibly perfect for the person and occasion.

Congrats and may you have a plethora of shortbread at your wedding!

Were that Snarky tie tack real, *I* would want the first one.

Woo Hoo!!! Congrats!

DUDES! Awesome and congratulations to both of ya!

Congratulations! Felicitations! お目出度うございます! etc!
I think that's the first time a webcomic's made me shed a tear since 2001.

Congratulations to the both of you! May everything go smoothly for you. :)

Man, I can't believe I missed this because I had to go to work. Congratulations to you both!

Wednesday said:

Well, first I said "DUH."

Congratulations to you both!



...for once typekey let me log in.


That brought a tear to my eye. Well played and congratz! :D

I have been a lurker at Websnark for years, and I'm so happy my first post is CONGRATULATIONS!

Now I'm sending a link to my boyfriend to give him a romance clue.

Congratulations you two.

This is one of the most creative ways of proposing I've ever seen, online or otherwise.

Bravo. That was classic, my friend.

Robin & I are thrilled for both of you.

Now can we finally meet Wednesday?

Andy & Robin

Yaaaay! Congratulations to you both!


Really, really beautiful. *sob*

A very heartfelt congratulations to you two.

Hopefully you both will still be walking down the road holding hands in thirty, fourty years. :)

Oh, wow. *beam*

Congratulations and best wishes and JOY UNCONFINED.

Love! :)

A longtime lurker here registering just so I can say this:


Congratulations for you both and I hope you'll both be very happy together. This is seriously sweet and touching. Again, congrats!

Woohoo! Go you!

An eloquent and appropriate proposal, and a happy and just response. Luck to you both.

Also: Woo!

I suppose all the "Dude!" comments are better than if things had gone poorly, in which case we'd all be posting, "SHE TORE HIS FACE OFF!"

No, I think my response would still be a very excited "Dude!"

Best. Proposal. Ever.

Oh man!! I saw them both at a panel today at Arisia, but I did not see this until after the con was over and they left. Too bad, I could have said congrads to them in person.

It totally rocked.

Mind, I figured it out slightly before the panel, when I added up "hey, they're both on the panel," and "he sent her wandering off and said I should specifically show up if I could," and "eh, it's a somewhat interesting panel, but why that one in particular?"

There was only one answer possible, and I smirked to myself, said, "I'm going to go," and didn't tell anyone 'cause I wanted to be sure I was right.

I was right.

The smooching was definitely worth showing up for. O;D

I was gonna say "Well, it's about damn time!" but then I realized it probably took a while to get the comic thing together, plus I already knew she'd say yes if the question happened, and Eric may have held out some weird lingering doubt that she was going to suddenly have her head spin around and grow horns and laugh at him and say no and then eat his face.

But... wait. No. I'm still going to say "Well, it's about damn time!"

But I also will say:


And yet another long time lurker comes out from the shadows to say "Congrats!"

Just too awesome for words...except "DUDE!"



Congratulations to both of you!

Congratulations! You've certainly had your share of pain, so I'm glad we can share in your joy as well.

So after being away for a bit I randomly wandered here yesterday, hell of a time! Then my internet went down before Wednesday's answer.
So happy. Too happy. Too wonderful. The news being too wonderful, I will now comment on the proposal: magnificent. It was such pain to me that I didn't have anyone around who could appreciate the artists I was listing that had been in on this (I was on the phone with my boyfriend trying to explain what PVP is. Will have to remedy this. Might use this list as a starting point for his education). In fact it says something that I felt compelled to tell the people around me, despite it meaning nothing to them.
Okay, spending too many words, but REALLY. So amazing. And whoever said Milholland for the final was brilliant, I concur, because seeing that art with anything sentimental is extra-powerful. And the Eric-ness of all the Erics was really, really cool.

And snarkring is adorable.

Ahh! So awesome!

That may be the awesomist use of infinite canvas ever.


Enormous Grin!

Congratulations. Enchantingly wonderful.

nice! Congrats to you both. It's great to see everyone come together for a great reason.

Duuuuderonomy, that's a lot of DUDE!s

But, it's still great news. :D This is spreading around just about everywhere I go online.

How's it feel to have Teh Intartubes throwing you guys an engagement party? :D


There must be biscuits at the wedding, that's all I'd suggest.

Many congratulations to both of you. I guess this means Weds will be leaving Canada again soon. Unless you're planning to move north, that is, Eric.

You know, given the ad hoc meme in these comments, I think it's sort of funny that the post in which you introduced Wednesday as a writer for Websnark was entitled, "Dude"

To quote that same post:

"No, we're not dating. And no, I'm not trying to date her. Jesus, can't you think of anything else?"

Which I believe is now worth at least one more laugh.

The absolute opposite of the "I am invincible" *dies* cliche.

Congrats, you two

There will be a Snarky tie tack. Possibly a set of Snarky cufflinks as well. This is the Internet- people do that sort of thing here. They'll probably come from a member of Howard Taylor's multi-talented fandom. (I'm just a little jealous of them.)

Congratulations! And my best wishes to both of you :-D

Double congratulations! But where does that leave your physical (dis)location problem?

Late to the party, as usual. Actually, I have Mr. Willis to thank for finding out now, as I usually save Websnark for last in my daily trawl.

Although it's been said many times, many ways:


(and congratulations!)

Congratulations you two.

And I would like to express my appreciation to the artists that helped him propose in this way... you people are way cool, or whatever the proper term is these days.



Marriage is pretty awesome.

Cheers and Congratulations. Joy and Happiness. Elation and Something also along the lines of Elation.

Good for you. And amazing proposal. You have some good friends in the webcomics world.

That is so awesome and sweet.

Congratulations to both of you.

Oh, and...


Awesome! Many congratulations, you silly lovebirds, you.

All is right in the world!

I was expecting this... well, okay, not specifically this. I knew someday you two would get married, but I never could've guessed you'd propose this way!

Good show, Eric, and congrats! May you two spend many happy years together.

Mazel tov!

I found this place a few minutes ago (someone on AG posted the link) and just finished reading through this thread. I registered for the sole purpose of posting the following:

Congratulations to both of you! I wish ya'll many years and much happiness together. And bonus points for originality on the proposal. Makes me wonder what you'll do for the actual wedding. ;)

To reiterate everyone else: Merf. ('Dude' has been overused, I think.)

Once again, my best wishes!

Rather than repeat the well-deserved "Dude", I'll just say "Huzzah!"

Wow. I miss nearly 15 days in January to scout out Oregon (love the no sales tax, state income tax is a different story) and I nearly miss this?

Wow. I guess the only question remains, can we have Shannon and Andrew Fargo do the webcomic "play-by-play" of Eric's bachelor party?

Congratulations to both of you!

"Wow. I guess the only question remains, can we have Shannon and Andrew Fargo do the webcomic "play-by-play" of Eric's bachelor party?"

Keep in mind, the challenging part will be protecting Eric from Chex, who will try to use that chance to try and take out Eric before he marries Weds.

Fabulous. Wonderful. I'm really sorry I missed it.

Need a Justice of the Peace? :)

32: That could be true or we end up turning the bachelor party into some sort of perverse Con. Maybe call it Weddingcon.

It could be one of the few weddings to have both a Klingon and an obese guy in a Spiderman costume!

Merus: That's one big costume. The Klingon can't be too happy. (Well, you know. Too happy for a Klingon.)

(*blink*) (*unlurk*) Maaavelous, just plain maaavelous. From someone who hasn't seen Weds since usenet was cool, congrats!

Miyaa - who ever said that the two were mutually exclusive?

WeddingCon - the webcomic about the giant convention/bachelor/bachelorette (hey, give both sides their due) party, with subplots galore!

- Can bodyguards save Eric from Chex as he infliltrates the con?
- Who stole the copies of Strunk & White, 4th that were set aside as party favors?
- What kind of perversity will develop when Randy Milholland and James L. Grant are left in charge of the evening "entertainments"?
- What causes the Drama Aggro room to overflow, and who will be left to sort out the LiveJournal posts?

All this, and more!


I mean, dude! X-D Congratulations all around.

It could be one of the few weddings to have both a Klingon and an obese guy in a Spiderman costume!

No. There are already enough of those in Las Vegas.

I'm a day late and a dollar short due to a desire for excessive hibernation, but ... DUDE! And "squeeeeeeeee!" and all that jazz. Best wishes for you both, old friend.

I thought this was wonderful. . . but you neglected to mention the traditional proposal words, "I love you!"

Apologies on the belated 'gratz, but...


And 'gratz. It's all happy-making.

Sheesh! I turn my back for 3 years and you guys get married?!?!

The only thing I can say is...


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