This was a day of too much activity, though none of it was bad. Technical problems to be dealt with early. Things at work. Play rehearsals (I'm in Big River, and I get to be eeeeeeevil). And then a trip to Maine and dinner with my folks. I ate Bison and Bacon with cheese. And then shopping, and....

You get my point. This was a day of a fast note.

For the record, however, there is Arisia this weekend. Weds and I will be there, at various webcomics things. I will let you know more soon.

I will mention to snarkoleptics in the Bay State area that the 3 PM panel "The Best Webcomics You Aren't Reading" should be an excellent time. The Ferrett of Home on the Strange will be there, along with veterans myself and Weds, Kelly J. Cooper and Rob Balder from last year's. Seriously, if you're reading these words and you're at Arisia, go to this panel.

Off! To bed!


To bed, to bed, there's knocking at the gate
Come, come, come, come, give me your hand. What's done cannot be undone.--- To bed, to bed, to bed!

I already asked Ferrett too, but if a transcript of that panel comes into being I'd be interested in seeing it.

I'm hoping to record it.

Well, I have an iRiver that's great at recording, if nothing else. I won't be there, but I know a few people who are and who'd grab the recording for me.

It's possible that I may make it up for the last day of the Con on Sunday (I haven't really kept track of when and where cons happen lately, I know Vericon is coming up too, are any other good ones in the area on the way?) but the rest of the weekend is right out, so I also would love a chance to hear a recording of the panel.

You mention a time, but not a date. Is that panel on Saturday?

Of course, I'm close to two thousand miles away, so why should *I* care?

No Arisia for me this year again, alas. Babymoon.

Might I ask who you are playing in Big River? On the one hand, you seem a bit young for Pap. On the other, the King & the Duke never struck me as terribly evil in the musical (or at least not as bad as they are in the book).

I ran lights for a production of Big River about two years ago. Our Huck was pretty amazing, and possibly the most professional child actor I've worked with. The particular theater where this was staged is well known for having a bat problem. It's not uncommon for a few to swoop down from the rafters during a performance. One night they were especially active, dive bombing the stage at several points during the performance (Aunt Polly had to duck a few times at the beginning), and periodically doing fly-bys over the audience. Then, during the "Waitin' for the Light to Shine" reprise, one came straight at Huck and landed on his shirt. He didn't miss a beat! He just kept on singing as if nothing had happened. It took off a few seconds later, but I doubt my brother, who was playing the Duke and had been in a show almost constantly for over ten years at that point, or any of the older actors for that matter, could have kept it together like he did.

You know, the "dinner with the folks" part sounds a bit odd, since it doesn't mention whether or not Wednesday was present as well. Hmm....

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