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Eric: Because Movable Type is Weird....

...we need to match the system clock of our hosting company to the Movable Type clock to make certain things Go, all Pakled style. Which means despite the fact that Weds and I both live in the Eastern Time Zone... Websnark is moving to Pacific time. For now.

In practical terms, Movable Type is going to fall back three hours in time. Which is all fine and good, only it will then think anyone who tries to post in that three hour block after we do the reset is trying to spoof the system, and will reject the comments.

So, at 11 pm EST, we're going to reset the system so it thinks its 8 pm PST instead. No one will be able to then comment until roughly 2 am EST/11 pm PST/who the hell can figure out Mountain. Not that I figure anyone will deeply care.

In conclusion... EXCELSIOR!

Posted by Eric Burns-White at January 5, 2007 11:45 AM


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