Oh, might as well finish the job.


I've been asked about the Webcartoonist's Choice Awards, as well.

I have two basic reactions, really.

First off, there's no winner I disagree with. I think pretty much each and every one of them is deserving.

At the same time... I'm perfectly fine with an award where webcartoonists nominate the... er... nominees. And then vote. I think that's perfectly valid. But when you've started by taking a small group and having them select the nominees, you have to accept who they nominate. Tossing a nominee from a category as inappropriate in effect negates the people who devoted a nomination slot to it, mostly because they disagree with your definition. Or because they got organized enough to screw with you.

So, you know. I'm happy enough with the list of winners, but I'm having a hard time putting much stock into the whole affair this year. On the whole, I'm beige.


Huh. I can't find beige colored paint at the Home Depot store anymore.

The question I've always raised with these kind of awards is this: how close it is to being a popularity contest? I mean you can look like you're nominating and award your own peers, a la the Screen Actor's Guild awards or the Oscars, but there's a real difference between awards that are clearly out to reward the hippest product out there versus people who's work really stood out, regardless of whether it's a fan favorite or not.

The Webcartoonist Choice Awards? Eh...I'm not sure. I don't know who won, after all.

I just wish I would have gotten a spoiler warning from comixpedia. I wanted to wait for the ceremony, which still isn't up on the wcca site, but is apparently up on Ryan Estrada's site.

I hope next year runs more smoothly all around.

Here's a good way to judge if something is a popularity contest.

Did I win anything?

If the answer is "Yes", then it is decidedly NOT a popularity contest.

Isn't the whole point of the WCA is that it's *supposed* to be a popularity contest? Only, popularity as defined by Webcartoonists -- hence "Webcartoonist's Choice."

Which begs the question as to why something a bunch of webcartoonists nominated would be disqualified. It's hard enough to get webcartoonists to agree on anything to begin with.

Okay. I had to ask... why so blase about the WCCA this year, Eric? How is it different from last year, or the year before?

Rob H.

Obviously, the panelists are phillistines who don't appreciate zombie romance.

If there were similar things in previous years, I wasn't aware of them. I'd have been similarly blasé then.

It's not a railing against the machine or a decrying of the injustice of it all yadda yadda blah blah blah. It's just... if you're going to ask Webcartoonists to nominate who they think is the best in given categories, and then you drop their nominations because you don't agree with them or figure they're just screwing with you (even if they are just screwing with you), then what exactly's the point?

Like I said, pretty much every strip that won this year is twelve kinds of excellent. I just have trouble caring much overall.

Not being in the "in group", I have no idea what the WCCA nominations controversy was? I did a quick Google without success. Can anyone fill me in on what happened, just to satisfy my curiousity?

As near as I can tell from the WCCA forums, Eric Millikin's Fetus-X was nominated for "Best Romance Comic" but was later disqualified as inappropriate. As to who did the disqualifying, I don't really know, so I'll keep my fool mouth shut on that one.

If you want to check out the controversy and view the general ineptness of the committee you may do so at their committee discussion board at Yahoo groups.

Let's be careful of things like "general ineptness," at least over here. We may disagree with their methods or their decisions without moving it from cool language to hot.

I apologize for my harshness, but it stems from the fact that EVERYTHING this year involving the CCAwards has been late including the winning ceremony, which so far is simply a post in the forums, judging from the front page of the website you wouldn't even know it ended. And when I say everything was late, I mean everything EXCEPT for the cut-off date for nominations, which ended at midnight the day before. Even phone companies give you the full day of the actual due date to pay your bill. That cut short alot of my nominations. Anyways, not trying to stir up a bunch of dust here, heh...

Oh yeah, i guess disqualifying my favorite fetus/mummy/dead cheerleader love story hasn't helped either...

I still don't see the winning ceremony up... has someone not turned in their presenting cartoon?

According to the most recent post I saw on the WCCA messageboard it's "technical difficulties".

I thought that net 2.0 was all about popularity contests. We've even replaced the big search engines with an automated popularity contest (which generally does a very good job sorting the wheat from the chaff compared to the pure logic search engines)

Uh great, by linking to the discussion board, The Ceremony was leaked again.

I think the disqualification from one of the three categories in which Fetus-X had a nomination was lame too, but geez.

Are... you upset because people linked to the (non-private) messageboard where these things are being discussed?

I'm honestly not quite parsing, here.

I was under the impression that the people on the discussion board wanted the unleak the ceremony because the original leaked page was taken down. But you're right, since the board is public I have no reason to be upset. Especially since I had nothing to do with the awards other than voting in them.

A couple of years ago, Homestar Runner won for the best use of Flash. And it is a nice use of flash, but it wasn't a fucking comic and shouldn't have been nominated for a comic award.

Having open nomitations is a wonderful thing, but the system can easily be fucked around with by people placing comics into categories they simply aint. (especially since I seem to recall the idea of Fetus X being nominated for a romance comic began as a joke, that took life) If the comittee isnt there to filter out blatant foolishness, they shouldn't be there at all.

The question I've always raised with these kind of awards is this: how close it is to being a popularity contest?
Well, logically speaking: Penny Arcade is the world's most read webcomic. It isn't there. so I'd say, barely.
EVERYTHING this year involving the CCAwards has been late including the winning ceremony,
New system, new bugs. Spare time. You wanna pay these guys to make sure this goes off like the Oscars, I'm sure they'd love it.

"Technical difficulties?" So, what, there was some hot lesbian sex that they needed to scrub from the archives before they could present the awards? :)

And if DVD's comments didn't make sense to you, you might want to look at the discussion here.

There's a drink recipe inspired by this at the webcomic drinks wiki.

Yeah, I saw that drink recipe as well as for Something Positive. It's either a brilliant idea or someone who clearly has way too much time on his hands, or both. I can't quite decide. I'm just glad no one has thought up a Websnark drink yet.

Yeah, I know I'm tempting fate. But it makes sense. As much discussion we've had about alcohol, Websnark needs an official drink.

but.. but.. I thought that was either John Stark's vodka or just good ol' scotch?

I'm just glad no one has thought up a Websnark drink yet.

I'm your huckleberry.

A moment of amusing coinkydink:

Upon checking Matt's link, I followed the given instruction to use the Random Page function. I was then taken to Gossamer Common's drinks page. The Webby Snark listed there would be very unsettling to see somebody make.

See, this is one of the things that I really and truly love about the WCCAs: they tell me everything that I'm not reading that I should be. For instance, as I was reading through the ceremony, I was wondering what this Inverloch was, and why it seemed to be nominated in so many catagories. (I just went and counted; it scored twelve nominations, one in just about every catagory it qualified for, though it only won one, Outstanding Long Form Comic.) So I went to check it out and discovered the exact reason: it's the pure distillation of awesome. Seriously, I'm more addicted to this comic than I've ever been to any other webcomic, except maybe OotS. So thank you, WCCAs. Controversy aside, you do serve your purpose. Now maybe one of these days I'll get around to reading Alpha Shade.

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