A Websnark diet soda moment.


For those of you in the UK who can't get Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke or Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper: it turns out that the obvious kludge is not, in fact, an utter disaster of chemical flavouring mismatches. Diet Coke with Cherry combines suitably well with Diet Coke Vanilla.

You want roughly equal portions, but err on the side of vanilla if you want more Dr Pepper and less Diet BCV Coke. To be honest, I wasn't expecting this to work. I was figuring on something more metallic that didn't quite mesh, or for the whole thing to come out too sweet -- or not sweet enough. (Nor, for that matter, was I expecting the result to taste significantly better than Dr Pepper Z, which is what passes for Diet Dr Pepper in Britain. And yet, and yet.)

And before anyone asks, no, adding vanilla extract or vanillin flavouring to Diet Coke with Cherry is just a really dumb idea. This will result in your soda tasting like someone dumped cough syrup into it, no matter how little you used. Remember, just because it works for coffee doesn't mean it works for anything else at all.

This is not a means of reliably replicating either soda. If nothing else, you'll probably never get the balance exactly right. If what you absolutely need is honest-to-god DBCVC or DCVDP, then you need to be frequenting Covent Garden's import shops. However, the combo does scratch the appropriate itches, and it's way cheaper than going the import soda route so long as Diet Coke Vanilla is still on shelves. Reserve your Covent Garden trip for tracking down Raspberry Coke, which apparently only ever surfaced in New Zealand. (Or Coke Blak. If you're suicidal.)

I also can't guarantee that this works with the US formulations. Or that you could improve Pepsi Max Cino by adding, well, anything to it at all.

(Also, I want to know whose idea it was to market Diet Cherry Coke with that label. Yes, I understand the name scheme. Diet Coke with Lemon begat Diet Coke with Lime. The fruits are not like unto the extracts. But what crude word do they have for the hymen? I'm guessing that Warrant's UK release of "Cherry Pie" was taken literally back in the day.)

Upcoming: debugging a couple of Achewood cookbook recipes for flaky gas cookers.


I have no idea what you're talking about in that last paragraph and yet enjoyed it immensely.

In the UK, Diet Cherry Coke is sold as Diet Coke with Cherry. This sounds faintly obscene to me.

You wouldn't want to use straight vanilla extract, but you could use vanilla syrup on a diet cherry flavored soda. Or you could use cherry and vanilla syrups on a plain diet cola flavored soda. If you wanted to use straight vanilla extract, it would also require more sweetener, to cut the bitterness.

...I think I know far more on this topic than is strictly healthy...

Shortly after I moved here, I tried vanilla Dr Pepper at Sonic (a local drive-through chain that has a bunch of flavored syrups they add to any soda you want), and tried to replicate it with vanilla syrup I got at the grocery store. Maybe it's just my lack of tastebud sensitivity, but I had to add so much syrup to the drink before I could really taste it that it was a sludge at the bottom.

Yeah, I thought about using syrups instead, in the original fountain style. Coming by sugar-free syrups over here can be a bit of a challenge, though.

Apparenty Cherry is the "crude word for hymen" referenced.

I was very excited by the possibility of learning some new vlugar slang from the UK. Disappointingly, I already knew this term.

It's used in the US but mostly in the broader and figurative sense, and never in the strict physical, and technical sense connotated by the word "hymen".

I can just imagine the television spots, heavy on the opening-a-can-of-coke sound effects, spritzes of carbonation glittering in the air, etc.

"Thirsty? Pop a Cherry!"

Yeah, I realized that the problem might be the diet-ness and not the cherry-vanilla flavoring right after I hit that Post button. Mea culpa.

Not only is it "Diet Coke with Cherry," it's now also "Coca-Cola with Cherry."

And I hated the Black Cherry Vanilla Coke...

There are only 2 diet coke products you should care about: Coke Zero, and if you want to change it up, Diet Coke with Lime. All others are complete and utter crap, and I am forever sorry that actually assaulted my taste buds with them for the past 5 years.

It's used in the US but mostly in the broader and figurative sense, and never in the strict physical, and technical sense connotated by the word "hymen".

So, "popping her cherry" refers to a broader, figurative membrane over the vaginal opening. Gotcha. I'll remember that.

Coke Zero

So, Coke Zero is effectively one of the European Diet Coke/Coke Lights. What gets me is that we're expecting a UK launch of Coke Zero. It's meant to compete with Pepsi Max (closest analogue: pre-Splenda Pepsi One) in the image-conscious young male market. What I want to know: is this just gonna be relabeled Diet Coke, or are they going to rebrand Diet Coke with Splenda as Coke Zero?

More like "cherry" is rarely used outside of the phrase "popping her cherry" or related phrases. Not that there's a whole lot of CALL for other uses...most other uses are clinical and will go right for hymen.

That, and popping of the cherry has extended to generally cover any sort of "doing it the first time", regardless of whether any fleshy membranes were broken.

Either way, the idea of a Diet Coke with Cherry suggests to me that they should just bite the bullet and mock Diet Virgin Cola the rest of the way out of the marketplace.

To clear a few things up:
Coke Zero is different from Diet Coke in that the latter was never intended to be a Coca-Cola replacement and has always had (And will continue to have) a completely different formula. Thus, people who say that Diet Coke doesn't taste like Regular coke are completely correct, and at the same time, missing the point. Coke *Zero*, on the other hand, is intended to be exactly that - Coca-Cola Classic, sugar free. So no. No one's replacing one with either. Diet Coke's too popular.

This method of mixing cherry coke & vanilla coke to make cherry vanilla coke will only work so long as they continue to make vanilla coke. Vanilla coke has been discontinued in the wake of lousy sales and has been *replaced* with cherry vanilla coke.
this is a travesty and must not be allowed.

Third - there is now also a new flavor of Dr. Pepper - "raspberry Cream". it is...acceptable. I would not recommend it, except if the only other available flavor were cherry vanilla coke - which, as has been mentioned, is an atrocity.

Fourth. There is a new drink called "Vault". Vault is essentially what used to be Surge, except they added the one missing ingredient (Caffeine) and removed the really cool ELECTRIC GREEN color. While that's a shame, I used to love this stuff when I was in college, and I'm glad to have it back.

That is all.

Yes, I know FAR TOO MUCH about the history and marketing of soda flavors.

The point WRT Coke Zero above only makes sense in the American context. Drink a bottle of Coke Zero and then a bottle of Coca-Cola Light from France. Or even a bottle of Diet Coke from the UK. In countries where the Coke Classic debacle did not take place, and different sweeteners were used to begin with, Diet Coke accomplished the same goal as Coke Zero years before Coke Zero.

Therefore, it makes no sense to launch Coke Zero in Europe using the formula sold in America.

Vanilla coke has been discontinued

Yes. This was widely publicized. Thus, "...and it's way cheaper than going the import soda route so long as Diet Coke Vanilla is still on shelves."

It will take longer to eliminate Diet Coke Vanilla in the UK than the US, because the Cherry push only just geared up. We run behind.

How I will miss my vanilla coke.
sadly, I've not had the privelege of drinking foreign coke variants in years.
I guess its time to go visit Atlanta and their Mystical Coke Museum again.
yes, coca-cola, not cocaine. GEEZ, people.

One: Australia never had Classic Coke, but we still have Coke Zero, because our Diet Coke is the same as the US Diet Coke.

Two: The reason Raspberry Coke only happened in New Zealand is because you'll find Schweppes Raspberry in the standard postmix lineup: NZ's mix Coke and Schweppes Rasberry like it's going out of style.

Three: There's a fairly decent listing of Coke variants at Jimbo's Big o' Trivia.


I also wish I could get access to that Rasberry Coke, it sounds very tasty.

Fascinating, it clipped most of my comment off :(
-short version-
>Berries & Cream Dr Pepper is great IMO, it isn't as sweet.
>Nothing beats a Dr Pepper with Chocolate and Cherry syrups.

Cherry is also a slang term derived from the afore mentioned hymen references. This particular use means new or unsullied.

hehe. "Sour Times" just cycled through on my iTunes player. If Portishead is not a euphemism for a part of the female anatomy then it well should be. Sadly, it is probably just a town in North Somerset and a band.

I dunno, vanilla black cherry coke tastes like cough syrup to me. Maybe the hideous aspartame taste in the diet version would cut that a little.

I don't drink Cola at all if I can avoid it. I think, I am not human.

I would so have kept buying Diet Vanilla Coke if I could have found it in a 24 pack, but as it was, the slightly not as good Diet Pepsi Vanilla 24 pack cubes were a much cheapear alternative for a not much worse taste. If Pepsi can steal Coke's fridge pack idea, why isn't Coke stealing the cube? This baffles me.

That said, I am totally going to write letters of Coca-Cola asking them to make Diet Coke with Viginity.

I can only think of a few other references to cherry that don't involve "pop the cherry" or the like. For one, I've heard it referred to in the "still got her cherry." Also, there's the infamous joke with the pastor who gulps rather than sips the glass of vodka for use in relaxing for his sermon. You know, the one where the note from the elder pastor includes the line, "And the mother of Jesus is the Virgin Mary, not 'Mary with a cherry.'"

Which is why I try not to get attached to new flavours anymore. They took away my Surge. They took away my blue raspberry Gatorade (Down where I live anyway).

Furthermore I find it amusing how you actually know what Diet Coke with Cherry + vanilla flavoured syrup tastes like.

Well, at least one can't say you never tried.

I used to be a Coke man myself, I just preferred it so much more to Pepsi, but then a little over a year ago I was diagnosed as being type-2 diabetic, so that put an end to any and all regular soda drinking I did.

I switched over to Diet Coke and immediately decided that it tasted like artificially sweetened battery acid. It doesn't matter how it's flavored, cherry, vanilla, whatever, it all just tastes nasty to me.

Strangely enough though, I've found, in my new diabetic ways, that I can't get enough Diet Pepsi, even though I couldn't stand regular Pepsi too much. Weird.

Either way, the idea of a Diet Coke with Cherry suggests to me that they should just bite the bullet and mock Diet Virgin Cola the rest of the way out of the marketplace.

I must thank you, Wednesday, for the excellent post, and for the comment above. The comment in particular had me snorting aloud; I choose not to be concerned over how funny I find it. Would a non-diet Virgin Cola be marketed with a plumpish girl on the can?

I used to drink Diet Coke, and I loved Diet Coke with Lime.. til my kidneys informed me that they, in particular, did not appreciate whatever's in Diet Coke that isn't in "regular" Coke. The last time I tried to switch back to Diet Coke, I went a whole whopping three days before the raging kidney infection knocked me on my arse. Coke itself doesn't do this to me, it's weird. ah well.

I don't like any other diet drink I've ever tried. So the upcoming de-sugar-gotta-lose-weight-thing (Diet ugh) has me facing the possibility of decaffeinating as well, or sticking to tea. But I likes me the bubbles. How depressing.

Popping my own comment cherry on this thread ....

If you live in Atlanta, GA or can get there in a reasonable ammount of time, you can tour the World of Coke and get the opportunity to taste all sorts of international variations on Coke (and other drinks) for free. There was one French drink I remember tasting that I found particularly nasty, but my mind has erased the name from memory.

The Rasberry Cream Dr. Pepper is OK if you don't like regular Dr. Pepper. Haven't tried the diet variant of that yet, but the Diet Cherry Vanilla Pepper was OK. Of course, I'm not a huge Dr. Pepper fan, so that might explain things.

Coke itself doesn't do this to me, it's weird.

I've always preferred Coke to Pepsi. For almost four years now I've worked on a campus that is an all-Pepsi zone. About a year after I started there, I began getting occasional swellings in my lips or my tongue, and I noticed it only happened when I drink Pepsi products. No other soda pop, just Pepsi products. I went to an allergist and he said, "Well, don't do that."

When my wife and I still kept Coke at home we drank caffeine-free Diet, because she's diabetic and I'm insomniac. Given my druthers I'll take bottled (as opposed to fountain), old-fashioned, leaded Classic Coke. Fountain Coke is fine, but I won't drink fountain Pepsi even if I have my Allegra with me.

I don't like any other diet drink I've ever tried. So the upcoming de-sugar-gotta-lose-weight-thing (Diet ugh) has me facing the possibility of decaffeinating as well, or sticking to tea. But I likes me the bubbles. How depressing.
Diet drinks are yucky. I'm very glad I live in Houston, where Mexican Coca Cola and Dublin Dr. Pepper are relatively easy to come across (if not exactly cheap.)

However, as to the 'de-sugar'ing, I quit buying cases of Dr. Pepper and lost over 20 lbs in a year. Coffee takes care of my caffeine cravings, and San Pellegrino takes care of bubble cravings. I feel better drinking water... once I'd gotten over the initial withdrawal!

for the poster above bitter about surge - try vault.

as for atlanta - man I loved that city - that is why I am a coke fan. If you live in Atlanta, it takes heroic effort to buy Pepsi or pepsi products. as a result, I can't stomach pepsi at all. Ah well.
's all worth it to become part of america's great corporate machine.

I'll just pipe up as the lonely voice, the one at every social gathering, that just doesn't like cola in general.

I always will have a good vanilla cream soda on hand.

I'm just desperately hoping that the recent advertising blitz (in the US) for Coke Zero doesn't result in Diet Coke with Spenda getting dumped from the lineup because it's "redundant".

All I want is version of Coke (or Pepsi, I'm not proud) that contains neither sugar nor aspartame. And I'd like it to remain on the market and findable for longer than the lifespan of Coke/Pepsi's typical third-tier offerings*. Bah.

*(cf. OK Soda, Crystal Pepsi before they ruined it, Mountain Dew Pitch Black before they ruined it, Pepsi Blue before they ru--oh, wait, that was always awful.)

Pepsi One has switched to Splenda-only as a sweetener and Pepsi Edge has been dropped. (I always thought it was immensely stupid to bring out a new "diet" Pepsi with aspartame when you already had at least two diet drinks with aspartame already on the market. That and somebody should have explained to Cuba Gooding Jr. that since Bill Cosby and that "Uncola" guy happened before him, he wasn't the *first* black spokesperson for soda.)

Coke appears to have ditched the "with Splenda" offering, at least in our area (northern Ohio), possibly because they also realized it was immensely stupid to try and market four separate diet drinks at the same time (but apparently three is smarter?). I thought they'd then switch the Coke Zero formula to Splenda to attract those of us who don't like the aspartame aftertaste or are freaked out about the studies that say it can cause brain lesions. No word on the fate of C2 (why the heck I'd want only half the calories when I can get that horrible aftertaste for zero calories is beyond me), although the failure of Pepsi Edge hangs over it as an ill omen. The oft-forgotten horror of over-segmenting your own market reaches out from the grave of Teddy Ruxpin, grasping for another victim...

Splenda colas are also very popular in countries that aren't involved in an immensely stupid embargo of Cuban sugar (Mexico and Canada) and don't have to sweeten their sodas with the more questionably unhealthy corn syrup.

To be fair, the soda companies are hesitant about the whole Splenda thing because all of the NutraSweet backers (which most likely also include the soda companies) are pushing a half-hearted PR smear campaign to convince everyone that Splenda isn't made with sugar (it is) and it isn't safe (although supposedly something that breaks down into phenylalanine and formaldehyde is).

I always rather felt that Diet Dr Pepper tastes not just somewhat like dirt. And when I say dirt, I do not mean it as a euphemism for bad. Like 'oh man, this shit tastes like dirt!'. Indeed, I mean that it quite literally tastes like earthen soil.

Just awful, awful stuff.

I can't believe that mixing it with other stuff, unless that other stuff is a powerful psychoactive agent, is going to make it much better.

Bahimiron: How often do you engage in the consumption of earthen soil?

My own pop preferences go like this: Screw coke and pepsi. Only plain, lemon lime Sprite or Mellow Yellow for me. plain Mountain Dew is also acceptable, but 7-Up is ridiculously sweet, and has the added effect of making me puke. Fun.

Also, why is it that on my last trip to Europe, whenever I asked for Sprite, I recieved some carbonated mineral water (as in Perrier or other things I know not the names of)? This is not the sense making.

Also, why is it that on my last trip to Europe, whenever I asked for Sprite, I recieved some carbonated mineral water (as in Perrier or other things I know not the names of)? This is not the sense making.

...bizarre. I remember Sprite being one of the few sodas you could actually find in Europe. Granted, I was only in Italy. All things considered, I'd take sparkling mineral water over soda any day. I'm so tired of sweet stuff.

Oh, I just remembered, if you add spiced rum to Coke, it tastes like Vanilla Coke, only better. Presumably this would work the same with Diet Coke, but I've never tried it.

You know, the Diet Black Cherry Coke, I love it, the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper? Love it as well. The rest of the diet variants? They suck. And I really despise traditional sugared sodas, it wouldn't be so bad if they weren't so sweet, but they just set my teeth on edge, way too sweet.

Thomas Blight: Any gardener with a nose would be apt to be capable of giving a comparative review of Diet Dr Pepper vs dirt.

You know, anyone with experience with schoolyard bullies would be able to discuss the comparative merits of Dr Pepper vs. dirt.

And Dr Pepper is much better. Even when you compare Pepper vs. dirt going up the nose.

I'm just curious, since this is a larger audience than I usually ask - how many people go for cola when they want a carbonated beverage to drink, assuming they have a choice between every flavor available? For all the people that I know that like and drink cola, there's usually something they like more. I actually stopped buying cola for when guests come over - they'll clean out any number of odd soda flavors (including fruit punch) before the cola even gets cracked open.


I admit, my experience is limited to the Netherlands. Perhaps Sprite sounds like a dutch word for mineral water or something like that. I really don't know. However, they apparently don't have root beer, or didn't when I went. It was quite a sight for one waiter to look from my brother quizzically to my parents and say, "Is he allowed to have beer?"

32: I do. I rarely drink sodas anymore, but it goes with the Cypriot version of the Greek souvlaki pita like peanut butter and jelly.

32: I actually rather like Dr Pepper, even if it is a bit syrupy. It is Diet Dr Pepper whose flavor I find myself comparing to dirt. Not, mind you, rich, loamy potting soil, but old fashioned, dry dirt. Blegh.

As far as my cola of choice? Diet Pepsi. Could not tell you why. Frankly, when I go out to buy a soda, I generally get a liter of Poland Springs Seltzer, unflavored. Or Schwepps Club Soda. After several years of drinking that as a favored soda, I've found that almost any non-diet soda is just so sweet as to put my system into shock. So it's Diet Pepsi for me. The only non-diet soda I'm willing to regularly drink is grape.


On the one hand, I managed to completely misread 32's question.

On the other hand, I still managed to answer it.

I think we'll call that par.

Oh, misread that. Diet Dr Pepper is another beast entirely. I also don't like that, although it could just be that nasty aspartame aftertaste. I'm looking forward to the day when Splenda takes over the soda industry.

32: It's funny that your group o'folks chooses cola as a last resort. My extended family - and many of my friends - lean definitively over to cola first.

Case in point: I held a party at my home recently, and of course I provided a variety of beverages: Coke, Beer (bleh), Wine, Diet Coke, Pink Lemonade (yummier than I thought it'd be), Dr. Pepper, and Iced Tea - oh, and water, apple and orange juice, and milk.

There were approximately twenty people in my home, ranging in age from 4 (birthday boy-apple juice) to 62 (my Mom, drinking Diet Coke). Two cases of coke magically de-materialized, followed closely by Diet Coke and the disgust-amungo beer (thankfully - I'm so glad it's not clogging up my fridge). The only one who touched the wine was me.

Aspartame has always been nasty, but it's still better than nutra-sweet. Diet Coke is the foulest substance on the planet. (Ok, so my hyperbole got the better of me there. I still really don't like it.)

Splenda is the superior sweetener by far, it's all I will use on those now rare occasions that I drink tea... for myself, I have gone both sugar and caffiene free in the last few months, my current drink of choice, when I am not drinking water, is diet Sierra Mist. It's got no calories, no sugar, no caffiene, and is a tasty lemon-lime soda. When I need something different, I will have a diet A&W root beer, which also has no caffiene, and tastes enough like the regular that I can't tell the difference. (It has a very slight aftertaste, but you have to actually look for it to taste it.)

Wow. It's times like these that I feel so much a stranger in a strange land.

Aside from not being able to comment on the artificial sweetner debate due to a strong aversion to pretty much all diet soda products, I tend to favor Pepsi in the cola realm and Mr. Pibb in general. That has shifted more towards Dr. Pepper ever since Mr. Pibb became Pibb Xtra (or whatever they call it), not to mention that Pibb can be surprisingly hard to find.

Of course, considering my lack of regular conspumption of soda products, I suppose I shouldn't complain that my favorite became an endangered species. I don't exactly avoid soft drinks, but they just don't figure largely into my diet.

Also, Kirath, I'm fairly certain that NutraSweet is aspartame. At the moment, Wikipedia seems to agree with my perception. :)

Confirmation / clarification - I worked on a related marketing campaign back when aspartame was first developed and got some of the background info: Nutra-Sweet was originally and is currently the main commercial brand of apsartame. At some point between then and now, a version of Nutra-Sweet was released that was a combination of aspartame and saccharine. THAT stuff was the foulest substance ever released as a sweetener, and didn't last long on shelves, but has lasted quite some time in people's minds.

I personally drink diet soda because I've got an odd allergy to sugared soda - if something is carbonated and has sugar, I get headaches. Oddly, I don't have a problem with sugar in non-carbonated drinks (coffee springs to mind). For whatever reason, drinks with splenda set off the same reaction.

In any case, since my cold beverage preferences tend to the bitter side (Guiness, diet Coke, plain seltzer water) splenda beverages are just plain too sweet for me.

Actually, what amuses me is I remember this same debate (old artificial sweetener vs new artificial sweetener) back when aspartame first came out, only saccharine was the 'bad for you, bitter' sweetener, and aspartame was the 'good for you, sweet' sweetener. I'll bet you a dollar that within twenty years someone will have come up with a new artificial sweetener formula, and suddenly splenda will have 'medical dangers' and 'a bitter aftertaste'.

Tried the new berry diet dr pepper - it's just wrong. I couldn't tell you why, it's just too fruity sweet, without enough cola-esque bite to it. Love the diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper, but since my local supermarket only started stocking plain diet dr pepper a month ago, I doubt I'll be seeing the diet cherry vanilla any time soon.

Oh - I hear 'cherry' used a lot for anything completely unused or in mint condition.

Most frequently I hear this used referring to brand new computer equipment, as opposed to refurb, and referring to cars, usually ones that have been restored to factory specs.

But I'd really like to try 'Diet Coke with Virginity'. Hell, that might be fun to feed to certain persons as a gag, if it really worked as advertised.

Pooga: My fault for posting without checking first. I thought they were different mainly because I blamed the taste of diet Coke on the sweetener, and didn't remember what exactly the sweetener was (Just the brand. I guess that's marketing 101.). I also remembered that diet Dr. Pepper was at least tolerable, and that it was sweetened with aspartame. Thus, in my head, they were two seperate beasts. Splenda is still better, though.

I remember that once someone used cherry to refer to a small red fruit. Crazy guy.

I've seen some people on here referring to Dr Pepper as a cola. Is it? I've certainly never thought of it as such. It doesn't seem to have any flavor in common, to me, with Pepsi, Coke, RC or Shasta Cola or Sam's Choice Cola. Perhaps I have anosmiacal issues, though.

Take coca cola, add prune juice.

Taste test vs Dr. Pepper.

Very similar tastes, I kid you not. Although I don't buy the 'Dr. Pepper is Coke + Prune Juice idea, I can see where they're coming from. I think Dr. Pepper does use some variation of cola flavor in the mix somewhere, but it's not the strongest flavor in the batch, which is unusual for a cola variant.

I once heard, and this may well be something well within the realm of Urban Legend, I have no idea, that Dr. Pepper was, in fact, invented by a doctor, and that the flavor was originally, in fact, based on prune juice. It was presented to me as fact, ut I take it with a grain of salt.

Also, my definition is: Cola = anything that is any shade of brown and fizzy. Most do taste very similar, Dr. Pepper being a rare exception, granted.

Diet Dr Pepper tastes like ginger ale to me. I buy both Dr Pepper and Cherry Coke in far larger amounts than I should. One of our dining halls gives me the option of a half Dr Pepper/half Wild Cherry Pepsi fountain concoction that is the beverage that got me through my horrendous movie theatre job. I couldn't quite describe what it tastes like, except life.

Diet Dr. Pepper = Ginger Ale?

You're crazy, Aerin! Crazy!

I've recently discovered that the carbonated fizz in soda makes it really hard for me to breath, so I'm sadly banned myself from drinking Coke/Pepsi/RC less I end up having to drink flat cola like they make those mice do in those grade school nutrition experiments they had us do in fourth grade. (And really, I drink cola for the fizz.)

Dr. Pepper was not invented by a doctor, but was named after a doctor. The inventor named it after his girlfriend's dad in hopes of gaining his favor. I kid you not. Also, originally Dr. Pepper was basically just a prune-flavored phosphate (an old kind of soda containing phosphoric acid). The formula has changed since then, but the flavor is still prune-based.

The one true cola is Jolt. Seriously, I think it tastes better than Coke or Pepsi.

Cherry is also a term used to describe a mass of marijuana (packed in a pipe or bong) that is still burning after the lighter has been removed, as in "naw, dude, just draw; it's still cherry" as a response to somebody asking for a lighter. I believe that this particular slang usage refers to the reddish glow of the burning weed, and has nothing to do with the female anatomy. At least I hope that is the case.

Also, chocolate Coke? Surprisingly yummy. Coke with chocolate syrup. Classic diner drink. Denny's will make it, although the waiter may do a double take (all the more reason to order it, IMO).

miyaa: Well, yes, I am crazy, but that's rather beside the point. ;) I haven't had Diet Dr Pepper in a very long time, but that's the impression I recall.

gwalla: I believe I first heard of chocolate Coke from a fellow Snarkoleptic. It does sound tasty, but I haven't had the stones to try ordering it at Denny's.

Gwalla: That would explain why I've never liked Dr. Pepper. I hate prunes. I've had the chocolate coke from Sonic (a quasi-diner fast food place). Way too sugary for me.

Aerin: Denny's has had trouble with anything chocolate as of late. The last time I was there, I ordered a chocolate cake. Didn't taste very chocolatey. Then I found out they gave me the sugar-free version of the dessert.

Aerin: I have the bad feeling that may have been me. I got a feeling of deja vu while writing that post.

miyaa: Sugar-free? Good lord! That's a travesty. Sugar-free desserts aren't something you foist off on somebody unless they specifically ask for them.

gwalla: Eh, you know how you start repeating your stories to people you've known for a long time? It's kind of like that.

miyaa: That's quite unfortunate. Sugar-free chocolate, while a necessary evil for some, simply is not of nature.

gwalla: I've actually heard 'cherry' used to describe any bit of still-burning ash-to-be within a smoke-oriented product. Example: "Don't throw that cigarette in the trash, you dumbass. It's still got a cherry!"

Aerin: You do that too? The cherry pepsi / dr pepper thing? I remember doing that in college, long long ago. You're right, it's a beautiful thing.

Actually, Dennys will, (especially the graveyard shift) put any of their dessert topping syrups into your coke. I recall once asking for a Diet (allergy, remember) Cherry Coke with Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cherry syrup. In a fit of sleep-deprivation induced madness I then added eight packets of sugar to the resulting concoction.

Normally I don't go for sweet, but did I mention the sleep deprivation?

But they WILL add stuff to your coke if you ask.

Oh yeah, Denny's is great about putting syrups anywhere. I get grenadine in my lemonade whenever I go to one. They'll also give you whatever salad dressing you want anywhere (my personal favorite was ordering a Caesar salad and getting honey mustard dressing on it, because I was in the mood for it).

Now if only there was a Denny's in boston... we only have Bickford's, which is like Denny's but with 300% more suck.

Hmm, I wonder if Denny's has strawberry syrup? If it works out not to be totally disgusting, I'd never want for strawberry lemonade again! (I'm so addicted to the stuff. I discovered that we sell frozen strawberry lemonade at Disneyland, so I've taken to heading into the park before or after my shifts just so I can hunt down a cart that sells it. SO GOOD.)

KennyCelican: Wow. That's an... interesting drink. I'd consider making a diabetes joke, but I don't want to seem TOO callous.

Oh, and gwalla, re: the naming of Dr Pepper: Did it work?

Some thoughts:
I couldn't stand diet coke until I recognized how many calories I was putting into my body with my soda habit, and consciously switched. Now I can't stand the taste of regular coke.

Only being able to find diet cherry coke in six packs has been a bane of my life. (I prefer getting 2 liter bottles myself) I have found that diet coke with a dash of cherry coke works pretty well. Diet coke with lemon tasted nasty, and I telepathically yelled at them, lime works much better than lemon with diet coke, and apparently they heard me. When I'm at a mexican restaurant with lime wedges available I tend to make my own diet coke w/ lime. I like vanilla coke, particularly w/ breakfast. (Yeah I drink diet coke with breakfast when I can't get tea or it is too hot for tea and I need that morning caffeine).

On mixing nutrasweet and sweet and low, this is apparently something they did with the syrup for drink machines as it gave the syrup a longer shelf life. There were some consumer complaints about doing so without letting people know, and I'm not sure whether or not the practice has stopped now because of this.

I generally prefer diet coke to diet dr pepper, but I do find the Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper to be such a confusing melange of tastes that it works for me.

"Coke Blak. If you're suicidal."

We have that down here in Maryland now. Unfortunately, it tastes like a mocha frapachino that has the milk removed and replaced with carbonated sugar water. Twenty to one says it would be better over crushed ice, but only just. You would have to be crazy or French to drink Coke Blak and like it.

Coke Blak is just disgusting. I have 3 bottles just sitting here, staring at me. They will never be opened in my presence.

Oh, and just wondering, is there anything closer to sex than ice cold Coke classic out of a glass bottle? God I miss regular coke.

32: A fellow Bostonian? How about that.

As for a Denny's around Boston, I'm afraid the best you're going to find is an IHOP. There's one in Watertown and it's about as skeevy as any Denny's I've ever been to.

Sugar-free chocolate: quite possibly worse than carob.

32: Hmm...that means they'll make a Roy Rogers! Yum. I'd try it but I don't know if I'd be able to resist just getting a chocolate Coke instead. SO GOOD.

There are some places that don't know what they're doing and will attempt to make a chocolate Coke with cocoa powder. You end up with lots of little clumps of gritty chocolate mud floating around in your Coke. Pure failure.

32: the nice thing about Coke with lime is that you just need to add rum to make an instant Cuba Libre, without all of the tedious effort of garnishing with a slice of lime!

Aerin: I haven't the slightest idea. It made the guy a ton of money though.

gwalla: I finally got up the guts to try a chocolate Coke at Denny's tonight. The waiter gave me a very funny look and ended up just bringing me a Coke with a side of chocolate syrup. It was yummy once I got the right balance, but I'll probably be sticking with Dr Pepper.

That waiter has brought shame upon himself and his Denny's franchise. He should be fired. They're supposed to mix it for you!

I must be one of the few people in the world who actually found Coke Blak pretty good (and I'm not even French. However, some would argue that I am, in fact, crazy). If it didn't have nutrasweet (and the attendant aftertaste), I would add it to the list of few sodas that I drink regularly (primarily regular coke and vanilla coke (until it was pulled - aaargh), with ginger ale or lemon-lime for variety.

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