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Eric: Apropos of nothing? Buck Owen died.
Weds: I know.
Eric: Hon? Ray and Beef tore down the Acres... and then immediately, the creator of country music's Bakersfield sound died.
Weds: Holy crap. They killed Hee Haw.
Eric: They fucking killed Hee Haw.


One question. Was he in Tower One or one of the jeeps?

Pity. My father had a thing for many of the Hee Haw gals.

Time to get out your dinosaur victrola.

Ray and Beef will not stop until the whole structure of modern country music comes shattering down.

We should have known; they've been after Country Music since Ray RIPPED CODY TRAVIS' FACE OFF.


Those *BASTARDS*!!

...and all they had to do was act naturally.

Yeah, as a Bakersfield native, the whole Great Outdoor Fight think has been entirely surreal for me...

And losing Buck has got to be the saddest thing that's happened to Bakersfield in years. He was easily the most beloved guy ever to come out of the city.

That's a damn shame.

These days I listen to just about all kinds of music, but Buck Owen was the first Country artist I liked.

Sad to hear he's gone.

Wow. Now that I see what Eric and Wednesday are really referring to, I had one thing to add.

Shameful for me to admit, I thought Buck Owens had died years ago. He seemed to drop off the face of the earth after 1989. I remember him on Hee Haw with that red-white-and blue guitar that looked so much like either the Missouri state flag or France.

I wonder what Roy Clark is doing these days.

Buck coulda whupped Dick Stacey.


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