Typekey validations are suddenly failing.

We're working on it. But for the moment, comments are unhappy.

We still like you, however.


Well, that's a relief.

Right. That seems to have fixed it.

But... dude... how do you know you're not talking to that person we can't stand?

Now we know -- and knowing is half the battle!

At last! Sweet sweet freedom from Typekey's foul oppression! Non Netscapees, rejoice! ;)

Oh - and i love the new site tagline!

Gooooo Joe!

I'm not sure that it's working correctly. I just posted to the previous thread and it doesn't appear to be updating.

Well, now things should be normal. (Steve -- you commented in a period when we were testing, and you slipped through without authentication. Which defaulted to a 'moderated' slot we don't normally use because normally we require authentication and then don't moderate.)

Darn. I was hoping for anonymous posting.

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