Also, it turns out that Alison Bechdel is hot in a suit and I missed it.


[DEAR GOD]Eric is sick, and I spent most of tonight recovering from an emergency OS reinstall. This is an excerpt from a voicechat conversation.

Also, for reference, I've been really bad about keeping up with Narbonic.

Eric: I have to go to the bathroom.
Weds: Me too. God, we're totally one of those merged lesbian couples now.
Eric: But I have the penis.
Weds: Lesbianism is cultural. Besides, Dave claimed that he and Helen did it in Narbonic a couple of days ago.
Eric: I don't think we're that kinky.
Weds: Genderswapping is kinky?
Eric: But they have pharmaceutical gender-swapping, and used it specifically for the purposes of having sex. Genderbending isn't so kinky. That, however? Is kinky.
Weds: Nah. They're mad scientists. That's, like, the silk scarf bondage of mad scientist sex.


I have to agree with Weds. Dave as a woman was just Dave(w) (can't do subscript in this thing). It was just a hat he put on and took off (well, not always voluntarilly if I recall). It really did seem like something just added for visual effect (and more than visual, for the characters).

I, frankly, am now considering the further implications of mad scientist sex. I mean... if that's silk scarf stuff, there has to be a whole ladder up there. Rungs. Plural. This is going to keep me thinking for days.

Weds said:

Nah. They're mad scientists. That's, like, the silk scarf bondage of mad scientist sex.

That's a great line.

Also, I'm not sure they used it specifically for sex, since they'd both already been exposed to it. I think the sex was just a side benefit.

It took me a few seconds to remember who the heck Alison Bechdel was.

Which wouldn't be bad for a guy, except that I'm currently at a certain college in Western where there's going to be a con later this month...

(Hmm...wasn't there an old ClanBOB strip in which they did this?)

Another Dykes to Watch Out For fan! *swoon*

Weds: Nah. They're mad scientists. That's, like, the silk scarf bondage of mad scientist sex.
At the risk of off-color punning, that's an interestimg way of putting it.

Hmm... odd. My girlfriend and I are effectively a lesbian couple, and *WE* don't go to the bathroom at the same time. However, we also don't have our cycles at the same time. I mean, I still don't even HAVE a cycle! We are obviously not a very good lesbian couple. I am saddened by this.

Dark, soul-sucking sadness.

We are obviously a very Emo lesbian couple...

Misha: "lesbian couple" doesn't necessarily match up to "merged lesbian couple;" I should have capitalized that. The Merged Lesbian Couple is its own little stereotypical phenomenon. :) (I'm not even sure why it's different from other types of Merged Couples.)

You know, I got the idea of what Dave was implying, but not the logistics of it. Which surprises me, because I usually get that sort of thing. Now that strip both makes more sense, and is much funnier.

And the possibilities presented in thinking about the earliest strips where they got together almost makes me want to be a mad scientist.

Don't forget a few weeks back, when Dave and Helen actually swapped bodies. Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww......

I clutter this place up with my hyperbole on a regular basis, and I'm tired of it, so I'm going to try simplicity for contrast. Despite my strict archive-trawl-continuity leanings, impulsively started in on DTWOF last night (from 300-whatever). Seriously endangered my academic/health life in inability to stop.
Not sure I could love it more. Must refrain from going on about it. My God, is it good.

I was going to ask what the hardcore kink would be for mad scientists, but I suspect they already made a Super Bowl commercial about it.

Also, I'm not sure they used it specifically for sex...

Who wouldn't?

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