Editor's note: Wednesday White and Eric Burns have been missing for days. At last note, they were somewhere in the desert, mewling about moisture and sounding like old men and women.

We present Mara K(arapetian), with an editorial comment.

Web comics are stupid. Instead, let's talk about something AWESOME, like Samuel Adams.

Look! I'm Mara! That's me! I have hair and a face! I use my mouth to eat! I do not urinate through my skin! I collect dolls! I make webpages! Look at me! I drive a car!

Did you know that the portrait of Samuel Adams that most of you are familiar with is actually NOT Samuel Adams? Yeah, it's like actually based on Paul Revere. Oh, and he was a failed maltster. What he WAS good at was rousing rabble.

I had an 11 oz. steak for lunch. It was good. I type real slow on this keyboard. Do you like bi bim bap? I do, but only if it's in a stone pot.

Oh, and webcomics are fague. Oh, and actually, what is a true drama-filled community, according to my friend Melissa, is actually the world of Gymboree. Bitches be illin'! Oh my god. Hey, my hands are greasy. I don't get it. I cleaned them off with a cleaning cloth but it's gross.

Eric has a beard.


32_footsteps, I heard that you are bipedal.


Theres only one thing that can be said in this situation. What the fuck?


Sleep is a good thing, certain authors here may want to try it sometime.

Joyce, eat your heart out.

Hey! I'm bipedal, too!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Dude?

Those rumors are categorically denied. It's well-known that I'm a highly-literate gastropod.

I suppose I'm going to hear all about this on Saturday, aren't I?

I'm a bipedal. I try not to be though. It's difficult.

Eric or Wednesday is wearing the other's skin. I know it.

I think I'm in love...

Man, I'm bipedal myself. Now I feel less unique knowing other people are bipedal too.

Not that the post isn't gloriously random, but I'm left wondering how many people are actually reading the editor's note.

"Who you callin' a biped?!"

I'm a proud Thumbie. If I close my eyes and concentrate real hard, it feels like I'm standing on two legs and have no tail!

Oh, that's it. No more sex for you two.

Mara is on some good stuff. Can I have some?

There have been numerous rumors to the extent that I am some sort of Artificial Intelligence. This is, of course, _completely_ ridicu

***Segmentation Fault***

it's like actually based on Paul Revere

Damn, I ought've seen that for myself.

Samuel Adams is indeed good; in fact, I'm sure Wednesday has recently enjoyed very much of this goodness.

Allllllllll righty then...

I like this kid's style.

I do, in fact, like bi bim bap. I am not so picky as to crockery however.

You know, the longer I think about this, the more I'm convinced that this is some plot between Mara, Eric, and Wednesday to drive me mad. Of course, such a plan is doomed to failure - I'm already mad. But it is raising all sorts of questions - the least of which is, why didn't you ever mention to me before that you read Websnark, Mara?

I do enjoy myself some bi bim bap, Mara K. In fact, I could have it for lunch if I so desired. And Bulgogi. And Kimchi.

That is the power of living in Korea.

Heck, I can munch on a few dogs while I'm at it.

Power indeed.

Google is my friend! Mara K is a real person! I now feel I should apologize for assuming that Weds had just lost her mind and renamed the crazy bits or something.

Hallo Mara K!

And now, as my googling totally did not become inadvertent stalking (and I swear I'm not trying to be creepy, just giving into the click on this click on that):

A picture from a website by Mara, presumably this Mara. It is entitled "Prairie and Wednesday as green peppers."
Be enlightened.

Other things Google teaches me: Nikolai Volkoff was [one alias of] a wrestler who defected from Russia and later agreed to play a villainous Soviet patriot in the WWF in part because it would make people hate communism like he did.

And bi bim bap is a Korean dish!

No luck with "beardo" or "fague," though I am now somehow in an intriguing read-through of wikipedia articles on The Jacobite risings and Devon County. How I got there is anyone's guess.

(Other note: due to getting distracted, I am finishing posting this a good while later, when several of my discovered facts have become obvious due to other comments. I post anyway, bwa ha ha!)


And I don't owe nobody no explanations! NERDS, ALL OF YOU. Paint my fence!

Iron Sheik is gradest voorld champooin inder voorld!

Beardo? Portmanteau, dude. Portmanteau.

Mara: Siwangmu actually made that story up, because it sounded better than admitting to the existence of a chart of every friend and acquaintance of Eric and/or Wednesday, to the third degree of separation.

You know, it would have been really cool if the above post was part of the MIT mystery hunt with some sort of crazy meaning to be decoded.

Alas, that ended yesterday.

Mara... you're the 2nd person I know to communicate as you do... rare indeed. I'd like to see how you write when consumed by strong emotion - would be a document well worth keeping, if my experiences with others like that are anything to go by. ^^

Mara: I'm very very sorry if the creepiness is serious; I just figured googling was better than me just posting another "Huh?" type thing and I have Internet Disease where I'm compelled to look up and follow links to random things (for instance, I have now learned that Freddie Mercury was Indian/Persian and his funeral was zoroastrian--discovered by following links from the Jacobite articles). And I imagine, now, that posting the link to that pic and therefore showing that I'd looked at that stuff does make me seem pretty strange, but, well, I've been in an art-surf-y mood since looking at all those batgirls, and, er, I have no real defense other than that picture was really cute and funny.

As far as explanations, of course you don't owe them! We'll tend to look for them anyway, because, you know, nerds.

Robert H.: Shhh, no one must know of The Chart!

"Beardo" was a slur Red Sophia used against her father, a wizard, in the first Cerebus book. Otherwise, I got nothing.

I'm gonna guess that beardo is BadRussianAccent for "weirdo"...


Well this is all pretty whacqued up.

I, personally, am a trichordate.

Beardo is a term that I have heard Mara use several times now. Directed towards me. I am going to choose to believe it is friendly.

Siwangmu, weren't my comments clue enough that Mara is real, and a different entity than Eric or Weds?

She's quite real. Her Nintendogs have played with mine and gotten along great. And she does look alot like that, though I seem to recall her hair a different color (oh, the wonders of dye). As for what she's "on," dude, Mara is just like that.

Still, she's never called *me* a beardo. At least not to my face.

The first time I heard "beardo" used was in a very early episode of The Simpsons. Bart said it as he was passing through a crowd, but I don't remember the context as it was last century.

A beardo is only one step away from being a Barking Mad Beardie-Weirdie.

I think we're all missing the point here that she blatantly accussed 32_footsteps of being some kind of deviant!! SINNER! Stick to your own -pedals! We don't tolerate that kind of behavior here! :-D

Calm down, Misha. I can assure you, I am a deviant. Heck, it's how Mara knows me. She just screwed up what *kind* of deviant I am.

32: I definitely did get that from my your post: it was one of the reasons I added the "oops, intervening posts have cleared up some of this" bit at the end of mine, since your post and half a dozen others hadn't been up when I started the whole business.

siwangmu -- I suspect that Mara was having you on.

I could be wrong, mind.

But my suspicion was that Mara was having you on.

But, Eric... I don't get the impression that Mara plays silly games like that at all! She seemed, oh, I don't know, so serious, and straight-laced.

(cough) Okay, okay, I can't even be that sarcastic for fun. This post and its thread have been most entertaining, by the way. website hijackers ahoy!

The first time I heard "beardo" used was in a very early episode of The Simpsons. Bart said it as he was passing through a crowd, but I don't remember the context as it was last century.

I could be wrong, but I think that it was the episode where Side Show Bob was running for mayor and Lisa and Bart became involved with Quimby's campaign in an attempt to keep Bob out of office. Bart was trying to get people to take Vote Quimby bumper stickers and buttons, or something like that, and was calling out to passersby using annoying nicknames. "Hey beard-o, vote Quimby!"

If I'm right, then I'm a very sad, sad person who's watched WAY too much classic Simpsons in her time. (I gave up on The Simpsons sometime after that episode that started with Marge trying to run a pretzel-making business, and ended with the Yakuza and the Mafia fighting a gang-war on the Simspsons' lawn.) If I'm wrong, then I'm a sad, sad person who's watched WAY too much classic Simspsons in her time AND has a fragmented memory of what she's watched. :P

Eric--Glad to hear it; I thought she might well be kidding, but couldn't've lived with myself if I assumed that, laughed it off and was wrong.

And, hey, Mara, it's kind of a plus that you have such an awesome name people could think it might've been made up, right?

For Eric: Some Tips When Leaving Your Blog Parked.

Some people forget these key precautions when parking their blog and leaving it unattended. Untold damage and confusion can result and you might be one of those unlucky souls that discovers it missing until that call from the Provider comes, telling you it's been found abandonded atop a pile of discarded Ebay Seller Ratings with all its link stripped. The temptation presented by a blog left running, it's password still in the login, is nigh irresistable for some, even if all they do is take it for a joyride.

Avoid parking nearby any Korean restaurants.

Be sure to engage the firewall and turn the password toward the curb.

Check to be sure the laptop is firmly secured and that the WiFi shut off.

However, the most important action one should take is to remember: LOCK IT AND POCKET THE KEYPHRASE!

....My Nintendogs have been neglected. Ninten-PETA has been tracking me down. I'm a vigilante on the RUN.

My Nintendogs are also... Not bipedal.

This Mara character is obviously on a drug called 'Awesome'. Side-effects? Being too awesome. Obviously.

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