This really is startlingly cute stuff.


Indigo's art!
(Click on the thumbnails to get full sized pictures! They're worth it! Whoo hoo!)

I'm using the magic of Movable Type to post this... from the past. As this post appears, Wednesday's flight should be just touching down, and I (with luck) will be waiting in the terminal alongside some of her other friends trying not to get Homeland Security angry at me.

Yes, I'm dressing up. Yeesh. I wasn't born in a barn.

Anyhow. As I have no idea when (or if) I'll so much as post tomorrow (she flies back out -- this time to, you know, other places -- in the early evening), I wanted to leave you on some bits of sheer squee. And so, I have two -- count them, two -- pieces of fan art to spread.

First comes from long time Snarkoleptic and all around astounding person Indigo Skynet. Indigo has been a good friend to a lot of our creative endeavors, and that has to be one of the most adorable renditions of Snarky I've seen so far. Indigo Brings The Cute. Click on the thumbnail and have yourself a looksee.

Bedtime Story
Our second piece of artwork comes from "Tayley-Chan," and it's astoundingly pretty. It is a hypothetical front cover for a children's book based on the bedtime story that Wednesday and I built together some time ago. I'm absolutely charmed in every way by this picture -- it catches the dust wyvern perfectly, and that does indeed look like a Dolomite castle being defended by the pennywhistle playing Viscountess. If we ever did a children's book based on that story, this is precisely the sort of art I would want for it, and I think Weds would agree. (Which means Tayley-Chan should probably let us know if she's looking for a gig.)

So, I have no idea when next I will turn my pen to Snarkish Ways. It might be tomorrow. It might be Wednesday. (I suspect I'll need distraction, having gone back into withdrawal). Or it might be some other mythical time. But whenever it is... I hope you'll enjoy this artwork.

God knows we did.

And if you're absolutely jonesing to discuss matters Snarkish, never forget there is a Snarkoleptics Livejournal Community, run by Snarkoleptics for Snarkoleptics. With good things writ there! Go! Read! Comment! Write!

And stay alive! We will find you!


Go! Read! Comment! Write!

...Kill Skuls?




Scary time travelling.

You're trying to distract us with shiny things.

Ooh, pretty.

That is really, really cool.

And you really do need to write more fairy tales when you find the time. Perhaps explain where drier lint comes from.

I will see Tangent's Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and raise him an *Explodes from cutegasm*

And stay alive! We will find you!

Yeah, whatever you say, Leatherstocking.

"And stay alive! We will find you!"

Okay, who commandeered the Websnark stereo system to put in Rockwell?

G'wan. Have fun. We'll try to keep from burning the furniture while you're gone.

(What? Oh... well, that's an ugly looking table. Sure, you can burn that one.)

Hmm. Well... I see your Cutegasm and raise you a musicgasm

Rob H.

You didn't want all those In Nomine books, right?

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