A brief conversation


12:15:06 PM Eric Burns: Super Hero Postage Stamps!
12:15:12 PM Wednesday White: ?!
12:15:51 PM Eric Burns: DC Comics Super Heroes
Ten comic book heroes will be saluted on the "DC Comics Super Heroes" stamps next summer. Half of the pane of 20 will be portraits of the characters; the other half will show individual comic book covers devoted to their exploits. The characters include Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkman, Plastic Man, Supergirl, Superman and Wonder Woman.
12:16:02 PM Wednesday White: ..............
12:16:07 PM Wednesday White: Waaaait. They aren't dead yet.
12:16:39 PM Eric Burns: They've all died at one time or other.
12:16:43 PM Wednesday White: Ah.
12:16:50 PM Wednesday White: That works, then.


One thing I've wondered is why green? Green Arrow, Green Lantern.... they should try to mix up the colors sometime!

It helps if you count fan-fiction.

Comment from: Danalog posted at December 4, 2005 12:33 PM:
One thing I've wondered is why green? Green Arrow, Green Lantern.... they should try to mix up the colors sometime!
Yes! The Taupe Lantern saves the day! Beige Arrow to the rescue! The Vaguely Off-White Avenger!

I can see the superhero world would get very strange. But a lot more colorful.

Wonder Woman has died.

And I'm pretty sure Jack Cole did one or two "the Death of Plastic Man" issues in his run. And, given that Plas is by definition a happy-go-lucky and silly superhero, he'll no doubt be horribly murdered before the end of Infinite Crisis anyhow.

Has Batman actually died? Or are you counting Earth-Two Batman here?

Oh, Eric, given your fondness for superheroes, you may enjoy this...


"Maxicron! Amazing Gracie! Fenderbender! These and many other famous superheroes stick in the collective craw of the world's mad scientists, who, frustrated with their numerous individual defeats, have united under the diabolical leadership of Dr. Thaddeus Mallevo and Sir Wilfred P. Huffelbaggins III to get rid of the heroes forever with the terrible robot army known as The Sinister Sixty, led by the Kill-O-Tron! Now, only one superhero wannabe -- the idealistic everyman who calls himself The Waffle -- stands between the people of Earth and total subjugation!

Pity he's just been zapped across the galaxy...."

Heck, Plastic Man's died in the current run by Kyle Baker, I think.

Wait a sec, hasn't Santa Claus been on postage stamps? Are you telling me that Santa Claus is DEAD?!?


While we're on the subject of superhero art, I'd like to give a shout out to Alex Ross, the only man on Earth who could make the Wonder Twins look cool.

Heheh. AWESOME. And people don't have to be dead to be on stamps. Especially not fictional people. They have to be dead to be on MONEY, so we'll have to wait until one of these superheroes die for real before I push my radical fictional-characters money through the senate... I mean... forget I said that...

I will be extremely disappointed if the plastic man stamps aren't plastic man's red and yellow shaped like a stamp.

Also, Green Avenger may not be original, but at least she's... uhhh... hmmm... I'll get back to you on that.

RoboYuji: Santa Claus has probably died at some time. However, seeing as he's a super hero, he inevitably returned by the end of the year.

Retraction: I guess I'm wrong. It seems like you actually do have to be dead to be on a stamp, unless you're a president. Apparently they have to be dead ten years. Which is just weird because I totally thought I saw an alive person in the Sci Fi writers stamps which came out last year. But I suppose I'm wrong, like usual.

I think Batman died in one of the graphic novels taking out Superman or something. Set in the future, but still.

In any case, this does not detract from the fact that it was an amusing conversation and got a smile out of me which is the equivalent of laughing uncontrollably for most people.

I was counting Earth-2. But there's plenty of other examples.

Not to mention the Grayson trailer.

I love the Grayson trailer.

Ecru Lad will save the day. Tastefully and unobstrusively.

Quiller: you're probably thinking of The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. Although I should note that *SPOILER ALERT*

Batman didn't actually die, he simulated a heart attack, then retreated underground to plan his final assault on crime, this time in the government


RoboYuji: Well, he's Jolly Old Saint Nick, right? Don't you have to die to become a saint?

Green Avenger may not be original, but superhero comics generally aren't. What the Lime Legionnaire has going for her is heart. Having a crush on a guy she rescued, her mom cleaning up her costume, etc. Green Avenger is, in many ways, similar to more "real-life" comics like S*P and QoW, and that is cool.

Actually, unless they retcon away the events surrounding the Obsidian Age, I'm pretty sure Plastic Man is immortal. He survived millenia ripped apart, scattered throughout the ocean, after all!

Santa Claus has totally died. Tim Allen killed him (see "The Santa Clause").

Green Avenger may not be original, but superhero comics generally aren't. What the Lime Legionnaire has going for her is heart. Having a crush on a guy she rescued, her mom cleaning up her costume, etc. Green Avenger is, in many ways, similar to more "real-life" comics like S*P and QoW, and that is cool.

Thank you for the compliments. :) It's similar to those comics as well in that I'm basing it loosely on real life.

Tim Allen is non-canon. In everything. (All right, one exception.)

They're about to up the postage rate again, aren't they? They should put some sidekicks on the 3-cent stamps.

It's folks like Robo Yuji who think I'm to blame for everything.

It grows tiresome.

Bun-Bun killed alien DNA-altered Santa in Sluggy Freelance during Holiday Wars. He got better both from death and the alien DNA thanks to the Deus Ex Ovum.

Didn't Bender kill the evil Robot Santa in Futurama once?

I believe the best they ever managed was to freeze him in ice. And then Bender had to deliver the toys...

"Remember, Dexter: A sidekick is what makes a superhero, a superhero."

(Or something like that.)

Here are the images slated for the DC Comics stamps, courtesy of Newsarama. (Sadly, the Plas stamp is not just a Plas-colored stamp, Abby.)

Also, Saint Nicholas died in the year 343 in the city of Myra in what's now Turkey, so he's fair game. (Source here.)

He also died on tonight's episode of "Stroker and Hoop" but they fixed him.

Santa also died in a Wierd Al song.

I notice that all the male heroes look better in their portraits than on the cluttered comic book covers (with the exception of the Green Arrow, who has a rockin' cover), but the female heroes look better on the covers than in their portraits, because their portraits are lame. Especially Wonder Woman's. Aquaman looks better than Wonder Woman. This is unjust.

"Santa also died in a Wierd Al song."

I thought he just went crazy, and got put in jail. Was there another one?

And with the elves working for the postal service after that, I shudder to think of the results of all the Santa stamps that are used this time of year. Maybe that's the real reason the mail slows to a crawl?

the green lantern and flash portraits are my fav. Still think they should have included Lex Luthor in this bunch. Or at least Robin. People know who Robin is more than Plastic Man. Still, glad to see something else on stamps besides flowers and bird. This is the best run since the Muppets!

I'd say Martian Manhunter deserves a stamp: he's easily more popular than Hawkman or Plastic Man, I'd have thought. Plus all the others in the big 7 are there. And Lex shouldn't be there, because it's DC comics superheroes.

When I was a kid, I tried to engage my folks in a discussion about super heroes. After all, super heroes were very important to me.

They knew of Superman and Batman, of course. And Wonder Woman. Dad very fondly remembered the golden age Green Lantern as well.

But both of them, when I asked who they liked as a super hero as a kid, said "Plastic Man." Immediately.

They were not local to each other, growing up.

I think Jack Cole's creation deserves his stamp. At least as much as Hawkman. ;)

Oh, and when I was a kid, Plastic Man also had his own cartoon series. Though they made Woozy Winks Hawaiian.

I thought he just went crazy, and got put in jail. Was there another one?

There was an "extra-gory" version of the last line that went:

"Yes Virginia, now Santa Claus is dead

Some guy from the S.W.A.T. Team blew a hole through his head

Yes, little friend, now, that's his brains on the floor

I guess they won't have the fat guy to kick around anymore

But now there's no more presents for the children's enjoyment

And the elves gotta stand in line and file for unemployment

And they say Mrs. Claus, she's on the phone every night

With her lawyer negotiating the movie rights"

I've just gotta say that my life is now complete, having seen Plastic Man on a stamp.

Plastic Man is high up on my list of favorite characters.

But heck, I'd be green to be the She-Hulk. She's hawt, funny, and awesome. And, well, I like green. So.

She-Hulk is my absolute favorite superhero ever. I'm color-biased, and strong-woman biased. I should write a She-Hulk rant at some point. (I did mention her in today's rant, passingly)

Plastic Man also had a Mad Magazine spoof, by virtue of his being the only superhero around at the time. (1950) It's reprinted in "Mad About Superheroes". Definately worth reading in the bookstore without paying.

And the quote from Dexter's Lab was:
"Remember Dexter, A goofy sidekick is what makes a superhero... super."

And yes, I did get all A's in History. :)

Say, anybody ever find it odd that the pre-crisis Supergirl never wore a red skirt with her original costume, yet that's how everyone remembers her? (The movie, the post-crisis Supergirl, ect...)
The red skirt was from Super-girl, a creation wished into existence by Jimmy Olsen using a magic totem. (And I bet she has her own Wikipedia entry, too.)
And does anyone else find that classic superheroine hairdo hawt? Superheoines knew how to dress up back then. ;)

The Canada Post Corporation made a bunch of superhero stamps a few years ago. All but one were Canadian superheroes I had honestly never heard of, but did save a booklet for a reason: there's Superman in it. That's right. I already have Superman stamps.



Abby: I noticed that. It's probably what made me think of the gal in the first place, although she does tend to come to my mind when talking about good, fun comics and their stars.

By the way, I went through your archives today, and I'm now a Green Avenger fan. Your art has vastly improved since you've started, and the characters have always been delightful. Another comic that I've found through Websnark, through one method or another!

Of course it's been a few years, so I don't know if he's still around, but another funny (non-superhero, unfortunately) print comic is of course the Barry Ween series. Oh, my. Not exactly polite, but hilarious. So is Barry's predecessor, Frumpy the Clown.

The greatness of Plas cannot be denied.

Aw, you're too kind. It's always nice to get compliments. I hope you like the next storyline.. :)

Barry Ween is CRAZY. But you're right, I dunno if it's still being published.

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