[From 'How We Got Engaged!']
(From "How We Got Engaged!" by Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier. Click to melt.)

Congratulations to the happy couple, recognizable to y'all as the respective authors of Astronaut Elementary and Smile. Roman handed the first five pages of'How We Got Engaged!' on a cross-country flight this summer; later, Raina drew what happened next.

Comments would dilute the meaning. Analysis would subtract from the impact. No justice can be done this one from a distance, because it's real. It'd be stuffing a butterfly in a jar. No matter how eloquently or simply wrought it is, expounding on this comic's simple beauty would be trivializing what it means, and what it's for. It'd be reviewing someone's love letter. So I'm not going to do that.

Just go. Go. Look.



I've got to show this to my wife when I got home.

Also, it totally didn't click in my mind that Roman worked on Quicken Forbidden until I read the note on the bottom of the screen. I loved that comic, too.

Wow. *melts*

Congratulations to the happy couple! I just got married two months ago, and my husband and I are from different parts of the country and met via webcomics, so this absolutely touched my heart. Shoot, it's already hard enough spending most of the day apart while we work; this comic has just intensified the longing. *sigh*

I met my girlfriend on Its amazing how many people meet via or because of the internet. And I'm talking about outside of purposely-for-meeting-people internet places like or whatever.

It makes me so happy to see people who are happy together.

That is so totally cool. and sweet!

Met my honey nearly 5 years ago now, in EQ1. NOT looking for a match, but darnit, it found me anyway. hooray!

I consider this the highest of good omems that I could recieve. I'm getting ready to get married this very weekend. Wonderful happy story to set me on my way. Everything is turning up wedding bells.

Now, to run and do a bunch of stuff.

Awwww... :) That is so cool :)

*shiver* Goosebumps just erupted on my skin from my head to my toes, and I'm so not kidding, either.

Likewise. Windows Media Player decided to play 'The Bleeding Heart Show' from the New Pornographers's new album while I was reading.

Like, woah.

Wow... That's great!

Hey, you guys think you have stories? I met my girlfriend through my blog.

And if you ever were to propose, you would do it through a brilliantly moving 3-hour-long speech.

[sigh] love is beautiful. I miss it.


It's nice to see happiness sometimes. This comic was just fun to read.

Congratulations, of course :)

I met Wedge because I somehow couldn't ignore some random guy who was posting to the EPU message boards. And then my brain said "hey, bring him to IRC!"

And then things got very confusing and upsetting for a while, but I'm quite happy now. :)

I saw How I Got Engaged two days ago via Svetlana Chmakova's LJ, and yes. It brings much sniffle and yay.

I met my wife through a get-together for a BBS local to my high school. Not only am I a geek, but I'm old school. It's really weird to think that in 9 days, I'll have known my wife for 10 years.

My husband is the voice of Melonpool's Sammy the Hammy, and we met on the Melonpool message board discussing P.D.Q. Bach. Such geekitude.

Wow, that brought me close to tears. Now I just need to hold back from waking up my wife to read it too. Happy feelings fill me now. :)

Hey, you guys think you have stories? I met my girlfriend through my blog.

Heh. Love works in weird ways. My husband was in my biology class in high school, but we really didn't get to know each other until his cousin ran over my ex-boyfriend/best friend and put him in a coma.

That "!!! Yeah!" panel is fantastic. =)

Heh. Sweet. Most excellent way to end the day.

I first met my wife at a Moebius Theatre rehearsal for a revue I was in for a con she was running. She was married to someone else and pregnant with my first stepchild. Years later we hooked up at the con she was attending to celebrate her divorce being final. On Columbus Day we'll've been married eighteen years.

Found the love of my life through a boardgaming community online, about four years ago.

Did they always tell you as well, playing with computers all day long would cause your social life to fade away? :)

That was cute.

You know what? I just told my girlfriend a few hours ago that all of her fears about the future of our relationship are going to come true and I'm leaving her country, and her, behind in a few months because I simply can't stand living here anymore. She knew it was coming since I've been so unhappy these days, but it's a discussion neither of us ike having since we've had it before. And despite my promises that I'll see her again one day, I quite simply don't know if I'll ever return to Korea after I leave this time. And even though I know that I either have to stay in a country that's feeling more and more like a prison every day or force her to follow me around the world, which is no good since I'm not going to a country where her English skills can be of any use for a few more years... I feel like the most horrible person in the world right now.

She reads my blog, and I needed to vent. Sorry Eric, Weds....

It's cool.

Geez, William... I almost went through a similar situation, and I remember how much it wrecked both me and my wife (then-girlfriend) emotionally. And said scenario never materialized for us. But reading your post is bringing back all those tear-filled conversations, all the songs that were little daggers in my heart, everything.

I know it probably means little across the ether, but this faceless stranger totally empathizes with you. I'm really sorry.

OMG I cried. I really really did. How sweet.

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