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You'll notice another sidebar tweak -- one that folks have asked for before. There's finally a link to other projects -- I've got a link to Gossamer Commons, if course. You'll also see a link to The Adventures of Brigadier General John Stark. That's right -- John Stark's voice has taken flight in my brain, and at least until I run out of ideas, he's going to appear daily at Webcomics Nation. The first strip is up -- the one you've seen before. I've queued up strips straight through to the end of the week. (I'm not sure if it's ripping off Daily Dinosaur Comics, Sinister Bedfellows or both, but I'm having fun so what the Hell?) As Weds and I develop our little online forays, we'll make sure there's appropriate linkage going on.


I'm getting unreasonably excited for a historical figure I know nothing about!

Only you guys could pull this off.

Looks cool. Just a note: The text on Stark is really hard to read.

I'm ashamed to admit that, not being an american, I had to look Stark up on Wikipedia to find out who he was.

Still, the cast page should be easy: just link to the article!

(grins, ducks & runs)

I wholeheartedly approve of this endeavor. You rock and I look forward to more.

I hope you won't be offended if I leave General Stark off my reading lists till I know which update frequency category to list him under. (Randy's other two are off my list right now too, so it's not like the General's not in good company.)

Still, the cast page should be easy: just link to the article!

Look, he'll do it when he feels like it, okay?

Yeah, I had no idea who Stark was either.

Dave -- it would be a very rare American indeed who did know who John Stark was.

At least the Americans can infer from context. Harumph.

No, no we can't.

Well, he's a Brigadier General, and from the looks of his hat and mentions of "Redcoats and tories", he was probably in the Revolutionary War. Other than that? Wikipedia.

Also, when are cool things like timeline programs and comic makers going to come out for Windows 98, huh? Yeah, there's Comic Chat, which I made a comic in once upon a time, but.

There is now a cast page up. ;)

As for the American bias... well, the author's an American and the comic strip's about an obscure general in the American Revolution. So, we're kind of stuck as far as that goes. ;)

Gracious. I'm positive that you, of all people, Mr. Burns, could make such a comic accessible, open, unbiased and friendly to the international audience. After all, you are magical and super powered. You must be capable of such things!

Alas. I can never hope to aspire to a mere crumb of a smidge of your impossible greatness, Mr. Burns. I shall retire to my foreign hovel and despair.

(Note: The cunning reader will notice that Violet is talking rubbish. Explicatory notes are never found in comics; they are only found in Kent.)

(The cunning reader will also notice that Violet has realized that the request to minimize American bias is, in fact, ridiculous, and that she was needlessly dry to compensate.)

I knew the county I live in was named after John Stark, but until now I never actually knew who he was or anything about him. Yay, Internet!

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