[w] Coffee, Beer, Wine and Whiskey?


This seems about the right sort of time to ask if others plan to attend Ayacon, a British anime convention at the University of Warwick, over the weekend of 19th August. If so, this is also to check and see whether some sort of excursion for food and/or drink is indicated. Because, see, planning.

I intend to hit up Paul Gravett's lecture on manga history and culture, spend some time in the artists' alley (since Fred Gallagher isn't around this year, there may actually be space for one this time), hang about the bar with some Copic markers feeling indequate about my drawing skills, and attend any webcomic-related panels that happen to be scheduled1. Also, I plan to drink alcohol.

Hopefully, not Strongbow. Not this year.

1 I have no idea if any have been scheduled, but it seems like there should be -- the surge in minicomic/doujinshi/zine style small press work amongst British fanartists since 2001 suggests that webcomics would also be embraced. And I'm looking forward to what sort of material's been inspired by Gallagher's appearance two years back.


That's actually the same weekend as Otakon, where Piro will be attending. I'm suppose that's why he won't be in your neighborhood.

Plus, well, he's already been here.

Huh, sounds cool. I'm not a huge anime fan - a few films I love is all - but I'd be tempted to come just for the meetup, should there be one.

Somewhat off-topic, but I used to live near Warwick Castle when I was quite small, and I've never quite gotten over the enjoyably novel sensation of mispronouncing it with both W's. "Woh-Wick". Try it, it's fun.

Is Strongbow bad or something? I tried it once and it tasted pretty good, I thought. Of course, I'd just had my first shot of whiskey beforehand, so it may have affected my perceptions somewhat.

Drinking Strongbow is a process of slow, slightly unpleasant surrender. It's not quite the absolute baseline of industrial ciders (that honour would go to Tesco's own value brand, or comparable beasts), but it's largely inoffensive and does not actually taste of apples.

Achewood's Circus Penis would drink Strongbow and declare it to be a fine, robust and flavourful beverage.

Strongbow is one step above a cider with "White" in the name that comes only in large, plastic bottles.

Well when the choice is between Strongbow or Wyder's, I'll usually choose Strongbow. Only so many ciders one can get in an American pub. I'm rather fond of Ace's Apple Cider, but I can never seem to find it, only their Pear Cider (which is good when I'm in the mood for it). Blackthorn is about the only decent apple cider I can find in a bottle. A sad selection of ciders over here, but a lot better than the commercial meads I've tried. (You know wines don't taste just like grape juice, vodka doesn't taste like potatoes, so why do people have to make their meads so sweet that they taste like drinking honey! Let the yeast eat the honey!)

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