More good shirt news!


I just got a note from my shirt printer -- the Revelations: Strunk and White T-Shirts are being shipped to me today. I should have them by the end of the week, which means the folks in the range of my typing should have them starting at the beginning of next week! Huzzah!


Woo! I'm excited. I'm guessing that it's sold well?

Sweet, just in time for the first day of the new semester.

This it totally unrelated, but I thought of you when I found it:

They've got reviews of teas as well as tea rooms around the world.

Having finally conquered the mysteries of logging in through Typekey (the secret: not using a browser based on Explorer), I say: Woo!

One of the regular commenters here named Chris spoke in passing, long enough ago that I've forgotten which Chris, of having figured out how to comment through Typekey with Explorer. But no details were forthcoming.

I use explorer all the time.. never had any trouble. Well, not once I gave websnark permission to add a cookie to my site. that's it. hrm.

Is there any way someone who just found this site (ie, Websnark, my God what have I been missing?) could procure a swell shirt of their own?

Story of my life: always standing in the dust watching the bandwagon disappear across the prairie.

Regarding the Strunk & White do I contact you about those? I have a question as I never received mine.

Me too. Never got my shirt, that is. Many, many e-mails later, no response. Three different e-mail accounts on different computers, so it's probably not an IP ban. Could we maybe talk through the comments here, or something? Or a phone number? Snail mail?

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