Snarky SHirts!You guys have been great, when it comes to our t-shirts. Honestly. I'm just glad to know you guys. But while we've produced a couple of fun designs and they've sold well, people have let me know (in no uncertain terms) that they wanted something Websnark related. They wanted to show their Snarkoleptic pride.

Well, okay, that's going a bit far. But they really, really like Snarky, and they wanted to wear something that had Snarky on it. Which was problematic, because the full color Snarky picture can't be done through spot coloring (there's something like a billion colors in it. Roughly. My minimum shirt order for a run like that would clothe India).

However, acting on strong recommendations, we have found a very high quality 6-color process image transfer partner -- the extremely cool (and Webcomics saavy) Ellen Million Graphics. And we have actually arranged to have Ellen Million Graphics print on the exact same high quality Gildan and Bella shirts we already use! And, because Ellen Million Graphics works on an on-demand basis (they don't need to reink the press for new runs), we'll be able to have these shirts on an ongoing basis! ALL HAIL MING!

Now, the process is more expensive than a one or two ink run would be, so the ultimate cost is going to be higher than other shirts we've offered -- $20 per shirt, with a markup for 2XL-5XL. (I need to, you know, make some money on this.) However, from now until September 9 we're pleased and proud to offer a PREORDER SALE! By working in preorders, we can work in volume, and pass some savings along.

So! If you order between now and September 9, we can offer the same high quality Gildan T-Shirts and Bella Crew Neck Babydolls you've come to cherish, adorned with Snarky's picture, at the sale price of $17.00 (plus shipping and handling, as always. 2XL and higher costs extra, because... well, it costs extra for the shirts and processing on the printer's end. Honest.) That's the same cost as the Revelations: Strunk and White Shirts! (And a dollar less than the Babydolls were, no less!)

Unfortunately, we can't offer the Bella V-Necks yet. Ellen Million Graphics might allow them later on, but they've never worked with them before and they're not willing to take a chance until they get some experimental time. If and when that changes, I'll let you know! If it changes between now and September 9, I'll give anyone who orders a crew neck Babydoll a chance to change their order to a V neck at no extra cost! (Because... well, it won't cost extra for me, so what would I care?)

Go forth, friends and neighbors, and order! Order early! Order often! YAY!

Gildan 100% Cotton T-Shirts click here!

Bella 100% Cotton Crew Neck Babydolls click here!


Oh my, an [e] on an Eric post? It's the end of Websnark as we know it. :O

Actually, that's all I had to say. I can't afford a shirt right now, which is pretty sad. Stupid college textbooks.

Actually, given that we're both putting the [e] and [w] now, it seems easier by far to actually have MT do the work. So from now on, neither of us will specifically tag the entries. Instead, our name will appear in bright blue letters next to the entry title.

Does that work for everyone? ;)

Nint: No sweat. They'll still be here when you can scrape funds together. ;)

No Ovaraptor shirt? ;)

Actually, I'm thinking "yes" on an Ovaraptor shirt. If you're up for it on your end. ;)

I was thinking, there weren't enough shirts that advocate eating babies, myself.

I'm really glad R.K. (Randy? Mr. Milholland? Whichever you prefer, I feel too noobish to assume anything.)brought that up...

I would probably buy a Snarky shirt... but I will *definitely* buy an Ovaraptor shirt.

Am I correct in assuming that we don't acctually have a design for the Ovaraptor idea? Has Randy acctually drawn something?

That said, I'd probably still buy one. Esspecially if it comes in something besides black. Being a big guy, black seems to be the only color I can ever get for t-shirts. Factor in the insane August weather we get here in DC, and light colored t-shirts become a real treat.

Am I correct in assuming that we don't acctually have a design for the Ovaraptor idea? Has Randy acctually drawn something?

The concept "ovaraptor" was conceived in Websnark fan art from Randy.

Thanks, I forgot about that post. We deffinetly need that on a T-shirt.

Now that that is out of the way, how did you do the little box thing with the quote? What is the code for that? I like it alot

Eric, I'm kind of curious about what sort of arangements you made with Ursula Vernon over the use of the image for financial purposes.

Unless I'm mistaken and she didn't draw it.

Wa'n't me. The box is apparently just the way this stylesheet-template-whatever-thing reacts to HTML blockquote tags. It's like that in previous comments now too.

The box is apparently just the way this stylesheet-template-whatever-thing reacts to HTML blockquote tags. It's like that in previous comments now too.

block quotes you say? Then this should work.

Maybe I'll have to actually start using block quotes. That looks really nice.


ooo.... so many colors.... decisions, decisions.

Would one of you be kind enough to elaborate on the blockquote tag used for the quoty-quotes?

but... being able to quote each other, in a way that's simple to use and extremely clear visually?

Dagnabbit, thaat's downright un-websnarky! I demand we continue to mangle our attempts to respond to each other, most likely screwing up our formatting in the process so our words and other people's all run into each other in an indistinguishable mass!

Or I could just be experiencing whiplash because... because... websnark looks different! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I've never been to the snarkoleptics blog, but they don't have a "Can't adjust to change" support group going, do they?

I don't know, the old design was just so... casual and text-y. I didn't feel like I was on the "internet," reading a "blog," I felt like I had a very magical book that constantly had new stuff in it and pretty pictures and links and, you know, was on the internet. Also, our names are too important in the comments thread! The old style felt like listening to a conversation--you could distinguish easily when the speaker changed, but had to pay attention to the identity if you cared, and it came across as a general mass of conversation. Of course, I also distinctly recall being annoyed that I had to scroll down to find out whose long comment I was reading, and heaven forbid you all act to implement changes that reflect how important you seem to think we all are--in short, I have nothing to complain about, and I'm sure I will quickly come to love new websnark, and will also love you forever for the recent comments thing, but... but...

Change! Waaaaaaah!

(good job, thanks for the changes)

William -- Ursula and I made arrangements before I pursued the printing arrangements.

Dude... did my comments take up that much space the old way? Sorry, man... will try to terse-ify.

For the record -- if anyone's wondering? The artwork involved is explicitly and completely copyrighted to Ursula, not me. Anything I do with it -- from posting it on the corner of this site through making a tee shirt out of it -- is done by her explicit permission or it's not done.

In fact, the drawing was first down specifically for printing on the abortive Bowling Shirts.

Kira -- the new stylesheet knows to take things enclosed in blockquote tags and set them off, border them, et al. I was surprised too, actually -- but I'm very pleased with it.

Siwangmu -- we'll have some shakedown with the stylesheet and templates over the next few days, but I actually like shaking things up every now and again. This is actually the fourth Websnark design since the beginning.

Bowling Shirts!!!

You promised we could have our names on them as well.

I want a bowling shirt!

And for the blockquote thing, here is a site that explains it.

Alright, I'm entitled to ask, because I've spent a suitable amount of time banging my ignorant head against the Paint Shop pro trial version I have on my computer: can anyone tell me how to take the snarky image and make the background transparent so I can copy each of the T-shirt colors behind it? I'm crap at visualizing, so I tried to do it on my own so I can see what color I'd like, but even though the design shows up with a white background above, it has a black background when I copy it and paste as new image in paint shop, and I can't make just that transparent and I don't know what on earth I'm doing and I can't make it work. I'm lucky I even know what a layer is.

So, um, can anyone help me?

Eric: I haven't been here from the beginning, it's true, but this is the most drastic change I can remember--and don't take me too seriously, you're allowed to do what you like to the site, and as long as it's still you guys writing, I'll still love it :).

Oh! And the new quote is awesome. Let's do this thing!

The cat should make posts. It's totally implied that the cat is the third character! I don't even know the cat's name! Rectify this, please! All will be forgiven if I can have posts from the cat. (Promise to try and stop commenting now)

Hey, you know what? It's not a box. It's a block! It's a quoteblock for blockquotes! And when Eric redecorates next it'll probably go away, and snarknewbies after that won't know what we were talking about ... but You Were There!

The cat is Seraphim Kyriotate Burns, or just plain Sarah.

Her typing style tends to come from sleeping on the open powerbook if I walk away long enough for her to climb on top of it. To date, she hasn't mastered the art of using the mouse to click "post."

But... cat... mouse... it's natural, man!

It's Very Bad that you're able to respond right away and I am too because I would have felt quite rude not ackowledging that you answered my question, but I'm posting waaaaaay too much. So I'll be off, then, until later, just as soon as I google kyriotate.

Also, I submit that you and Wednesday are Americanadianglo (if you're religious, you could be Americanadianglican!). (Or, really, you're Americanadienglish, but I don't think it sounds as cool, even if it makes more sense)

(If this multiple-posts, it's 'cause I got that QC error (Jeph does not approve!) and re-signed-in and am trying again)

In Nomine. Figures :).

I swear I'm done now!

Your new quote sounds like something out of Beakman's World tv show when they are about to do the rapid-fire question section of the show. Say, does that make Rob the guy in the rat suit? (Playing the roll of Kitty in Websnark is Kate Sith.)

Heh, Sarah is a convenient nickname for a cat. I have one in a table-top game I'm in, shortened from Serendipity. And that's putting aside once owning an actual cat named Sarah.

As for blockquotes - bleh. I'll just continue to attribute quotes in quotation marks. Because I can.

And finally, for the top quote, for some reason I think of the original Blues Brothers movie when I read it. "We've got a full kettle of tea, half an hour to work, a comic to snark, and I'm an ovaraptor and am going to eat babies." "Hit it."

Your new quote sounds like something out of Beakman's World tv show when they are about to do the rapid-fire question section of the show. Say, does that make Rob the guy in the rat suit? (Playing the roll of Kitty in Websnark is Kate Sith.)

...I used to watch that show, like, a lot. And the fact that I do not get that reference bothers me. I am not geek enough.

The rat's name is Lester, though. Google knows that much.

We've got a full kettle of tea, half an hour to work, a comic to snark, and I'm an ovaraptor who will EAT YOUR BABIES.

If we got a say as to what line would be occupying the top slot, that would be my vote.

Also, add me to the list of people who think blockquotes = rox0rz. Easily made distinctions between who's saying what and who's quoting who? I'd say sign me up if we hadn't already been signed. So to speak.

Oh, and not that I'm complaining, but when did this post become the big comment thread for talking about the new design?

Edit: And on that note; after previewing this comment, I noticed that the preview screen, as it's currently set up, has that format where every poster's name is written under a line, making it look like they wrote the post that came after theirs instead of the post they actually did write. Might want to take a look at that, when you get a chance.

Paul Zaloom's hot.

Bill Nye's much hotter.

And I'm not fixin' anything for a couple hours. Just got through fixin' a buncha stuff.

Well, I considered typing out the original phrasing, ANT, but I was thinking in context of the original Blues Brothers. If that's the case, then it's Eric saying that to Wednesday. Or possibly Wednesday to Eric. And I don't think either one is going to eat the others' babies. Also, played around with the grammar slightly to mix things up a bit. Sneaky, ain't I?

Well sir, having never seen Blues Brothers, original or otherwise, I may have known that's what you were imagining when you wrote it, but the only choice available to me was to receive it on its own merits. And having done so, I then just thought it might sound better the way I changed it up, which is the only reason why I did. So I wasn't really considering who was saying what to who (except for the last part, which is clearly intended as both a fourth-wall breaker and in-joke to anyone who remembered the line's source) when I rewrote it. Apologies for any confusion.

Doesn't change the fact that you're a sneaky, grammar-changing bastard though :)

Well, the original phrasing of the quote, from IMDb:

Elwood (Dan Aykroyd): It's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses.

Jake (John Belushi): Hit it.

Classic movie.

And lest Eric edit the post in fear of more drama, yes, I in fact am a sneaky grammar-changing bastard. And I believe in the right to callously split infinitives, too.

I'm not entirely sure what that phrase "callously split infinitives" means... but I like it. Though I liked it even better when I misread it to say "callously spit infinitives".

And I'd hope that a good natured sarcastic dig at a fellow commenter's self-derisive remark wouldn't qualify as a personal attack or drama... but I guess you can never be sure, what with Eric's drama aggro +/10 or however its calculated in constant effect.

On an unrelated note, is anyone else getting that whole chat room feel to these comment threads now that our names, and thusly our individual conversations should we be having them, are being freely displayed on the front page?

It beats the whole heck out of when I used to leave the browser sitting at the bottom of the comments page in question and hit reload--like they said to Latrine in Men in Tights: "A good change!"

siwangmu, my thoughts exactly, and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. I now have five tabs in firefox at work that are always open, my comcast email page, my gmail page, my blogrolls page, Websnark, and a page opened up to my link blog that I use for surfing.

Scanning through four or five messages to find new comments was just to much of a hassle. Now with this set up, everything is much simpler. And the first thing anyone in computers learns is KISS.

Okay, I hate to change the subject and all, but can somebody help me decide what color shirt to get? I've got it narrowed down to the ash, tan, blue dusk, or eggplant and i just can't decide!! opinions?

Well, it depends on what you want to wear it with, Kira, what colors you like, and how much you care about matching.

Personally, I like the eggplant - it's the closest to wine red, which is my favorite color for a shirt. It also goes with a surprising number of colors, especially with an overshirt (want a stunning look? Go with blue jeans, wine red shirt, and a black overshirt. Simple, comfortable, snazzy). If you aren't up for that, though, blue dusk is looking really nice.

Eric: Cool. I didn't think that'd be something you'd overlook.

Kate: There's a section in the Beakman show where they take a one of those cylinder full of letters, tosses them around in the cylinder, and then reads a random question. Before Josey (the hotter of the two Beakman chicks), Beakman would say something like, "You toss 'em, I'll floss 'em, let's do the Bossa Nova!"

As for you playing Kitty, hey, Websnark needs a catgirl.

I'm not to high on the Blues Brother movies, but the House of Blues bar spin-off is a really cool place to go hear the best of blues. (Chain owned by Dan Akyroid, I believe. And it is true, you need a darkened bar to hear good blues music. I'm pretty sure it's a law in New Orleans and Memphis.)

Oh, it should have read, "before Josey reads the first question, Beakman would say..."

And why would you want to wear an eggplant shirt, anyway? Who eats eggplants? I'm pretty sure eggplants are a Greg Mendel experiement gone bad!

Mmm... you're really making me miss the House of Blues that was formerly in Harvard Square, miyaa. I loved that place. Despite my decidedly Northern upbringing, I love Southern-style cooking. House of Blues has a killer jumbalaya and the greatest cornbread I've ever had. I weep over the closing of the one in Cambridge.

And for the record, I love eggplant. I had it first Parmesan-style, but I like it just on its own. I think of it as sweet revenge for that bastard who kept transforming me in Kid Icarus.

Does this imply hope for the bowling shirt?

I'd really like to see the return of the bowling shirts. I still want one.

As for you playing Kitty, hey, Websnark needs a catgirl.


I shall have a response drawn and posted by the end of the day. It is unfortunate that the idea should hit just as I am to leave for school. But I will be back, and then it shall be done.



Thanks to the catgirl portion of this thread, I'm now also considering eventually getting a "Spay Your Catgirl" poster from Something Positive.

This should imply, of course, what I think about catgirls.

The Incomparable Wednesday White said:


To which the Improbable KJToo responds:

What about a Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirl?

(Thank you, Phil Foglio. Thank you forever and ever.)

Ironically, since Internet Explorer for Windows is stupid and can't read the transparent pixels on the png graphic, Snarky's on a tan background above... which makes me think I'll start with the tan

Not to mention Fade Manley. (Who might actually be reading this, and to my knowledge came up with the concept of SPANC in the first place, as well as the mechanics. How she talked Phil Foglio into doing the... well, it's Space Pirate Amazon Ninja Catgirls. She probably didn't have to work hard to get Phil Foglio on board.)

The Often Imitated but Never Duplicated (at least until cloning becomes legal) Eric Burns said:

Not to mention Fade Manley.

To which the Often Irritated but Never Deflagrated KJToo responds:

Indeed. My apologies for omitting the author. Thank you, Fade Manley. Thank you forever and ever.

I'm sure it just got lost in the wash of other babble I posted yesterday, but, really, can anyone help me with my request above about understanding the damn transparency thing so I can figure out what color T-shirt I want?

::big eyes of neediness::

Siwangmu: in most graphics programs, you copy the pic into the file, and then delete out whatever background color might already be there. (If you're using IE that blasted tan shows up. If you're using something else, like Firefox, it will probably copy with no background color at all.

Then you can create a new layer, fill it with whichever color you want to demo against, and move that layer behind the Snarky layer.

I've already got graphics with the eggplant and the blue dusk that I made in Photoshop -- I'm having the same problem -- with Eric's permission I can post 'em up on my site (along with any other colors you want to see) as a "demo". Of course, they'll probably be different when we actually get the shirts, but it's not bad as very general guide :)

"Thanks to the catgirl portion of this thread, I'm now also considering eventually getting a "Spay Your Catgirl" poster from Something Positive."

And I have been hoping for months that he turns that into a t-shirt. Specifically for wearing to anime cons. And yes, I'm still staff on one.

Eh, it wouldn't be any worse than the shirts you can buy that say things like "InuYasha is the worst show ever," "Glomp me and die," or "Real ninjas don't wear orange."

Thanks for the response! Sure, I'd love to see what you made for the colors, and also, when you say delete out the background color, do you mean find some tool that changes a bit to no-color and trace around all the background edges and snarky's borders? Or is there an easy way? When I copy into paint shop, snarky's border is black, which means when I experimentally tried hitting fill on the background it took his adorable outline with it and looked all weird. I can live with that, I guess (that only just occurred to me), since this isn't really fate-of-the-world stuff, but I was curious how I *ought* to be trying it.

Siwangmu, when you copy Snarky into your paint program, is there a color behind him? Or is all the space around him empty?

Send me an email to kirabug@kirabug.com and I'll send you the pics I have. I don't want to post them on my website w/o Eric's permission and he's probably busy and won't get a chance to read this. For that matter, it'll probably be after 8 (eastern) before I get a chance to send you the pics, too.



OK, 1. Bowling shirt! mckenzee in all small letters on the front.

2. Thank you for finding Ellen Million Graphics for me. Now for the Godzilla Sun Dance t-shirt.

3. We can start a Snarkoleptics Metathesiophobia thread if needed.

4. Why didn't I trademark that name?

But what about those of us with metathesiomania? Nobody ever caters to the maniacs, I swear.

"We cater to the maniacs" would make a great tagline for something, but I can't quite put my finger on what.


Isn't it some kind of skin condition? Fear of no God? Fear that you end up at some Japanese convention and a guy dressed up as an amazon space ninja-pirate catgirl starts to hit on you? I ask you, how much more annoying are cat-people to say, Furries?

The Snarky shirt is finally available, and I'm hoarding all my money for a Powerbook and an iPod. (The Student Union offer of a free iPod mini is a foul, foul temptress.) Hopefully I'll be able to spare enough money to get myself one of these oh so shiny shirts.

And apropos of nothing, because I am a good little viral marketer: Session 416.

I am totally buying a snarkysaurus shirt as a birthday gift to myself next week. But not until I get paid... next week. sigh.

Still, though. That's only a week away, and as crazy-busy as they keep me at the madh- er.. hospital that I work with, that'll fly by. I plan to buy a Drama-rific shirt for my nephew's bday at the end of October too.. but that can wait. yay shirts!

"Metathesio-" is the fancy way of saying change. The phobia is the fear of change, and the mania is obviously the obsession with it. I probably fall into the latter category.

As for dealing with conventions... I'll save it for the other thread. Wednesday was nice enough to make one, after all.


I have worked intimately with folks that print shirts, and I've worked with custom clothing tailors that stand by the same rule: Same price for every size, what you spend extra on the larger sizes, you gain in the smaller sizes.

Not your fault I understand, but don't buy it. Charging more for larger shirts is a new trend, and it's perpetuated because suddenly we accept it. I remember when that didn't happen, and the first time I saw it I was outraged, and now i'm not. Apparently nobody else is either, because it's still happening.

guess it's a good thing I lost weight this year and can wear XL shirts again.


I agree with Dorkboy. It's just a way for t-shirt manufacturers to make extra moolah, and further snub the fluffy guys and gals (like me).

Now, I'll pay extra for a good bra.. cause a good DD (or larger, for some poor souls) is built different.

Yes my fiance wears DD bras as well, but many times those are also the same price.

In fact it's rather infrequent that they cost more. Generally they're just harder to find.


Depending on the manufacturer, the time of the month, and the phase of the moon, I can wear anywhere from a DD to an F cup. In my band size (which you don't need to know, save for that "Bravissimo doesn't carry it"), these are made more expensive by dint of having to import them from overseas.

(I'm not "fluffy." I'm fat. "Fluffy" always bothers me -- it seems euphemistic, and it makes us seem somehow unthreatening and powerless.)

I'd never heard "fluffy" as a term, and can't help but think it's adorable. But then again, UrsulaV stated her certainty that Eric is in fact a tiny less-than-300-pound dinosaur, so that just leaves me thinking of Snarky in a tutu.

"Fluffy" has a usage in some British geek-goth circles as "soft, unthreatening and cute;" the converse is "spiky," which carries an undertone of "oh, you mean old person, you won't hug people or be nice at parties."

I had a bath and thought about this some more. I might post about it (or I might not, because very little of it is original). The short form is that, no matter how adorable the term is, I find that I rob myself of personal power -- I defang, declaw, and desexualize myself -- when I use terms for my body which reduce me to the level of a stuffed animal or a pillow. Obviously, individual usage varies, but this is something I feel would have a knockon effect on others like myself (women, fat women, fat people, people who don't generally meet a given standard of beauty), and so it's difficult not to raise it as an issue when it comes up.

huh. I guess I never thought of it in those terms. It's a good point, that.

However.. when I say to my non-fat friends and coworkers, when they discuss this cute little shirt they bought or something, that I can't shop at that store cause they don't carry "fat chick" clothes, I have to listen to all the "oh, but you're not fat!" bullshit. And I am, a fact I'm totally comfortable with most days (I'm not comfortable with anything two days before my period, so those days don't count.

But if I say "fluffy" in those circles, I don't have to listen to the bullshit. So.. fluffy. But I'll refrain from cuteness in this area on here, since we deal in the facts, and no .. er.. fluff on here. Deal?

Now my GOAL is to get back down to a 14-16-ish range, so I can shop either at the fat chick stores OR at the stick stores. When I was that size, more years ago than I want to remember, there were always several of whatever I was looking at in my size, cause I was in the high-end in the stick stores, and the low-end of the fat stores. Double goodies! Someday. After I de-caffeinate and de-sugar myself. Again. heh

I've never heard the term "fluffy" as applied to people and it sounds almost wrong in a way. I think of things like certain animals, plush toys, and bedding as being "fluffy," not people. Besides, to me, it just bring up yet another way for people to sidestep things, a-la "I'm not fat, I'm (insert alternate term here)."

But if I say "fluffy" in those circles, I don't have to listen to the bullshit.

Surely this is counterproductive. If they're bullshitting you to make you feel better, can they not be told, "No, I'm fat, and I'm comfortable with that"? (Are they, themselves, uncomfortable with the idea of a fat person?) If you're actually not within their concept of what a fat person is (and that threshold varies by individual, subculture, and culture), can you shift the focus of the problem elsewhere?

For example: I hate the "plus size" concept as much as anyone (anything over zero is a plus size), but that threshold is sliding gradually downwards (you will find US10-12 clothes at the bottom of that threshold here, say), for example. If you fit comfortably in that size range right now, I have a hard time believing that anyone who hasn't paid attention to the downwards trend in women's sizing in the past ten years wouldn't understand what you mean.

(More frustrating to me than simple sizing is shape. A small-breasted woman with more weight on the hips and/or rear than stomach has an easier time finding flattering clothing than one who's chiefly front-loaded. Since this sort of thing doesn't change much without surgery or a radical shift in hormone pattern -- sometimes both -- finding something bigger or smaller isn't necessarily going to help.)


I first heard the term from my 'uncle' Fluffy, christened William. He is well over 6 feet (close to 2 meters) and in excess of 300 pounds (I'm not offering stone convertions).

I tend to vary from .07 to .08 tonnes. When I'm in shape, it's in my chest and shoulders, when I'm out of shape, it's on my tummy.

Double Interesting.

It used to be where being "fluffy" was considered very attractive (even damn sexy) a very looong time ago (oh, let's say Middle Ages - Renaissance?) because it denotes beauty and wealth in an indirect way (that is, the more you can eat, the more you can afford to eat, and also the more healthy you were).

My University's College of Human Enviromental Sciences is in one of these national studies trying to develop a better way to size clothing by considering the overall 3-D shape of a person. They even have one of those 3-D body scanners to measure various changes in the areas of the body. Maybe one day, everyone's clothing will be custom-fitted.

I don't know where to blame today's standards of attractiveness for guys, but I'd pin a lot of the women's problems on Barbie and those Fashion Models magazines that try to convince you that toothpicks are sexy.

Oh, I know from the sizing issue. See, I'm 240 pounds (down another twenty yay!), and 5'2". I got lucky, I got the genes from my Dad's side of the family, which means a lot of that weight is boobs, butt, and thighs.. which is a hell of a lot easier to fit than my poor sis, who's larger, and ... what'd Wednesday say? "front-loaded." Great term, that. I'll have to share it with her. But I digress.

However. Fat chick stores seem to think that if you're a size 22, for instance, you MUST be 6' tall. Hell, some of their petites aren't short enough for my stubby little legs and/or short waistline. In fact, it's only recently I've found a store that carries petites for over size 10.

Lark: you might have better luck with Evans than I do. I believe they'll ship overseas, although I haven't checked, and it might require a phonecall. Their baseline is a 5'6" woman, and they do petites. (Their talls are hopeless, however, so I'm still doomed to look like a boy.)

Cool, thanks Wednesday! I'll give them a looksee in the morning, when I'm more, y'know, conscious. New job in higher-profile area means new clothes are definitely in the budget this week.

But from what I see? You'll look like a boy on the same day I do... somewhere on the shady side of never. But I get yer point, I really do.

I recently discovered The Avenue (www.avenue.com, sorry no linkthingy, I'm clueless about setting those up). They are the shop with the really nice petites and talls. The several pair of pants I've purchased have been right on the money, lengthwise, and have been wash-and-wear so no dry-cleaning. And.. they're holding up very nicely, another bonus. It's such a challenge to find pants that fit my waist AND my butt/thighs. Since there's a 13-inch difference, and all. But these do. Anyway, hopefully they're across the pond, and if not, maybe they'll ship, dahlin'.

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Charting a Course: Star Trek Online moving forward
It's been a while, yet again, and this time I have no good reason for it. It's not illness…
I suppose this means the U.S.S. Fort Kent needs to have natural lighting in the light panels
(All pictures are screenshots taken by me while in Star Trek Online. Click on the thumbnails to get full…