The tee shirts are here!


The tee shirts are here!

The tee shirts! They're here!

They! Shirts! Here!

They look fantastic, they're clearly as high quality as we expected, and shipping will start immediately.

The tee shirts are here!


Can we start a huge etymological debate now about whether "Tee Shirt" or "T-Shirt" is more appropriate? Huh? Can we can we can we?

It should be "may we", not "can we." I'm sure it's well known that we are capable of debating anything.

Well, we can't debate a patapsychological event, mostly by default. Which thus makes a debate about whether we can debate anything approach a paradoxical situation.

Now you know that's not true. There are clearly some things that we cannot do. Particularly things with time limits. (Certain prohibitions may be necessary. *No time machines!*) That said, I do believe this request is open enough that "may we" is the more reasonable request.

Unfortunately, I know very little about the history here. I think both are acceptable, properly capitalized, so I will not be passing judgment. Also, I am very happy to hear the shirts are here and Eric is happy with them, as it means the next shirt will probably come sooner!

Where is the obligatory picture?

Patapsychological? Great, first "dechticaetiative" now "patapsychological." My head hasn't hurt this much since I took the verbal section of the GRE.

Listen, stop being so sesquipedalian and let's debate the imminent issue regarding the polyester/cotton torso coverings!

Now now.

They're 100% cotton torso coverings.

Picture will come, but not today. Fevers and chills today, which means I'm not looking quite picturely.

Paypal's shipping options ember the baby pony though. On the other hand, Endicia for Mac seems surprisingly fun to use. I've never enjoyed spending money on postage this much.

Admittedly, that's not a hard thing.

Mail me my shirt first, and I'll provide you with more hot babe* model pictures.

*Actual hotness of babe is not measured. Your results may vary.

Bequita -- not having a specific name to go with your online handle, we'll have to take our chances on the order. ;)

They're 100% cotton torso coverings.

Who in the world has a cotton torso?

Then I humble request that you please not model the ladies shirts. :-D

He could put them on his cat.

He's got an adorable cat.

Alternatively, I could go back to New Hampshire through the miracle of FedEx (it's gotta be cheaper than commercial flights) and break everyone's eyeballs.

Paul Southworth: NO U!!!

Hrm. I enjoy this site, I really do. I love Eric's writing, I enjoy Wednesday's input. I look forward to reading Websnark daily - sometimes twice a day, if I check my e-mail twice.

Sometimes, however, as with the comments from several of the past few updates, I am forced to realize that although I am by no means illiterate or uneducated, I've had a most plebian and, well, common life. You see, in my circles, I am the one with the extensive vocabulary, the one to whom they come to say "does it have an 's or is it just the '?"

And then I come here, and realize that I just spend time with some very.. well, limited folk, and that I am, in fact, left in the dust of you rather brilliant folk. Ah, well, it's an entertaining read anyway, right?


Miyaa's head explodes. In the next frame, Eric's cats lick up the remains. Tastes a lot like milk and catnip. In the final frame, 49 of the 50 2006 National Spelling Bee finalists are bummed because they can not spell 'dechticaetiative.' The winner happens to come from Walla Walla, WA.

Miyaa: "sesquipedalian" is a favourite of the English nerd, meaning "given to the use of long words".

Well, I can't speak for anyone else, but given what I could be doing with this knowledge compared to what I am doing, I can't really say I'm smart. I'm just stupid, with panache.

As for a hot babe, I'm just imagining a female version of the Human Torch wearing one.

Finally, for the record, my great-grandmother lives in Walla Walla, WA. The nutty part is that she's Grandma Wallace of Walla Walla, WA. There's a reason we usually just call her Grandma Leigh.

Well, I can't speak for anyone else, but given what I could be doing with this knowledge compared to what I am doing, I can't really say I'm smart. I'm just stupid, with panache.

People I work with think I'm intelligent because I use big words, but what they don't realize is that all the storage in my brain is given over to vocabulary.

(Well, people I work with used to think I was intelligent because of my vocabulary, till I went to work for a university.)

Miyaa, you just made my day. In a word, "LOL".

Since I couldn't finagle my way to getting my t-shirt early, I had to improvise.

Behold, the hot (or not so hot) babe T-shirt model picture!

Stop looking at me like I'm crazy...

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