The Sellout is Now Complete: I Aggro Drama limited edition tee shirts now available for preorder!

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EDIT: This shirt is no longer available! Stay tuned for more Websnarkery choices, all too soon!

It had to happen sooner or later.

See, things are a scosh tight for me at the moment -- it was a long month of June, and it's been a long week of July so far. But... I'm not good with going to you, the Snarkoleptics, and saying "things are tight for me. Please give me money." I'm just not. I mean, I'm not doing a webcomic here. While it could be said that Websnark has an intrinsic value for folks (at least, I hope so), it's... it just doesn't feel right to say "give me your money and in return, you will get nothing you didn't already get for free."

Yeah, I have a tip jar, but... well, I never expect anyone to use it. When they do (and it happens -- rarely, but still) I'm thrilled, but it's hardly designed for regular use and it's not the model I want to use when I actually want to... you know -- do something.

Gildan ColorsHowever, thanks to Brunetto Tee Shirts (operating on a recommendation from Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content fame!) we have the chance to offer our first Websnark tee shirt: the I Aggro Drama shirt. Because I aggro drama. And I'm sure some of you do too. The design comes to us thanks to my Gossamer Commons partner in crime, Greg Holkan -- you don't want to see what I came up with. Though the design appears in black up above, it'll appear in white on the shirts, which come in Dramatic Black, Rich and Dramatic Maroon, Starkly Dramatic Navy and... um... Greenishly Dramatic Forest Green. The shirts are a high quality, 100% cotton Gildan tee shirt -- I've seen them before. They're nice. They could also be available in a Bella babydoll, but I have no idea if anyone will actually buy these things, and there is a minimum order. I'm willing to take the risk at least ten people want tee shirts. If you'd be interested in the Bella babydoll (which would be a dollar more expensive in the size ranges, admittedly), comment on this entry or e-mail me and if there's enough interest, I'll put it up.

The cost is $16.00, plus three dollars for shipping and handling. If you want a 2XL through 5XL shirt, there's a dollar more. Also, it's more expensive to ship internationally -- there's no easy way to have Paypal change the shipping cost, so I had to do "international shirts" at three dollars extra. Please understand, it's not because I don't love the international people. I know nothing but love for the international people.

If you want larger than 3XL, we can be accommodate you -- but only in black and navy. If you want maroon or forest green, it's got to be 3XL at the limit.

Yeah, it's a Paypal model. And yes, you can pay through Paypal. I loves the paying through Paypal. However, if you don't have or don't want a Paypal account, you can use a credit card without signing up for Paypal. We don't force anyone to do anything here. Not on my watch.

This is a limited edition. Which sounds pretentious, I realize. But it's true. We're going to take orders from today until this following Thursday, the 14th. On Friday, I submit the print run. They should come in not long after that, and then I'll ship them out forthwith.

Forthwith is a fun word to say.

Anyhow. If you think the shirt is fun, then buy it. If you want to buy something because you like the site, I'm cool with that too. And if you think your City of Heroes or World of Warcraft playing friends would like the shirt (and hey, why wouldn't they?) then by all means, pass it along to them as well.

Oh, and if you think I'm selling out... well, yeah. Duh. Of course. And I'm enjoying it too. If you can think of a Websnark tee shirt design that you'd like to see, hit the comments and let me know! And thanks for your indulgence.

I'm putting the ordering information behind a cut tag. So click on the link if you want to order. And again -- thanks.

(Does this mean the late, lamented Snarkoleptics Bowling Shirts might be a go after all? Watch this space...)



I just said to a friend of mine yesterday that if you actually sold these t-shirts I would buy one. And now you are, and I have. Hurrah!

Eric - Out of curiosity, what do you find problematic about the tip jar model that makes you not want to use it when you actually do something?

the late, lamented Snarkoleptics Bowling Shirts

I'm still waiting to see mckenzee on my right breast, right over my tattoo...

Egarwaen -- I'm perfectly fine with the tip jar model for webcomics that're trying to keep in business (for folks for whom this is their primary job), or just that -- as a jar for tips, when people have whims.

But Websnark isn't my job. I have a job. And if things get tight for me, I don't feel right putting out a call for donations because... well, that's not what this is for.

Doing a tee shirt and selling it, on the other hand? That's purely mercantile. The person who buys one gets something for their money besides the warm feeling that they gave me money. And that in turn makes me feel good about the whole affair.

Damn. I'm out of funny money.

You sold out at the WRONG TIME. ;)

Egarwaen -- I'm perfectly fine with the tip jar model for webcomics that're trying to keep in business (for folks for whom this is their primary job), or just that -- as a jar for tips, when people have whims.

But Websnark isn't my job. I have a job. And if things get tight for me, I don't feel right putting out a call for donations because... well, that's not what this is for.

An excellent distinction. Though either I read it wrong or you wrote it wrong - by "do something", you meant "raise some money to address financial concerns"? I thought you meant "do something" as in "do something that people will want to give me money for".


In.. hmm. Maroon, of the above options.


Limited press runs make me :( I never have money in the summer.

Sigwangmu -- That's... well, two, actually. Which is a good start. There's a "Cardinal" in the Babydoll that looks pretty Maroonish.

Egarwaen -- yeah. I specifically meant "when I need some money." I'm perfectly happy for folks to tip me because they want to. ;)

Lucastds -- assuming this goes well, there will be some unlimited run things to follow. (Though if we do a "I Aggro Drama," it'll be different, to preserve the limited run nature of this particular shirt.)

So far, we've had orders in every color offered. I take this to mean the color choices were good.

I also take this to mean we're not going to have any issue with making the minimum. ;)

Given that it seems like I can't write an editorial anymore without stirring up a hornet's nest, I need one of these to wear when I write.

32 -- oh man, do I ever hear you.

(long time reader, first time commenter... commentor?)

Someone should sketch up Snarky the dino wearing the shirt.

Oh jesus...

Now there's a portentous comment for you.

MMMmm...... Tee Shirt. Ordered.

Ooooh! Oooh yeah! Snarky snarky snarky snarky snarky!!! PLEEEEEEEEAASSSSEEE??

(clarification: snarky shirt!! want it!)

it could be said that Websnark has an intrinsic value for folks (at least, I hope so)

I've been thinking about that this week. What it feels like to me is what I imagined Harpo Marx felt at the Algonquin Round table. (Which makes you Alexander Woolcott.)

I don't want a t-shirt, but I happen to have a little money right now so I threw the equivalent in the tip jar. Exactly the equivalent, because it charged me $3 for shipping. I don't begrudge it - till I saw that, I'd added the three dollars in myself - but you might want to check into it.

Registered simply to put in a plea for Bella v-necks over those awful strangulation scoop necks. A woman should aggro drama suggestively, from her bosom.

Eric - I know - despite my relative silence of late, I've been reading this regularly.

It's like we're seeing an relative new aphorism in action. The quickest way to lose respect for someone is to read what they write on the Internet. Would you believe someone started a flame war because someone else complimented me? Not only are the inmates running the asylum, I'm convinced the doctors aren't ever coming back.

Oh, and choosing forest green rocks. There aren't enough good shirts in that color. It was awful difficult to choose between that and maroon.

You should see about getting the white of the dialogue balloon to be the white ink. What you've described is the inverse of the image above. Check out for an example of what I'm talkin' about. The white ink may be thicker in the left image, but I think it'll look better.

Would you believe someone started a flame war because someone else complimented me? Not only are the inmates running the asylum, I'm convinced the doctors aren't ever coming back.

To be precisely accurate, the doctors decided it would be easier to go insane and join in the fun.

Of course, when you throw artists, wrtiers, actors/roleplayers, fanboys/girls, political wonks, and programmers into a playpen with little to no adult supervision, what do you expect is going to happen? Especially since the medium makes it easy to ignore apologies and keep on flaming, minimizes the humanity of other participants, and skews the emotional content of communications.

To echo siwangmu: babydollbabydollbabydoll!

I want to say black, but I own too much black, so my vote is for forest green.

Oh man... Am I ever tempted...

I say yes to babydoll tees, only Im not your average girl and I fit best in a 2XL Bella babydoll tee. Damn curves...

But I would be very interested in a 2XL black babydoll tee.

I just wanna go on record as completely disagreeing with cartoonlad's opinion as to the way the shirt's text should be printed. But I don't want to do it pejoratively, 'cos that might create some tension in the thread... potentially leading to an Irony feedback loop of biblical proportions.

"Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, rivers and seas boiling, forty years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes, the dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together -- mass hysteria!"

Oh, no way would Eric get away with selling boobiedolls if there couldn't be 2XLs. At least.

Because. I mean. Dude. I'm not your average woman either, in that it's not so much that I have curves as that I'm nontrivially fat and capable of losing small objects in the bra.

And, you know, there's an argument to be made that we should be able to wear the merchandise here.

Well. He doesn't have to wear the babydoll.

I was just thinking that I should write to encourage you to make the "I Aggro Drama" comment into a T-Shirt. I'm glad you did (although I don't know if I'll be able to get one :-( ). But it also got me thinking about other t-shirt designs that would be good for Websnark (if a semi-permanent Websnark e-Store ever went up). Why I began thinking along these lines? No one knows, it's just what I do.

Of course the obvious main tee would just be a Snarky tee, with him in his little recliner.

Another one I'd like to see would be a pic of Snarky holding a freshly baked tray of biscuits. The caption: "Tasty Biscuit Delivery Boy". I don't know why I thought of this, but there you go.

Enjoy selling out. Not everyone gets a chance.

First off -- if we get sufficient commitments to do a babydoll run, it will be a babydoll run that has 2XL and above available. Having recently been in the 5XL club (and now down to 2XL myself -- and yes, I'm proud), I always felt... well, left out of things like Tee Shirts. Now that I seem to be in the business of them, I'm going to work to make such things possible.

Secondly -- Greg actually turned a solid word balloon version and an outline version, because he ROCKS THE HOUSE. I looked at both and decided that I generally preferred the outline for the limited edition. If there is significant demand for an "unlimited edition," it'll be the solid one to differentiate it from the limited edition, because... well, because it's not fair to have a limited edition you then make unlimited. However, there's other shirts I'd like to do first.

Third -- Snarky will clearly be on a shirt. And a biscuit pic might make a lot of sense (perhaps the Shortbread pic, though he's got a bit of Christmas Holly on that -- I'll talk to Ursula, since... well, copywrite rests in her). I have some other ideas too.

Fourth -- I'll have to see if the Vee-Necks are available from my printer, on the Bellas. If they are, then as a dedicated male-type-person they're likely to be the ones I'd pick, for the reasons Violet listed. Though I'm open to feedback on that, as well.

Fifth -- we've made the minimum on the order for the tee shirts. Life is good.

Sixth -- given that I have some expensive (and likely uninsured) medical procedures coming up, I think you're going to see quite a bit coming out of the Websnarkery's tee shirt division in the coming months.

Seventh -- I'm having a frightening amount of fun selling out.

PS - When did Canada become non-international? I don't remember being annexed by the US. But I rarely read the news, so... dude.

Hey, if Canadians want to pay the extra three bucks for shipping....

Seriously, it's all shipping related. "International" in this case really means "Intercontinental," as it's things leaving the continent (and don't give me trouble about Mexico).

How many commitments is sufficient for a babydoll run? Would it be available in all colors? And how close are we?

*eagerly awaits her babydoll shirt*

I would also like a babydoll (v-neck if possible). I'm having a hard time deciding on a colour, though. I'd go for either black, navy or maroon.

Eric, out of curiosity, how long should it be before we receive our T-shirts? I ask not just because I'm impatient but because I'm moving in the not-too-distant future and won't have anyone at the old address to forward mail.

Also, from a design standpoint, I have to ask - why is the attribution arrow on the dialogue box pointing down?

Chris, it's because as history has shown, nothing has caused more drama to aggro than gonads.

Dude, you made the right decision with the printers. I LOVE my QC shirt. The printing is solid, not like some other stuff I've ordered where the paint actually flaked off (ironically, the shirt says Khaaann!!!). If you DO decide to go babydoll, go with Bellas. Those are excedingly good quality and if I hadn't quit my job to be a poor college student, I'd totally buy one. If I manage to get some art sold, I still might. And if I can't, I might try some creative accounting and see how that goes. I just wish people would stop making such excellent t-shirts for me to buy.

Copyright, not copywrite, Eric! Gosh!

32_footsteps: Fuckheads: The Bane of the Internet. Or the webcomic equivalent.

Gwalla, reference the last time Eric gave a biscuit to PA - specifically, my comments about the strip as a whole. Then, consider carefully asking me to read/potentially comment on any given PA strip.

I know it would be really ironic to start more drama in this thread of all places, but do we really need that?

If I were you, Chris Anthony, I'd get a friend's address and ship it there... it's just easier than worrying about the whole moving thing.

And since no one else said so, that was a nice little drawing of Snarky that xmung made. Cute.

Oooh Xmung! I missed the tshirt-on-Snarky tee design earlier. that's adorable! I totally would want one of those.. of course, I want an Aggro Drama too. As a mom with a 3-year-old, Drama certainly follows ME everywhere. hehe

32: Thanks for the mention on your site, btw! I liked your thoughts on how historical soundbites are almost always drawn from context as meaningful and memorable as the quotes themselves.

Only one problem with my props: I'm a girl!

Sorry I didn't respond with info like that when you asked what you should call me, but it slipped my mind that unless you've read Xenocide or are a big fan of Chinese mythology my name isn't gender-marked.

Oops, corrected. I feel really silly because I'm usually quite good at using gender-neutral descriptions when I don't know the proper one to use. Though to keep from clogging this blog with comments about my stuff (one other blog already has been inviting that kind of attention), feel free to email.

And sadly, despite my far-ranging interests, Chinese myth isn't very high on my list.

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