Last Day on "I Aggro Drama" tee shirts!


Yeah, it's another advertisement. I admit that.

This is the last day to order "I Aggro Drama" tee shirts. I'll ruminate a bit on the tee shirt selling experience tomorrow, as well as discuss future plans. And yeah, there are future plans now. I'm as surprised as anyone.

If you're looking for the straight, Gildan tee shirts, you can click here for them!. If you're looking for either style of Bella babydoll tee shirts, you can click here for them! These are limited edition shirts -- after midnight, Eastern Standard Time they won't be produced again. (There is some thought of doing a variant run with a solid word balloon -- and also some thought of doing a two ink black and white run, that would let us use any color tee shirt we wanted, but this specific artwork in this specific style will go into the annals of Websnark-selling-out history.)

If you think you might like one, by all means buy one! If you think you wouldn't, then hey -- no trouble. And if you think some of your non-websnark-reading-but-MassMOG-playing friends might like them, feel free to pass the information along.

This has actually been a lot of fun. The orders go in tomorrow, and hopefully the shirts themselves will be mailed out to you, the consumers by the end of next week. (Depending on how quickly I get the shirts and the mailing supplies, of course.) Thanks, everyone!


Sadly, I'll have to pass. Damn, but money's tight.

That's okay -- we feel the love anyway, Phil. ;)

I wanted to get one of these, but I could not in good conscience let myself get another dark-colored t-shirt. I'm moving to Arizona in about a month, and given that a good 75% of my t-shirt wardrobe is black, that's... not a good thing.

I'm sure there will be more t-shirts, right? In lighter colors next time? Hint hint?

Oh, MAN ... And of course, my credit card is in transit during the last day. Tsk. Well, produce more soon! I'm almost rabid to have one, and it's just a damn cryin' shame that these ones won't be produced anymore. hint hint. :) Hopefully I'll be able to break into someone's house and steal one -- I mean, buy one on ebay someday.

And P.S. Having black in Arizona isn't all bad -- as long as you drink plenty of water. Where exactly are you moving to?

Crap. I wanted one, but right now I can't touch my credit card while I'm waiting for tuition to clear. Ironically, tuition is clearing (or not clearing) tomorrow. Crap.

It'll have to wait for the Non-Limited Variation, I'm afraid. Or you can grab one of the other shirts as we do them.

And oh yes, we're doing other shirts.

Yay! I'll wait for another one, then. I don't need more smart ass shirts. I've already got more than I can fit in my drawers. I guess it's a better addiction than crack at least. Not much cheaper, though...

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