We've upgraded to the latest Movable Type install here at Websnarkia, which means that pages will hopefully load faster and maybe -- maybe -- Typekey will stop hating Internet Explorer. Let me know if anything weird happens to you.


well, It doesn't seem like it hates my internet explorer. Unless you count that weird "cut of the last quarter inch of text" thing on the main page. But I didn't think that was a typekey thing.

Well it doesn't seem to be doing that thing where it refuses to acknowledge that I've already signed in, but then I always assumed that was something to do with the cookie settings on the uni computers.

I still had trouble with getting it to acknowledge a sign-in at my work PC, but the rest of the site was responding well.

I couldn't sign in with IE from work. Haven't tried from home. 'D be nice to be able to comment from work. Well, I don't want to complain, but I know you want us to be able to argue with you.

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