[w] Takeover: Page Ten - Preparation for Takeoff


And so, with Eric ill again (or, in the case of the current story, still), the scribbled girl prepares for her rescue mission. (popup) (same window)

(Actually, I drew this a month ago, but got stage fright.)


You are a fine, admirable person for not trying to force people to have a new window, like it or not, Wednesday. Budding and experienced designers alike should bow at your feet and seek your glorious wisdom.

Oh, and I like the drawing, too. ;)

Ah... Droll. I like it.

[Wednesday aquires 12.4 Fan Appriciation Points]

Stage fright? You? This was delightful and beautiful! But still, good timing for him being sick to show it... :)

Take care, lass.


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