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Wednesday: [w] Best. Iron Man thing. Ever.

[What?]Imagine: Wednesday busts into giggles, having completely failed to write the first line of the thing she needs to write but is having a hard time writing it, since her brain is frozen. Anyhow, giggles.

"What?" Because, you see, it's a slow night, and she has the headset on, and Eric's all, like, you know, playing City of Heroes, and how would he know what she's laughing at? He's playing City of Heroes.

"Oh my god. Little Gamers today." And then more giggling.


"Best Daily Grind thing ever." Which is true.

"What's it say?"

"Um. Visual joke. I... I can't, see."

"So snark it."

"But I have nothing to say about it. It just is. I can't giggle for a whole post."

"One of the guiding principles of this thing is that you're allowed to post, like, 'dude, look at the funny picture of the dog.'"

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

"Okay," she said to him, so she did.

Also, it's not like he's going to post anything, what with the City of Heroes and all.

Posted by Wednesday Burns-White at April 9, 2005 9:44 PM


Comment from: larksilver posted at April 13, 2005 3:24 PM

hehehe. I think the giggling was about all you COULD do. See? everybody else was so busy giggling, they forgot to post "hey, that was funny!"

So I did. Hey! That was funny! Thanks for sharing it. I had not gotten so far on the whole Grind list as Little Gamers as of yet. And now, of course, I must make the time.

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