[w] Takeover: The Final Chapter.


1 April 2005: I told you I would fix him.

Coming soon: Takeover: Wednesday Goes to Manhattan, Takeover X, and Sonata vs. Wednesday.



those heels make my feet hurt just looking at 'em. cool ears, tho.

Is that a cat o' nine tails? Awesome.

And catgirl webcomic! Don't forget the catgirl webcomics!

That's exactly how I've always pictured you, Wednesday.

And the punchline? I don't look anything like that.

Okay. Maybe the hair.

Why the fuck are you showing us this terrible furry art?

hehehehehe... must buy certain poster. Must buy certain poster. Must buy certain poster..

Wednesday, you're my new heroine.

The punchline may be that you don't look like that, but I like the throw away joke of "Any mortal who mocks Garfield is doomed to die."

I mean come on. Every mortal is going to die eventually... kind of necessary to qualify as mortal.

I love the expression! .. and the blood dripping from the tail for that just little extra touch of excessiveness. ^_^

You, my lady, crack me up. You kooky thing, you.

Nice GC refrence you managed to slip in there, too. Any mortal...

Hmm... and yet we've not heard from Eric since this post. I wonder... ;)

Oh, don't you worry about Eric. He's just fine. I had to stuff him with garlic and leave him in the fridge for 24 hours with a pepper and brown sugar rub, of course, but I think he'll be just fine after an day at gas mark 3. Should I sear him first?

"An day." Jeez. I should probably go prepare breakfast at this rate. Hey, I've never met most cartoonists. Is there anyone who's kinda small that I can grill real quick?

Glych. Or maybe Steve Troop, he's not that tall. And of course there's David Willis... but he's a bit more stocky so...

Hey, you meet cartoonists at ComicCon. I'm just good at remembering which ones are oven-stuffers. *shiftyeyes*

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